Conceptual RP: "Spartan"

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The few games I've GM'd have all been conceptual RPs of some kind. Rarely were they straight-forward; they always had some kind of gimmick to them.

This one is no different.

Small cast. 4-6 characters, will be in a unit of child soldiers. These children are being trained by their government in a sci-fi setting to become "super soldiers." The idea is that, by teaching children from an early age nothing but warriorship, they'll be able to breed some of the finest warriors to ever exist.

These children are orphans, weeded out from others through very careful gene imaging. All of the players will be playing a child, male or female, around the age of 10-12. The game will start in a Prologue chapter of introduction, and their first major training session.

The goal is to have players create characters they intend on developing. The character bio will intentionally scarce. Name, age, appearance, and very brief bio having to do with orphanship. Personality, skills, talents, strengths, fears, etc. will be developed as the game develops.

Eventually, the characters will becoming young adults and face war.

Will I have enough players with enough interest to stick with this?
:P Fine, hubbu, I will participate. It sounds like fun.
Yeah, I could probably come up with something for this.
If you can put up with a bit of a noob i'd love to join :)