Computer Fan Issues (Sorry for Jargon)

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  1. So... One of the fants responsible for cooling my CPU (erm, watercooling system) appears to be having... Issues o-o the motor itself appears to be overheating and the whole contraption vibrates a little, indicating there's some friction going on within the mechanism itself. All in all, I've only really been able to find an somewhat shady looking page on ebay that sells a ingular fan as a replacement part. Anyways... Any suggestion on how to fix this issue? Or, well, a place to buy a replacement fan? o-o
  2. You haven't tried unmounting the fan and taking it apart yet?

    Otherwise, I've never had any bad luck with the Chinese eBayers with ... Any replacement part I've bought. I've bought stuff for car engines to, yup, computer parts. The only thing I've had bad luck with were, hilariously enough, the actual Chinese-brand electronics themselves. I tried out an Apple knockoff a few years ago for $50... Worst $50 ever spent.

    So I guess what I'm saying is, if you can't fix it solo, go ahead and try your luck on eBay. If anything, most of those sellers offer Money-Back guarantees. If they do, they're held up to back it up by eBay themselves. You can also look at their selling history for trustworthyness.
  3. xD Yeah, I was thinking of just taking the risk... Unmounted the fan already and well x.x I haven't found any (reliable) way of taking apart the whole thing to see just what's wrong with it o-o buuut, I may perform a "dissection" of sorts on the thing once I replace it :P
  4. What kind of fan is it? Axial? Squirrel-cage?

    You can buy any fan as long as the frame is the right and replace it. All the connectors will be the same.

    Give us a pic.
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