Concerts and shows.

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  1. I'm Going to see the progressive metal, viking themed band Týr on Feburary 28th.

    They rock and the show is gonna be awesome.

    So tell me Iwaku: What concerts have you been to and which were the best?
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  2. Sounds of the underground to see GWAR aswell as As I lay dying, almost forever ago. I cant wait for this concert though its going to be so much fun.
  3. My best friend is concert obsessive; goes to one about every month. Sometimes multiple times a month. She's taken me to four, got us there on average five hours early. It is a real... experience.

    So I've had front row seats to see Passion Pit, Imagine Dragons, The Lumineers, and The Neighborhood. The Lumineers rocked my mind. Red Rocks is an incredible place, even when it's dumping rain.
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  4. A few years ago I went to a Protomen gig with my ex. Oh man was that a treat. I even got to chill with the band afterwards. Raul Panther is such a sweetheart!
    I really hope I can see them again in the future.
    (I also really hope part 3 comes out soon)

    Last year the St. Lunatics were in my town. That was neat.
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  5. Download Festival.

    Best festival.

    Only there can you meet a bunch of dudes dressed up as Power Rangers mud wrestling, see a lot of awesome bands and find yourself arm in arm with long-haired, denim-wearing mad people as you find yourselves united in hatred at the fact that 30 Seconds To Mars are playing on the main stage.
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  6. The only concert I have been to was to see STEVE PERRY the lead singer from JOURNEY! That was with my mom when I was a teen Diana. It was super cool!

    I would love going to concerts, but I am not a big fan of concert ticket prices. >>; HOWEVER. If Poets of the Fall ever plays in America, I am stealing someone's credit card and going to see that. NO MATTER THE COST.
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  7. Mine is probably going to be a bit out of the blue, but hey, it's still a concert. :P

    Yuki Kajiura's KAJI FES 20th Anniversary concert 2013.

    All the way in Tokyo, Japan.
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  8. @Shardbearer , I fell in love with Yuki Kajiura, ever since Noir, I was hooked :D
  9. Man, I haven't been to a show in a long time. I miss it.

    I did go to a lot of concerts when I was in high school, though. I'll make a list of who I've seen. I'm going to be too lazy to differentiate headliners from the not-headliners. :D

    - Apocalyptica
    - Shinedown
    - Three Days Grace
    - AFI
    - Cavo
    - Godsmack
    - Drowning Pool
    - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    - Cute is What We Aim For
    - Puddle of Mudd
    - Sevendust
    - Black Label Society
    - Hyper Crush
    - Breathe Carolina
    - Family Force 5
    - Meg & Dia

    I've been to head banging rock conerts, and I've been to techno/dance concerts. Both are events I feel right at home in. It's an odd place for a person like me to be because I hate being in crowds or touching to strangers. I think it's because I'm too intoxicated by the music (and the weed...and the booze...) to give a shit.

    I'm sure there are more but I forgot. Also, someone I didn't list was a band named Ceremony. They were the opening band for AFI and they were so fucking terrible that the crowd kept asking them to go away. xD They honestly were the worst band I've ever heard live.

    Currently, there are two groups I really really want to see live. I want to see Shiny Toy Guns, and I want to see She Wants Revenge. And maybe The Killers... *wistful sigh*
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  10. Smashing Pumpkins was the first concert I went to; it was a truly wonderful experience, and it has led to many more great experiences. The latest concert was for Halestorm in Baltimore; I actually got to meet Lzzy afterwards. It was great.
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  11. I'll do what Fluff-sans did, cuz I too was a frequent concert-goer in high school.
    And have gone to a few since being in college. So, here goes.

    Concert list, headliners and non-headliners.. just everyone I can remember right this second:

    Trans Siberian Orchestra
    Bon Jovi
    Plain White T's
    Gym Class Heroes
    Cute Is What We Aim For
    Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    Fall Out Boy (5 total concerts to this day, and counting)
    Panic! At The Disco
    30 Seconds To Mars
    Cobra Starship
    All Time Low
    My Chemical Romance
    Motion City Soundtrack
    Lady Gaga
    Scissor Sisters
    Billy Talent
    Phantom Planet
    The Flaming Lips
    Pete Yorn
    Hawthrone Heights
    New Year's Day
    The Almost
    Neon Trees
    Andrew Bird
    Sonic Youth
    Matt & Kim
    The Black Lips
    Vampire Weekend
    Neon Indian
    Beach House
    The Academy Is...
    Bloc Party

    Oh, gosh. Sorry that was kinda long. ._.'

    So, I reaaaallly want to see MIKA, Bruno Mars and MUSE live, currently.
    Yeah. That's all I got to say. <3
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  12. Jeez... where to start?

    GWAR is by far my favorite live experience by far.
    Malevolent Creation
    The Black Dahlia Murder
    The Red Chord
    Cannibal Corpse
    The Sword
    Bonded By Blood
    Shadows Fall
    36 Crazyfists
    Fear Factory
    Full Blown Chaos
    Ceremonial Castings
    Cephalic Carnage
    The Ocean
    Job For A Cowboy
    And hundreds more, I'm sure...
  13. I've only ever been to one concert, truly: Blue Man Group.

    Such a show. I'll never forget it.
  14. I went to an American Idol concert when I was in seventh grade I think and I thought it was fantastic then but now... I don't even remember who was in it. I saw Taylor Swift & Daughtry and Daughtry was pretty cool. (Hey look- another American Idol dude) I'm not really a fan of Taylor Swift. My parents made me go so we could have a "family night". Bleh. She was good, very theatrical, but I'm just not a fan of her music.

    I'd cry so hard if I got to see John Mayer, The Fray or OneRepublic. John Mayer is the bomb
  15. Haven't been to a concert yet but i hope my first ones can be Childish Gambino, J.Cole Odd Future or the band Paramore and maybe Blood on the dance floor.