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  1. Plot The Questionnaires is a crime organisation with its grubby little fingers in freelancing, smuggling, hacking, and anything else consider illegal and immoral, and the authorities, FBI and even the CIA, want to bring it down. The problem? While large, it's also low key and with various resources to keep its cover intact. There's little way of knowing who is even apart of the Questionnaires and those suspected aren't talking. The solution? Catch their attention with an undercover desguised as a possible new recruit; a hacker with unmatched skill. If only that were true.

    Upon managing to infiltrate the crime organization things take on whole new level of complication as the undercover finds himself being drawn into life he had once left behind, or maybe it isn't the life itself he's falling for. Why aren't these jobs as simple as they once were?

    Basically one character is pretending to be a hacker criminal with his own identity and everything while the other is the head of the Questionnaires who takes an interest in him. I don't care who is who and I much prefer switch relationships over strictly sub/dom but I don't mind the latter either. I also like taking things slow. There's obviously going to be explicit content but not immediately, and don't expect my character, which ever role he may be playing, to take an immediate romantic interest in yours. I should also mention replies may be slow. Sorry.
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  2. this would be something very new for me but id be interested in giving it a shot if its still available
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  3. Yeah, this is still open :)

    EDIT: Send me a pm and we can do some plotting :)
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  4. I'm keen for this! ^^ Love the plot!
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  5. Send me a pm and we can plot :D
  6. Reopening this. Interested? Shoot me a PM.
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