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  1. In a universe full of different people and species there will always be war and crime. And here in the star ship, Condemn, holds some of the universe’s nastiest criminals. Not that they stay for long... The gallows always smells of fresh death.

    You were arrested! How? I don't know, you tell me. But now here you are in Condemn where your fate is sealed. What! No! You’re not going without a fight. We're breaking out!

    So here is the deal; we are all prisoners who got taken to this ship for one reason or another. But don't fret because I have a plan. My character, which can be found below, will save your sorry ass. And then will grab a star ship and live as outlaws. Sounds good right?

    A few notes for the story:
    I am a captain of a ship that is being held by the authorities of Condemn. So what my character will assemble a team, break out of jail, free her ship, and "get the hell out of Dodge!" Sounds simple right? Well then after we have to life as outlaws and avoid the authorities while other conflicts arise.

    Rules are important, so here are some:
    1)Iwaku rules apply as always.
    2)Cannot post on IC without my or SilverLight’s consent. (Meaning we have to approve characters)
    3)Cursing is allowed. In fact I encourage it. We are criminals after all. Just don't be ridiculous and over the top.
    4)Romance is allowed, but not too smutty please.
    5)No more than posting three times a day.
    6)Revise work. Check for spelling and grammar errors. Please.
    7)Try to be descriptive. This is just to help us get a feel for what ever you are trying to show us.
    8)Be a writer. Just be creative and have a good time. That is what writing is about. Show us what you're made of.

    Rules are not strict, more like favors I ask of you. But if you break them too often I might just have to bring the HAMMER down.

    So does that make sense? Good! Now fill out your profile and let's get a mug shot so we can put you on record.

    Mug shot: (appearance)
    Criminal record: (crimes)
    Apprehended: (how we're you caught)
    Story: (who are you)

    RedWinter: Madel
    and Pelz-Ekel
    SilverLight: Dr. Splice
    Psychedelic: Hiro

    Screenfox: Kavaar
    E-Claire: Nattis Elanie
    NorwayFOO: Zain
    Melody Pond: Clare Rys
    Quite One: Lactra
    Verbal Abuse: Ghriin Vuirtka
    Nekomimist: Juni

    Characters Up for Grabs: (Made by VerbalAbuse)
    Fhres Contat'nin
    Name: Fhres Cosntat'nin (pronounced Feh-russ Cons-tant-in)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 213 (By human standards, he is 83)

    Mug shot:

    Criminal record: Numerous counts of murder, aiding and abetting smugglers, assault, and attempted murder

    Apprehended: A large force of approximately 135 surrounded him groundside. Knowing his situation, he simply surrendered.

    Story: Fhres is a monk of an extremely culturally relevent sect in XS space. He is often tasked with escorting smugglers and couriers, and was once the sect's advisor to his home's XS councilman. He was born with black hair and has luminous eyes, and thus, requires special optics to see during daytime ashore. He, and members of his order, have long since been wanted by the authorities for his escorting of smugglers.

    Other: Those with luminous eyes in XS culture are called "Shadow-walkers", or "Urmbia Abluta" (pronounced um-breea aba-lutia) and have perfect vision in low-light and no-light situations, while they are blinded by the glow of a candle, and must where optics to see in the light. He is a member of a sect of monks known as "Blackguards", or "Retsis Meig" (pronounced res-tius mee-jia), who are tasked (religiously, mind you) with the defense of XS smugglers, and, for the elder monks, like Fhres, advising the XS council.

    Special! Theme Song: deadmau5 - Moar Ghosts N Stuff

    Vedsik and Gmor Vuirka
    Name: Vedsik (pronounced Veh-skeet) and Gmor (pronounced Go-mo-ro) Vuirtka

    Gender: Vedsik is female, Gmor is male

    Age: Both are 64 (33 by human standards)

    Mug shot: [​IMG]
    Vedsik is the girl, her hair is midnight purple, Gmor is the boy, his hair is brown, both have brown eyes

    Criminal record:
    Vedsik: Numerous psychotic rampages, illegal cybernetics

    Gmor: Harboring the Deranged

    Both: Numerous murders, aiding and abetting smugglers, smuggling of cybernetics, organs, and cadavers (to distribute to the XS)

    Apprehended: Gmor was shot in the arm by a sniper one time in leisure. Vedsik was overcome with sadness, thinking he was dead, and was unable to react when they were arrested, instead resisting to get to her twin brother.

    Story: Fraternal twins, Gmor and Vedsik spent their lives together, especially since Vedsik was reserved, and had a questionable sanity, while Gmor was always a joker and happy-go-lucky, but dutiful and brave. Gmor always protected Vedsik, and when she had to get cybernetics to function because of destructive habits, Gmor pleaded to his elder sister, Ghriin, to help pay for the cybernetics. She agreed, and while Vedsik has calmed down mentally, the two had begun smuggling organs, cybernetics, and cadavers to help the people of XS space get cheaper organs and cybernetics as they needed them. They had stopped by a planet in XS-friendly space, never expecting to be ambushed by the authorities.

    Other: Vedsik and Gmor are fraternal twins and Ghriin's younger siblings.

    Vedsik is a cybernetic, and has augmentations such as retractable weapons in her forearms, storage compartments in her calves, and neural accelerators, which also keep her sanity in check (she can only have a psychotic fit with verbal permission from Gmor now, a privelage he uses very wisely). All of her augments have been disabled upon incarceration, except for basic functions and her neural accelerators. They had considered dismantling her cybernetics, as they are illegal when fully active, but instead decided they would later make attempts to augment her neural accelerators to brainwash her into some sort of supercop.

    Gmor is a dutiful, but often happy young man, though a bit naive when things go even slightly his way, but takes it upon himself as his first priority to protect Vedsik, risking life and limb to help her when she needs it.

    Special! Theme Song: deadmau5 - Sometimes Things Get, Whatever

    Mirani Wsevki
    Name: Mirani Wsevki (pronounced Mah-reh-nah Wesk-vis)

    Gender: Female

    Age: 134 (56 by human standards)

    Mug shot: [​IMG]

    Criminal record: Prisoner of War

    Apprehended: On patrol outside XS space, her ship was boarded by hostiles and she was knocked out and sent to the Condemn

    Story: Mirani was the daughter of a soldier who was the son of a general who was the daughter of a pilot who was the daughter of a scout who was the son of a scout who was the son of a scout who was the daughter of a scout who was the son of a scout. Family history runs deep in the Wsevki family, and the colors don't run. Originally, her family was known for the line of brilliant scouts, until a daughter decided to become a pilot on a military carrier. Her daughter became the general and master at arms, and her son was a vital soldier in the last war, and died a hero. Mirani wanted to be a footsoldier from day one, and was happy to be accepted into the Batallion as a military peacekeeper in XS space.

    Other: Strength is in Mirani's blood, so despite her small frame, only somewhat larger than the average XS female, she is still an effectively strong person capable of grappling with a charging goat, and wrestling it down to the ground with no rush. She is dutiful and strict, speaking in a very literal manner, but understanding metaphors nevertheless.

    Special! Theme Song: deadmau5 - Raise Your Weapon

    Sorry if these aren't as well-written as the others, I had these condensed into a single txt document from last night so I could throw them up in the blink of an eye, not to mention, I didn't have to describe the XS again after Ghriin.

    To consider age, I used the equation "80*3" to grant their lifespan. The number is 240 years, which means Fhres is Hella old. By using the equation "(x-18)/3+18" you can find out their age relative to maturity, x being the age of the Xeno sapien and 18 being age of complete maturity. A 240 year old is technically 92 years old by human standards, but the number is flexible, due to man's ability to live up to and somewhere beyond 100 years, which means if an XS lives to be 300, they'll be 112 by human standards.
  2. Me likey ^.^

    Name: Hiro
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Mug shot:

    Criminal record: Mostly glorified snooping. Hacked into various classified records, didn't like what he saw, and might have gunned down a few corrupt officials.
    Apprehended: After laying low for a couple of years, Hiro went back to his first love -archaeology - then it was just a case of bad luck. He was recognised, his room stormed at night and off he went to prison.
    Story: Hiro likes guns. He had a catalogue of firearms throughout history, though that has probably been seized by now. His particular favourites are sniper rifles. He can be extremely charming, but is quick to anger if subordinates disobey him, in which case he tends to become a little trigger happy. He often hides any happy feelings he has, usually only expressing them by wearing a smiley face pin. He hates letting people down or being misunderstood, and can often become a little melodramatic as a result.
    Other: Carries a buzzard feather good luck charm. Claustrophobic and afraid of sharp objects.
  3. Name: Dr. Splice (nickname) real name: Dr. Zolim
    Gender: FEMALE
    Age: 20
    Mug shot: madscientist.jpg blue eyes....
    Criminal record: Splicing illegally.... what?!
    Apprehended: Found in hidden lab.... not a secret any more :(
    Story: Splices animals of all kinds in ways trying to restore dinos to be her "minions" she treasures her spliced animals as if they were her children. After she was found she was put in jail for more time for defending herself by shooting and throwing stuff at the men.
    Other: Her lab coat is stuffed with doodles and splicing tools--she plans to one day take over the world with her spliced animals.
  4. Name: Hassani'Kavaar
    Gender: Male
    Age: 245

    Mug shot:

    His Armor minus the helmet

    Criminal record: Criminal warlord, Uncounted murders, Illegal movement of prohibited goods, Extortion, Command of criminal organization named Renegade's Shift, Control of criminal underground on intergalactic space station Zeyang, Pirating, Harboring fugitives, Illegal transport of unlicensed citizens and criminals, Brokering of sensitive information

    Apprehended: Combined operations by intergalactic security (I-Sec) and security and military personal from other races and planets effected by Renegade activity set a trap with a heavy freighter that held on board a transponder so when Kavaar assaulted the freighter troop ships jumped to his location and subdued him and his team.

    Story: Little is know about Kavaar's past. No one even knows if Kavaar is even his true name. One day Kavaar appeared on the network with a small team of mercenaries and assassins. Slowly and surely he raised up the ranks of the crimanal world. The price on his head and his reputation rose with him. Soon enough he became known across the galaxy as a menace and criminal above others. He is sought after not only by bounty hunters but also by people wishing to disappear or learn a secret. Kavaar can get whatever anyone needs and whatever he wants. Now Kavaar sits in a cell in deep space[SIZE=3], waiting, a orange [SIZE=3]jumpsuit in place of his armor. His [SIZE=3]army waits for him on Zeyang. But they can't wait forever. The I-S[SIZE=3]ec has been chipping away a[SIZE=3]t Ren[SIZE=3]egade's shift ever[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE] since Kavaar's capture. He has to leave this prison soon.

    Kavaar is known for his cool attitude and yet angry powerful nature when dealing with others. He meditates and is a strong believer in his species beliefs.

    Kavaar is a Serth. The Serth are a nearly extinct race. Do to a war that they were pulled into. Their species were saved by another gentler race. Now the Serth are starting to grow in numbers again. Their race isn't usually violent like Kavaar. Most Serth are wise and thoughtful. Do to their many years of trials they have learned a great many things. Most live a peaceful life living on the homeworld of the race that saved them and helping this race with whatever they needed and teaching their lessons to the young Serth. Kavaar is unusual. No one knows why he strayed from the teachings of the Serth. Many seek Serth teachings to learn true inner peace and understanding no matter their intentions.

    (How's that? :3 I love making new species.)
  5. Good Good! I like! Everything is perfect except I can't see your picture, so if you can fix that great! Other than that-- Accepted!

    Haha! Perfect Silver! Welcome aboard!

    Wooo! I love it! Very, very creative! And an alien! I love to see those! He looks like a cross between many species from Mass Effect. Maybe Human, Turian, Krogan, and a smidg and collector/prothian? I don't know. It looks awesome regardless. Thank you for joining!
  6. There we go. Hope it worked that time.

    And Screenfox; loving the mass effect vibe xD
  7. Sorry bout that RW. I didn't have enough time to find a bigger one... click on it! You will see it bigger. Her eyes are NOT red!
  8. Haha Cheers X3 the writers for Mass Effect are some super creative minds haha I didn't even realize the armor was a mass effect design till I put it in my post and noticed the N7 X3 haha The design for the alien I'm not sure where he came from but I saw it and was yes!! Inspired!! X3 haha
  9. Oh by the way!! When do we get to see your charrie, RedWinter!
  10. Name: Klug Esel but goes by Madel
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Mug shot:
    Tenticles.jpg ~ Her eyes, though, are completely BLACK! Pure BLACK!
    Criminal record: Theft, black market trade, lock-picking, hacking, breaking and entering, smuggling, sabotage, weapons/drugs dealing, piracy, and some others.
    Apprehended: Madel was convinced she was meeting up for a legitimate trade agreement and walked right into a trap. She managed to escape, but they put a tracker on her and were able to capture Madel, her crew, and her ship.
    Story: Esel lived her entire life as a thief, even when she was small and puny. Later in life she managed, with the help of some friends, so snag a ship (they stole it) and fly all around galaxy. She became Capitan Madel with her loyal crew. She lived her life rich and full of adventure, that is till she was caught. Now she waits for an opportunity to arise.
    Other: Many of her crew have been already executed, but some may live still. Also she is a nautolan- a Star Wars race.

    THERE! I procrastinated long enough!
  11. Ill sign up later.
  12. Name: Nattis ElanieAge: 21Gender: FemaleMugshot: record: Countless, annoying, perfect crimes, which she does for fun. Her latest perfect crime was stealing a single coin from one of the most secure vaults in the world, leaving behind a note saying 'Perfect'. Nattis also swindles for money. She usually swindles rude business men, but she has swindled royalty a couple of times before.Apprehended: She was arrested after being caught trying to swindle a prince of £1,000,000.Story: ((In form of an interview, because it's fun!))Me- Hello Nattis, how are you today?Nattis- Stuck in a cell, soon to die. Go figure.Me- That sounds lovely!Nattis- Did you even listen to me?Me- Nope! So, how did your life story begin?Nattis- Are you here for a sex-ed lesson?Me- did your life story begin after the age of five?Nattis- Until the age of thirteen, it was as boring as that gray wall, due to my dull family and neighbourhood.Me- Ever considered being an interior decorater?Nattis- ... Um, what?Me- Walls~! Moving on, what happened when you were thirteen.Me- It was on another boring Saturday afternoon. I was bored out my mind, so I stalked a random guy for fun.Me- Creepy! What did this lead to?Nattis: Since every day was that boring, I tried to commit as many perfect crimes as possible.Me- Sounds like a wonderful childhood! How did you change when you left school to get a job?Nattis- Are you even listening to what Im saying? Anyway, I realized my perfect crimes didn't make much money, so I used the skills learned from them to start swindling people.Me- Wish I had a great job like that! Anything you want to say about your personality?Nattis- You're a bitch who smells like shit.Me- What an interesting personality. Could you tell me about your love life?Nattis- I could say I was a whore, and you wouldn't react as you're ignoring me. Admittedly I am a bit slutty, but since I'm a tomboy not many guys take an interest in me... But women...Me- How sweet! Anything else you want to say?Nattis- I want to throw my beloved coffee in your face.Me- Great! Thanks for letting me interview you!Other: Nattis likes acting like a boy. ((Yes, another cross dresser! ;))
  13. <--Is lazy right now so I will make one in like 4 hours or so.
  14. Name: Zain N/A
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Mug shot:
    Criminal record: Assassinating 37 world leaders/rulers
    Apprehended: After being hired to take down on of the worlds cruelest leaders, which he accepted to do when he heard the 12 million $ reward, he was caught by an elite galactic bounty hunter force. He managed to complete the job and take seven out of the ten hunters down before getting surrounded by a police force. His 12[SIZE=3] million [SIZE=3]$[SIZE=3] went to the three [SIZE=3]living hunters and he [SIZE=3]was thrown into Condemn.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

    Story: He was originally a hit man being hired for small jobs before a rich man decided to test him with a world leader. He completed the job leaving behind a single dark red marble on the man. When word got out that he had done it he was hunted and hired by governments. If one ruler had a problem with another he would be sent in to solve the disagreement, each time leaving behind a single dark red marble. He became rich off of this job[SIZE=3] and planned to r[SIZE=3]etire[SIZE=3] [SIZE=3]after one [SIZE=3]last job that would pay more [SIZE=3]than any other...[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
    Other: Good with pistols, sniper rifles, knifes, and swords.
  15. Ah... I like E-Clair's and NorwayFOO's CS. And RedWinter I love your CS.
  16. Likey likey! You are branching out! And the interviews are fun! :D Welcome aboard!

    Tastefully bad ass. Glad you came Nor!
  17. As I mentioned in my character sheet and in the summary (after I edited it) some of Madel's original crew is still alive. You guys are free to play as them if you like.

    Name: Pelz-Ekel
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Mug Shot:
    Criminal record: Accessory to crime
    Apprehended: Was caught with Madel and the rest of her crew
    Story: Plez was an honorable warrior that fought for his home world, till the fateful day Madel showed up. When she started stirring up trouble, it was his duty to find and capture her. When he did manage to find her, he offered to take her away peacefully, but Madel would not go. The two fought, and Madel won. Madel spared his life and told him to scram, but he wouldn't. He said he could not return a failure. After a while Madel decided to bring him along, and he became her first companion. Pelz, out of honor, swore his life to her. He now acts as her protector.
    Other: He is a Selonian- another Star Wars race. He doesn't speak English, but most understand his language. (Will write in English obviously.)
  18. If we are already, seeing as no one else has joined, I will start this soon.
  19. I was curious as to if I could write up a character sheet and join up, if you approve. I really enjoy this idea.

    In fact I've had a version close to this, of my own, in the works for a while now but I'm not a very good GM and can never get my RPs (on the other site I was on) off the ground. So seeing this right after I joined iwaku makes me very excited.

    edit: If you accept, here is the character I've written up.

    Clare Rys
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Small frame, barely reaching a height of 5 feet.

    Criminal Record: Identity Theft/Impersonating an Officer/Multiple False Identities

    Apprehended: She was caught after hitching a ride a military vessel. It wouldn’t have been too grave an offense, if she hadn’t stolen the identity of Petty Officer. The Petty Officer in question hadn’t been informed of her enlistment, due to Clare luckily intercepting the message. Clare was 6 months into the assignment, and doing quite well (she’d trained at a naval academy around her 19th birthday) when a commanding officer recognized the name she’d stolen, but did not recognize Clare’s face. She was taken into custody, and soon they linked her to several previous identity theft cases.

    Clare has no knowledge of her origin, other than that she is a Trill. A woman found her, no more than a few days old, in an abandoned apartment far away from the planet Trill itself. The one clue as to her identity was simply a pair of names on a small dog-tag necklace clutched in her tiny palm. The woman, Magda, was a drifter and had no intentions of raising a child, especially one that was not her own, but she wasn’t going to leave Clare in the harsh environment. For the majority of her childhood, Clare was passed around between various “colleagues” of Magda. Occasionally Magda would pop up and take Clare with her for a little while, before dropping the child off with another stranger. While unconventional, Clare’s childhood was never boring. She grew up in the multiple hands of some of the greatest con artists the universe has ever produced. By the age of 6, Clare could lie, cheat, and scam better than most children could speak. The life of a con artist was the one she was destined for.

    Other: Despite the seemingly harsh upbringing, Clare has a bubbly personality. Not in the way that one might consider her an “airhead”, but in the way that she is cheerful and hardly ever cynical. She is very intelligent, and quite the actress. She can almost make anyone believe anything she says. Some might even say she gives off an aura that makes it nearly impossible to dislike her, but there have been a couple exceptions to that belief. You shall be warned though; she is a bit (maybe more than a bit) eccentric. She’s impulsive and isn’t afraid of doing or saying what she wants.
  20. Same question as Melody: Is this still open? I've got a ton of ideas for space psychopaths.