Concept Discussion for Gang RP

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  1. This is just a discussion thread for a Gang-Related RP.

    If you are interested in helping us build this story, please post up your interest and jump into the discussion. Hopefully, it won't take long to come up with a cool idea to tear into.

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  2. So, are we wanting to keep the concept of three different faction against each other, each with their own form of self-defined justice, with only one of them truly lawfully good (Freedom Rebels), the other being lawfully bad (our new Gang), and one being just down right unlawful (Corrupted Police)?
  3. Just to get his general concept-ish CS out of the way (I'll edit him later as our plot ideas arise).

    Birth Name: Camilo Cambra
    Alias(es): Diego Ferra
    Birthdate: January 17, 1987
    Age: 27
    Nationality: Brazilian/Portuguese South American
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 175 lbs.
    Power: Electromancy With this unusual ability Diego as capable of creating electric charges of varying intensities within his body and can then expel those charges outward. Anything that can hold a charge or maintain a current is fair game.
    History: 27 years ago Camilo Cambra Jr. was born into the poverty stricken mountain towns of northern Brazil. The mountains were cruel and cold, especially to the young. Many mornings one might wake to the grieving calls of mothers who children were lost to frozen nights just hours before. Camilo grew up with this harsh reality but the boy thoroughly believed in the American philosophy, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." This inspired him to move past the pathetic condition of his home town and family to hopefully one day, if fate were to have it, he make his way farther North where it was warm and rich with food and money. When Camilo turned 14 he knew it was time to carry out these daydreams of a better life in which he catered to nothing but himself and his own selfish desires. So he left. The road ahead was difficult but it was nothing he wasn't used to handling (though perhaps a bit warmer down off the mountain). Nearing the end of the Amazon, Camilo came across a group of unique, burly men who seemed to find him just as of a sight (apparently Brazilians rarely bare pale haired children). Luck was on Camilo's side for these men were sailors and had been planning to make their way up to the States. He decided to catch a ride with these illegal fairers. Once Camilo hit the sandy beaches of Miami his eyes widened with disbelief. Everywhere around him was money, sex, power, and anything he could possibly ask for. He began working immediately for a wealthy family as the pool cleaner. This particular family was a notorious without question. Rumor had it that they attained their fortune through illegal activity; or more specifically, gang related activity. Camilo's boss, the man of the family he worked for, became cross with Camilo one day and decided to get rid of him. Fortunate for Camilo that he was the Misses' favorite worker so she convinced her husband to allow him to stay with the family however this would not happen as long as Camilo stayed in Florida. So from there, the family sent him away to a big and rather corrupt city, Novak. Too bad, Camilo and the Misses got along swimmingly. However, Camilo didn't leave Miami empty handed. During his time there he learned a thing or two about "business" and getting what you want.

    Miscellaneous Information:
    Diego? Camilo hates his birth given name so once he got to Novak and faking citizenship became necessary, he ended up taking the name Diego Ferra which he originally received from an old, racist bum who'd been living on the street.
    Currently Diego supposedly works as a CEO at the city's massive shipping company located at Civil Harbor. Ergo. CSI (Civil Shipping International)
    Heroine and Nicotine addict.
    "I need to quick smoking..."
    Bloody proud of himself.
    Affiliation: CSI For the dear Misses.
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  4. I think "factions" is a weird word for it honestly. It's basically the two rebellious groups being a crime syndicate and revolutionists that the word "faction" makes them sound like legal and established areas of the city. lol

    I do personally like the idea of having a corrupt police force and a gang, frankly because playing a character that is entirely good annoys me. :devil:
    So I certainly would like to keep our gang. Whether we keep the police force or rebels can take the plot in different directions:
    Without the police force we have Gang taking over everything vs. Rebels fighting for justice
    Without the rebels we have Gang vs. Police fighting for complete control over a corrupt world
    With all three we have the original plot concept

    Now the "corrupt police force" don't have to be actual police in our story, we can replace them with anything really such as a corrupt Government and take the plot to a grander, countrywide or statewide scale.
    The rebels would be probably be your typical citizens turned vigilantes either way.

    In my opinion any of the possibilities are potentially awesome. However, I think having at least two of the three (or more, hell we could have 5 groups participating in a war of sorts) going head to head. LET'S GET POLITICAL!

    Really it's up to you, I'm fine with just about anything as long as I get to do illegal things.

    I have a question, what level of writing do you think we should require?
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  5. It's up to us! I'm don't mind managing here, but this should be a free RP so all of us can build it together.

    I like the idea of the police (possibly them tied to something bigger than even their egotistical powers, which can stretch the idea into XXXL), and the gang (or opposing gangs, which creates another X onto that XXXL), and possibly a small group of fed-up citizens who just can't take it anymore (using what raw skills they've acquired from life experiences and putting them to use against the forces against them).

    There's a lot of twisties I see within this whole thing. I think it would be fun if a few people from within these three (or more) groups are actually working together to...what?

    Destroy all the groups and take over the entire Tri-State area?

    Take over the stronger groups for themselves and eliminate the weaker ones - as their deciding choice of insect repellent - so they can to the very bad deeds they had set out for in the first place?

    Or perhaps, these particular moles within the group are manipulating all of them for one very evil, maniacal, psychotic madman who wishes to turn the city into his personal playing field of twisted chess pieces?

    IDK...depends of who wishes to be such a person and what deviousness they can strum up. But, I can see someone behind the scenes somewhere, twisting people's minds into thinking one thing, when there's actually many things going on unknown. Or, they're building unnecessary conflicts between otherwise peaceful groups, hoping they destroy each other and get out of his way...for whatever he plans to do.

    I have a question, what level of writing do you think we should require?

    I say Intermediate - like two paragraphs or more. I honestly don't mind one paragraph entries, but only for conversations between two people. Those things don't really require a lot - just chat with a few fillers and finish the scene. But, for scenes that require some detail for others to use, and action to move things through, the need for more is necessary.
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  6. I see, so on one side of the playing we have two of the biggest groups; The "gang" and the "police" who believe themselves to be on opposites side of the same overall goal. They're also branches of the same, centralized giant of organized crime. The Gang and the Police both want the same things and neither wants the other to have them so their almost "fighting for daddy's attention" so to speak. The fact that they are associated with the same corrupt giant means they frequently have to work together. For instance you have police with dirty laundry and other counties are getting suspicious, big brother gangster is begrudgingly called in to clean it up.

    In the other corner you have the revolutionists who have been aware of the disgusting condition their society has been in. They're sick of it! So they count their cards and attempt to create a formidable side-player of this war for power.

    Then there's the actual fight going on between this corrupt XXXL crime association (big daddy in other words) and the society on the outside that probably hasn't a clue that there's a rebellion within this XXXL but is at least aware of their power craze.

    Of course there is always a rat or two...or three...or a dozen. When working for a criminal don't be surprised when your associates act like bad guys. These guys may or not be working with or for or against another high roller whom no one seems too aware of.

    Or at least that's what I got out of what you just flawlessly typed out for me. As grand and amazing as this direction we're taking is I just hope we'll be able to gather the interest from enough people to "bring it to life," so to speak.
  7. Flawlessly? I saw, at least, four flaws in all I've typed. LOL!

    If we can streamline the concept, and possibly make something so huge - look mouse size, then we might gain the right people to pull it off without scaring all away.

    What I fear is having a set-up too big for us to chew; a concept requiring too many bodies only leads to a dead RP before it even starts. Reality time is such a huge factor in all of this. So, for the sake of the story, we should work out a way to create this dilapidated metropolitan of corrupted souls with a small amount of charries - only requiring a small amount of serious RPers. I honestly don't care if they are incapable of posting on a daily basis - so as long as they are able to post decently once or twice a week and stick with it through all the crap until the end of the story; then it's all good. I rather deal with that than the latter. Long-Term RPing is the best!
  8. lol By flawless I meant I loved the idea I thought you were portraying.

    Have you ever watched Hitalia?
  9. Hetalia - somewhat. My older daughter does. The history gets to me - I'm not a history gal - but the show is hilarious.
  10. But do you see what I'm getting at? You suggested making something seem smaller, more manageable. What if we had just a few people to begin with who were simply the leaders of their organization controlling lesser NPC's (members of their organizations)...and as the RP progressed and possibly got more players, those players could either join existing groups taking on NPC roles or create their own, newly established organizations?
  11. Yes, and true...building the story with more NPC's, or RPers, is definitely possible, and the way we set this up it will be very possible. *rubs chin* Very possible indeed...
  12. So we have the general outline of how it'll work. I guess now all we need are pronouns. lol What are we calling these associations?
  13. Well, I'm going to toss a name out for our beloved city - Gieseck....Novak City.... IDK, My brain isn't in the naming mood right now.

    Dang... now I'm really upset. Usually, I can come up with some serious neat names. I'll toss some ideas up. If others come, they'll probably bust out some cool ones too.
  14. A good name would be Rogess, Giliten, Howenwood, Front Beach, etc. I could go on forever naming is one of my key skills. And hello again everyone! ^-^
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  15. I like Novak City, that's very modern fantasy. Wait, are we keeping the genre?

    Civil Harbor (if we're doing an ocean side city with lots of shipping and room for smuggling etc...)

    Urban Rigor

    um ur...
  16. Hey Dackson! Personally can we keep the Freedom Rebels Q~Q If we don't I have to create a new backstory and I have so many evil charries
  17. Oh I think the rebel group is fine personally, but we should probably call it something else. Actually, whoever their leader would be would call it whatever...but yeah.
  18. Hey Shiro!

    If we keep Novak City, then I like Front Beach for like one of the locations in the city, and maybe Howenwood for like a glitzy suburb there that looks 'safe', but in all actuality is worse than living downtown. It's just a residence to... silent sin. OOO, Civil Harbor is like the harbor area where the majority of the city's industrial power imports and exports the fruits of others labors...among other things. And Rogess... like the business portion of town - like Wall Street, but not as big. IDK...I'm getting hungry. Ya know, that effects creativity! ^^

    And we should keep the genre, as well as a concept of the Freedom Fighters...but at the beginning they're just the fed up Civies that eventually take their neighborhood crime watch to a more militant level. If possible, we should try to make changes that allow us to do minimum alterations to our charries. Their backgrounds will probably stay the same, but their history to there to now might alter slightly to fit into this new world.
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  19. If they're Rebels against figures who could be seen as Tyrannical or Power-Hungry. Then How About "The Quietus"

    Quietus means: death or something that causes death, regarded as a release from life.
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