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  1. No one would have guessed it. No one would have thought that it would happen.

    "Haha Jacob are you drunk," one of the girls cried out. It was hard to tell who. Most of everyone was drunk and it was dark out. Many of you stumbled around, moving farther and farther from the festival that was going on.

    "Do you think anyone else is in here?"


    There was more laughter and someone made grunting noises. A few boys humped a tree to a number of cheers and howls. Some of the sober ones felt a bit uncomfortable, but no one left the group. No one wanted to go back alone and even if there was more than one wanting to leave the creepy woods, no one was willing to voice that. Some felt too awkward to talk while others just didn't want to be seen as a coward.

    There was others in the woods though. Those who had left to do something, anything. There wasn't really anyone out there doing anything dirty, but it seemed like it would almost be the perfect place and time to do so with many of the towns inhabitants back in the center of the town.

    Applubree was not known for much outside of the town. They kept mostly to themselves and didn't have a lot that attracted tourist to them either. But they loved Halloween. Maybe it had to do with the old folktale of how their town came to be or something else. Whatever it was, the Applubree Halloween Festival was always a good time for people of all ages.

    And yes each year teens did go out into the woods.

    "Woo! How late do you think it is?"

    "Why is it past your bedtime Kurt?"

    "Shut up Natalie."

    "Make me bitch."

    The group trudged farther on. They weren't sure how deep they were. They paused for a moment as some cells went off. Sure they were having fun, but it seemed that it was best to get back. One of the drunks, Jacob, had stumbled away from the group. Someone later mentioned he had to piss, while another claimed he had to puke.

    Whatever he had to do, he never got the chance.

    There was a sharp shriek that echoed in the trees, cutting off all conversation. For a moment it was if time stood still. Then everyone, those in the group and not, headed forward and witness the same event.

    Jacob was half-buried in the ground. There was calls and cries and muttered disbelief. Some crack jokes, but it all fell flat. The look on his face was pure terror.

    "Help me."

    Then he was gone.

    Finn woke to his alarm like he did every morning. He looked over at it and slammed down on the button, shutting it's obnoxious beeping off. He heard a grunt from the other side of his wall and smiled to himself. He had chosen the sound because it was so obnoxious. With it he was sure to get up. Not that he had trouble with it anymore. He'd rather be sleep deprived than have those nightmares.

    It seemed his twin did not agree though. She hated his alarm and told him to either change it or lower the volume.

    "I can't help our rooms are right next to each other," he told her with a grin. Of course most times she just blared her music in revenge.

    This morning, Finn made no comments as he dressed. He looked at himself in the mirror. Well if he didn't look bad before, he surely did now. His troubled sleep had caused bad bags under his eyes and his skin seemed paler. He shook his head and breathe deeply. His mother was getting worried, but how was he suppose to explain this. That he had witness someone being dragged underground and then he started to have nightmares about it? Last night was the worst.

    It wasn't even seeing Jacob being taken either. All he saw was the spot and heard and felt someone call to him to move forward. But he knew that if he did, he'd be taken too. Yet the ground seemed to just pull at him, forcing him forward and he couldn't fight against it.

    "Knock knock," he heard Becca say as she opened his door. She was dressed for soccer as they had a little practice before school started. She grinned at him, leaning against his doorway, but he could see the worry on her face.

    "You know saying it and doing it are two different things."

    Becca waved a dismissive hand. "Whatever. I haven't walked in on you naked yet."

    Finn just shook his head. He looked at himself and decided there wasn't much he could do to fix the damage the nightmares were doing. Becca seemed to want to say something, but she decided not too. When he wanted to tell her what was wrong, she'd be here ready for him.

    "Anyways you better hurry. I'm walking, so the car is your's."

    Then Becca left. The car, of course, was a shared gift from their parents. He and Becca sometimes fought over it, but she normally had it. He wondered why she was letting him take it by himself, but he decided to just let her be nice. He stood and grabbed his backpack, making his way downstairs. Well even with the nightmares, it was Monday and he had school.


    Bailey had not really slept that night. For her the nightmares only seemed to remind her how weird she was. Or at least how weird and freaky she appeared to other people.

    She felt it was her fault as well. She had to follow her boyfriend out into the woods. It's not like she didn't have a choice but she didn't normally hang around too many of the others who went out there.

    She looked at her unfinished homework. She had fallen asleep trying to finish it. The small hours she had peaceful sleep were getting rarer as the week went on and she was having trouble focusing.

    Bailey shoved it into her backpack. She'd have to finish it at school. She finished tying her boots and stood. For her, her appearance wasn't too far off how she normally looked. Bailey had always appeared weird to the people in her school and so her state was probably nothing new. She already heard a few people call her zombie or something.

    The young teen looked at her phone as she headed into her kitchen. She looked at eggs that was left for her, but did not eat them. Seeing no messages, she headed to the bus stop.


    Natalie took the nightmares fairly well. She wasn't going to bitch and moan about them and she often knocked herself out with some sleep medicine. No way was she going to let some stupid dreams get to her. She needed to be on her game.

    Still she was still creeped out by what had happened. She often wondered if she had been way too drunk. No one talked about it who was there and so Natalie just pretended it wasn't real.

    Expect that Jacob Winsted was missing.

    Still if everyone else who saw it was going to pretend like it never happened, then Natalie wasn't going to waste her time over it. Sure Jacob was gone and that was sad and it was all fucked up, but Natalie was still alive and she wasn't going to dwell.

    "Nat are you okay," her father asked over his cup of coffee. The teen shrugged.

    "I'm fine."

    "Not worried over that missing boy?"

    "Why would I? I don't know him. And it's not like he's the first person to go missing in this stupid place either," Natalie said. This was a fact she had heard from someone else. Her father looked disappointed and Natalie looked away.

    "I'm going to school now."

    She stood and took off, deciding to walk today.
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  2. Bree looked at herself in the mirror and fought the urge to puke. The nightmare always left a bad taste in her mouth. She had no idea why she had joined that group of people in the first place. She didn't know why hadn't she just stayed alone with her book like she had planned. Perhaps some deep down wanting of being part of a group, or something like that?

    But she was really regretting it, having bags under her eyes from not sleeping well didn't exactly raise her popularity in school. And school was getting tougher as well, as she couldn't focus. Just last night the math homework had almost made her cry as she thought she'd have to choose between homework she couldn't do and having another nightmare. Shaking her head to get rid of her dark thoughts she brushed her teeth and tried to look normal as she walked to the kitchen.

    "Did you know that boy, the one who disappeared?" her mother suddenly asked her at the dinner table. Bree took a quick glance at her mother. She looked like she wasn't really paying attention. "N-not really. Why?" her voice wavered a bit, but mother didn't notice, just took sip of her coffee and kept staring o the space. "Nothing, just wondering..." glancing at the clock on the wall she hurriedly finished her coffee. "Hurry up, you're almost late for school. See you in the evening, I have to hurry to work." she shouted already putting her shoes on.

    Bree sighed and placed the dishes to the sink. She'd wash them once she got home from school. Hurrying she fetched her bag and left for school.
  3. Linda tapped her finger on the kitchen table as she read over a book she was reading. She looked at the clock and closed the book, shoving it into her bookbag. She had been up for some time now. She normally woke at 6, sometimes later, but now it was around 4 or 5 no matter how tired she was. Linda took to going to bed early, but it wasn't easy.

    She was frightened by the nightmares but reality was just as scary. She had seen someone die. Or maybe not. She wasn't sure what the right word was. Eaten came to mind and she shivered slightly. Her dad glanced at her and she shook her head. She stood, chugging down the rest of her coffee. She just needed to go to school and focus on something else.

    "On other news local teen resident Jacob Winsted is still missing."

    Linda frowned and moved to the door ignoring her parents' goodbyes. This was getting to be simply too much for her to handle. She wish her brothers or sisters were around even if they wouldn't believe her. She wanted to talk about it with someone. She thought of the others she had seen but something kept her from saying something. Now she was wondering if she should confess to seeing it too.

    Marcus was idling around the town's park. Only a week ago was the place full of life and joy. Now it seemed like it had all been ripped away. His younger brother was gone. Missing supposedly. He couldn't fathom the things he had heard. Wandered off too far into the woods and never came back out. It sounded plausible. It was a perfect place to kidnap someone but it didn't seem right. Jacob wasn't alone. He had been with others. Marcus had recognize some of them. But most of them weren't questioned. The festival was too chaotic to keep track and none of them were suspicious or anything.

    Well not to the police.

    Marcus knew he should be heading to school, but he couldn't face it today. He'd go eventually but he just couldn't bring himself to enter it and see everyone being happy while he felt crushed.
  4. "Shut up.. Shut.. Up..", Sam groaned at the phone on his face, which was blaring the sound of an annoyingly loud siren. The phone did not shut up. He slapped away the cellphone, effectively knocking it onto the floor next to his bed.. But it still screamed. A low growl slowly grew until he sprang up and threw his blanket off to the side, getting up off of the bed and retrieving the phone he'd abused. "I'm up, okay?", he grumbled as he dismissed the alarm, then checked his messages while he still had the annoying thing in his hand. Nothing new. He frowned, dropping his phone into the pocket of the jeans he'd slept in for all of three hours. He'd been sitting up all night just staring at the screen, waiting for one of his few friends to send a message or call. As worried as he was lately, he was very rarely the one to send the first message. That routine was close to being broken, his phone's silence bothering him far too much since that disturbing event.

    He didn't really care for the victim, but the thought that the same thing might happen to one of the few people he cared for scared him. He'd never admit that of course, but one could easily see the relief in his eyes every time he saw those people at school. Sam stopped half way to his dresser to hesitantly reach into his pocket, just standing there for a moment before shaking his head and instead going to grab a shirt to put on. With that done he grabbed his cleated and steel-toed black boots and similarly colored jacket, heading out through the living room and into the kitchen. He draped his coat over the back of one of the two chairs at the sides of the small circular table at the corner of the room and dropped the boots on the floor right next to it, looking down at the note on the table that he expected to find. "Won't be home until three AM, fridge is fully stocked", he read silently, then turned to go to the fridge. He reached for the egg carton but stopped before actually taking them out, looking back at the stove. Nah, not today. There were a lot of those days lately, thanks to the worry keeping him up all night. Instead he pulled out a bottom drawer and retrieved an apple, sinking his teeth into it and closing the refridgerator door on his way back to the little table.

    Without any more delay, he slid into his boots and jacket and headed for the door. Sam opened the door and locked it from the inside before stepping out and closing it behind him, finally grabbing the apple still held by his teeth and pulling off that first bite as he walked down the empty driveway and toward the same bus stop Bailey was headed for. He sighed silently when he spotted the girl, picking up his pace a little. "Hey loser", he called out as he approached her, stopping when he stood directly in front of her mere inches apart. With his free hand he grabbed the girl's chin without any warning, lifting it some and leaning down to plant a quick kiss against her lips. "You uh..", he started as he pulled away from her lips and let go of her, looking around for a moment presumably to make sure they were alone, "Sleep okay lastnight?"
  5. Natalie walked at a medium pace. She was thinking about if she could pass that Spanish test today. Why she had decided to take that stupid class was beyond her, but she knew a couple years of languages was required and Greek nor Latin had appealed to her. Why they didn't teach more modern languages like French or Russian or whatever was beyond the teen.

    For a moment her mind went to last week. It had been going so well. Natalie was actually enjoying herself. It was mostly due to the alcohol in her system but that didn't matter. She frowned, running a hand through her hair. There was no point in dwelling. It was only going to make her mad and Natalie was normally in a foul mood in the morning. She stood though and glanced over to the woods in the distant. For a second she imagined herself going over there but it passed. Natalie shook her head and continued on.

    As she walked she saw Bree. Natalie debated where to go over and say something. She decided why not and waved over at the other girl.



    Bailey was brought out of her gloomy thoughts when she heard the familiar male voice. She turned her head just in time to be kissed. Bailey didn't have much time to return the kiss but that was okay. She looked up at her boyfriend of one year and gave him a weak smile. In her mind she saw them both standing next to each other when Jacob was taken. She remembered the pressure on her hand as he grasped it, not feeling him almost crush it.

    Bailey's smile fell flat though when he asked. She turned away, hiking her backpack up higher on her shoulders before shaking her head. "Not really. I...The nightmares." Bailey felt it hard to explain further. By the way it looked most of them were dealing well with what happened. But no one was really talking about it. She wondered if it was because they were afraid. Afraid if they spoke about it out loud for too long it'll become too real. Not talking about it they could pretend everything was okay.

    "Before I fell asleep it sounded like someone was calling my name," she confided. Even if it was unsettling to discuss, it made Bailey feel a bit better being able to talk about it. Like she wasn't alone.
  6. For a brief moment when she mentioned the nightmares his thoughts too returned to that night, standing next to Bailey and squeezing her hand tight. As far as he could remember, that was the first time he'd ever been scared of losing someone. Up until that point, there was really no one in Sam's life worth protecting, but now there she was; The first girl he'd ever loved and cared for. He wasn't sure how they ended up in their relationship, considering he probably bullied her just as much as he did anyone else, but it worked out. Maybe she'd seen through his tough act and taken pity on the broken boy behind it, or maybe it was as simple as just wanting to be the bad boy's chick. In any case she'd successfully secured a place in his heart, one that ached at the very notion of losing her. As rediculously cheesy as it might sound, he would have flung himself into the forest's hungry maw if she'd been in Jacob's place.

    Sam's sighed, unlike the sigh of relief he'd expelled when he first saw the girl today. "It was probably just one of the others screwing with you..", he muttered as his eyes turned toward the ground, trying to convince himself more than her in actuality, "Sleep with a light on or something if it bugs you, I can't always be there to protect you from the boogey man, Bailey." As the words came out of his mouth his voice waivered some despite the sarcastic tone, as if saying it out loud was worse than bearing the thought silently. His eyes narrowed some as he heard how he sounded, almost wanting to shove the girl away before she could read anything into it. He didn't.

    Sam exhaled slowly and rid himself of the urge, glancing back at his undoubtedly patient girlfriend who didn't deserve the poor treatment he'd often extend to her. He knew she didn't deserve it, that she was a better person than he was and that she probably would have been better off with someone else. He never told her that in those exact words, but he did occasionally question her aloud, usually in a rude manner. A softer side to him did bleed through here and there though, more often than ever before since the incident. This was one such time it seemed as he moved to Bailey's side and grabbed her hand. Sam's eyes narrowed and remained focused on the ground, but his fingers forced their way between hers and his somewhat larger hand squeezed hers firmly.
  7. Natalie's voice startled Bree out of her thoughts. "Morning.." she answered shyly, not really sure why she had spoken to her at the first place. Natalie was known as the troublemaker of the school, and it was hard to think about anything in common between them. Well, if not for the fact that both didn't have many friends and were not liked by the popular girls. Bree somewhat respected Natalie for going against them.

    As they started walking next to each other she took a glance at the girl next to her. Bree couldn't help but wonder why she had dyed her hair pink. "Um.. So you were at the woods..that day?" It wasn't really a question, just sort of confirmation for Bree was quite sure she had seen her drunk somewhere. She took a glimpse at Natalie to see her reaction. "Did you.. Did you know Jacob Winsted?" she had no idea why suddenly blurted out her question, but she somehow wanted to know.

    For some reason it bugged her that she had seen Jacob disappear to the ground and didn't really even care. She hadn't known him, but how her life seemed so normal afterwards somewhat scared her. She understood that everyone was trying to act like normal, but her nerves were on the edge because of the nightmares, and she just needed someone to talk to, preferably someone who wouldn't consider her a nutcase.
  8. Levi felt sick. He didn't even have to look in the mirror to know he probably looked like he had been ran over by a truck, but against his better judgement he did so anyway. With a sigh he inspected himself, trying to figure out the best way to disguise his ghostly appearance, but found he couldn't actually bring himself to care that much. He splashed cold water on his face hoping to wake himself up a little but did little else. There was no point, those nightmares have kept him from a decent night sleep for what felt like an eternity, and it was becoming increasingly distressing. He was starting to wonder if he was just going insane, was it really possible for someone to just be... swallowed up by the earth like that? But he remembered the events so vividly it was like they just happened. Levi had gone over this in his mind a thousand times by now, and every time it only made the discord in his head worse. There was no point in thinking about it, but at the same time he couldn't stop. the only thing he could do was continue with his days, pretending nothing was wrong.

    Since the incident Levi had not spoken to anyone, and seemed to actively avoid those who he remembered seeing that night. He was trying to convince himself that eventually the images would disappear if he just ignored them, but it was becoming increasingly obvious that that wasn't going to happen. If he didn't find someone to talk to soon, he really might go insane. In the hallways of the school he'd spot familiar faces from that night and wonder if they saw the same thing he did. Did they still see it? He needed to get some sort of confirmation that he wasn't alone. But he could never make himself move. It was like he was frozen with the same fear he had felt that night.
  9. The week following the incident, Cecily didn't talk to anyone but listened quietly like a wallflower. Lately, she stayed away from the woods in fear and walked home when the other students would leave hoping whatever it was that took Jacob would only appear around a lonesome wanderer at night. She had seen everything, everyone, all the trash left on the ground, and most importantly, the disappearance of Jacob. From her viewpoint in the tree branches, she saw the dastardly violence that swallowed him. Of course, she stayed after everyone left and picked up the bottles strewn around barren trunks of bark. As she got closer to the spot Jacob had vanished from, the ground felt softer as if it was recently disturbed. There were a few spots of blood on the surrounding trees. Grabbing her collection of garbage, she ran.

    Cecily's nightmares haunted her. Sunday night she tossed in her bed seeing the boy's mutilated corpse rise up from the ground and climb to the top of the tree beside her. He would leap to the end of the branch she resided on and creep forward with body parts twisting unnaturally and bones poking from bloody flesh. She would close her eyes before feeling weight on top of her frame. The sound wood snapping and the feeling of air behind her back enveloped her.

    She woke up precisely at four in the morning remembering a shriek in her ears from the dream. Heavy breaths soon began to shallow as her father knocked on the door.
    "Cecily, the stables are waiting." Footsteps retreated. He might have been a farmer, a tan just shades lighter than chestnuts to show for it, but his diction was proper like that of lawyer from New York. Cecily inherited her mother's genes - pale hair and pasty skin that never tanned, just burned.

    Instead of dawdling, she swung her legs over the edge of the bed to put on her favorite white shirt and evergreen skinny jeans. They were comforting with soft threads that brushed over her skin gingerly. She hugged herself for a minute before finishing getting dressed and descended the steps. She shoved a freshly fried egg in her mouth and downed a glass of cows milk.

    "A boy's gone missing. Know anything about it?" His stern voice interrogated her.
    "No, papa. I've heard a rumor around school. Who was it?"
    "A guy named Jacob. He was a few grades above you, yes?"
    "Maybe. I don't know him."

    She walked out with a tattered burlap sack over her shoulder. The sky was still dark as she went to the barn doors and was welcomed by numerous snorts and groans from the animals. She went to the back and poured feed into the sack. Turning back around she saw the pile of bottles she collected glimmering by the dim light that hung above her head. One was cracked.
    "What's this? They were all perfect yesterday. Now i'll have trouble recycling that one." Her eyebrows knitted together as she picked up the pieces noticing something stuffed inside the neck. "I cleaned you, too." Cautiously, her little finger poked into the small opening and felt dry dirt.
    "How odd." She frowned retracting her delicate finger. Next, she looked at the bottom half and noticed a dark liquid in the bottom. She turned it over her hand only to see a spec of red drop on her palm. "Blood!"

    Frantically she tossed it down and hurriedly finished in the stable before running off towards school.
  10. Bailey looked at her boyfriend for a moment and then looked away. She felt like maybe she might pass out. It was an uneasy feeling having to deal with this. The only relief came in the form that she wasn't in this alone. She moved closer to Sam although she didn't touch him. She then shook her head.

    "I can't. My parents are already concerned. They thought I might have been near the woods when Jacob was...taken. I don't want to give them any reason to question me." If talking about it with Sam and the others was hard, it would be nearly impossible to tell her parents about what happened. She wouldn't even be able to tell the truth unless she wanted to go to counseling.

    "Maybe you're right. I shouldn't worry so much." Bailey didn't really put much conviction behind her words. She saw the bus coming and was relieved. At least she could take comfort in the normalness of everyday life. At least for now. She worried it would only get progressively worse as time went on. She shook her head again. She couldn't keep thinking like this.


    Natalie was instantly regretting talking to Bree when she asked if she knew Jacob. She felt like decking the girl for bringing it up but she restrained it. Natalie had gotten into enough fights to go and pick one with someone who didn't really deserve. It's not like she cared so much for Bree, but she didn't want to get lectured.

    "I did know him. Me and Jacob ran in the same crowd. He was a friend if that's even the right word." Natalie kept her voice neutral, trying to sound as if Jacob's death or whatever didn't really bother her. But it did. It was like an itch under the skin, annoying but impossible to get rid of.

    "You were there too weren't you?"


    Finn tapped on the steering wheel as he headed towards the school. He hated the route he had to take to get there. Right past the woods where it had all went down. Every time he went past it whether by foot or car or bike, he shivered. A few days ago it felt like something had brushed over him and he almost drove off the road. That was the last time he rode with his sister. He couldn't explain it to her. She was elsewhere. She wouldn't understand.

    He could feel it as he drew nearer to the area. He looked at it and then to the road. He kept an intense look onto the road, ignoring the woods. Ignoring the sick feeling that was growing in his stomach. It was sudden. One moment he was aggressively trying not to think about it. Then he was idling in the middle of the road, his hands tight on the steering wheel which was turned left towards the woods. The sound of a car horn and a "fuck you asshole," brought him out of it. He sped towards school, shaken.

    What had just happened? He got out of his car running almost inside the building. This was not good.
  11. As Bailey spoke, Sam's eyebrows furrowed. If she was losing sleep, which she obviously was, she should be doing what she can to calm her nerves instead of making excuses. Screw what her parents thought, he wanted her healthy. The squeeze on the girl's hand tightened as he turned his eyes toward hers, the look in his fierce.. But at the same time concerned. "Of course I'm right", he barked impatiently, staring at her with his usual scowl for a while before tilting his head back toward the bus when he heard it coming, lowering his tone until it was little more than a grumbly whisper, "If it's really so bad.. I could go sit with you at night.."

    When the bus neared the stop, Sam glanced down at his girlfriend's hand, her fingers still laced between his. Any other day he would have snatched his hand away at about this time, and he almost did, but instead he growled quietly and left it there. It was obvious he had a hard time showing affection, especially in public, but he was doing so much more often since Jacob "disappeared". The fear of losing the people he loved to the thing in the woods softened his demeanor toward them noticeably, but not by a ton. He could still easily be called an asshole.. Just maybe slightly less of one lately.

    "Come on", he ordered the girl in a tone that was only a little more audible than previous, walking toward the bus when its door folded inward and roughly dragging her along with him. Leading Bailey by the hand, Sam made his way up the steps and toward the back of the bus where they wouldn't be bothered. He'd finally release her when he made it to the very back, sitting down and sliding over to the window to leave room for his girl. He'd watch her until she took her place beside him, only then turning his head to stare out the window at nothing in particular the same as he usually did.
  12. Bree flinched a little at the anger that passed by Natalies face for a moment, but kept walking beside her. She needed someone to talk, after all those nightmares and didn't really care if she would be beaten up for it. Sending cautious glances at the girl walking besides her she nodded a little sadly as she said she hadn't known Jacob that well. Somehow she had wanted to know what the boy had been like, maybe to make what had happened more real, less unnatural.

    Bree couldn't help gulping as she heard Natalie's question. "Yeah.." she muttered looking at the other way. "I've been having nightmares about it ever since." she mumbled in a quiet voice. She had no idea why she confessed it like that, to a girl she hadn't talked to before. A loud laugh startled her. Without her noticing they were already closing the school and other student's were gathering to walk at the same direction. Not for the first time in her life she wished the route was longer, so they could had talked longer. Settling to peeking Natalie from the corner of her eye she hoped for a reply before she would leave of to the crowd and leave her alone again, with no one to talk to.
  13. Natalie turned to look at Bree closer. It was clear that Bree was upset by what happened, but you'd have to be completely heartless not to be. But Natalie didn't have the energy to waste to get too worked up over it. It seems she hadn't been effected the most out of the others. She took this as a good thing. Even if it was her normal "I-don't-give-a-damn" attitude, Natalie decided it was best to just avoid talking about it with anyone.

    "Take something that will knock you out. Keeps me from having nightmares or dream," Natalie suggested. She then shrugged. "Listen don't get your panties in a bunch about it. There is nothing we can do now except avoid anyone connecting us to the woods where Jacob disappeared. Juvie does not sound like a good place."

    Natalie waved a hand and walked off. Something about the conversation unsettled her a bit but she decided not to think about it too hard.


    Bailey was surprised at the offer. She didn't think her parents would be too pleased to know Bailey's boyfriend was staying over. They didn't really like Sam, but the young girl didn't particularly care what her parents thought. At least not in this regard. It was a tempting offer. Having someone there would make her feel better and more secured, but she shook her head. Maybe it was best if she didn't seem weak.

    "I'll be okay. It was probably just my nerves getting to me. Maybe I should lay back on all the doom and gloom," she said, trying to keep any nervousness or shakiness out of her voice.

    She let herself be taken onto the bus and she sat down. She looked around. Everything seemed normal, but she noticed one of the drunk kids from the night. He seemed to look even worse than her. He kept looking around as if he was afraid of something and clenching then unclenching his hands. Bailey turned her head away. She had a sinking feeling that whatever this was was only beginning.
  14. Bree was glad Natalie acknowledged her confession of sorts. Natalies suggestion of taking pills didn't sound that appealing to her, but her wording gave her the idea that she wasn't the only one having nightmares. Natalies last words of avoiding anything that would connect them to the woods or Jacob scared her. Was it possible they would be suspected if they could be connected to the forest? Bree barely managed to nod and wave her hand slightly as Natalie walked of.

    Staring after Natalies back Bree shaked her head to free her from her thoughts. At least she now knew she wasn't the only one having dreams, but that didn't mean she wouldn't have to get through school. Sighing she grabbed her bag tighter and tried to turn her thoughts to the oncoming maths class. Whoever thought having maths the first thing in the morning was a bright idea definitely didn't match Bree definition of a bright person. Keeping her head low she started making her through the gathering students towards the door. Unlike the other she had no friends to meet up with, not until lunch where she would huddle up in the corner and listen to her friends chatter.
  15. "Yeah..", was the short response Sam muttered as they sat down, staring at his girlfriend's faint reflection in the window he faced instead of actually watching the scenery. He watched her like that for a while, silent and still besides the occasional glance away from Bailey's reflection toward a tree or something. The young man did actual turn back toward her after a while though, looking as if he was going to say something to her. He wanted to argue with her, to make her reconsider his offer, but he didn't. He didn't want to appear needy or let his worry show too much, feeling as though he was already getting bad enough about that lately. It was understandable that he would, of course, but just like her he didn't want to seem weak. The only difference there was maybe that he didn't realize caring wasn't a sign of weakness.

    His eyes lowered and he closed his mouth, looking a bit irate as he usually did. Sam had only stared down for a short time though, before he snapped his head up and turned his eyes to the boy who appeared so jumpy. "Chill the fuck out", he barked at him, taking out the frustration of hiding the brunt of his feelings from Bailey on him, "Or I'll come over there and MAKE you." The violent youth's eyebrows were knit tight, slightly wrinkling the flesh of his brow as he gripped his seat and glared at the poor frightened boy. He seemed about ready to start some trouble, as Bailey might have grown accustomed to by now.

    Sam had actually stood up, unwarranted anger burning in his eyes as his fists clenched tight. His eye twitched once as he held his piercing gaze upon the other boy, then once more before he winced and turned away, clutching his head with both hands and forcing his eyes shut tight. There was an usual sensation he'd only felt once before, shortly after he and Bailey watched Jacob being taken. A deafeningly loud noise rang through his ears, one that sounded like a mixture of agonized screams and manic laughter. He'd deny it, to even himself, but he too was beginning to be affected by whatever took that guy in the woods.. As the sound passed and the pain subsided, Sam lowered back onto his seat with a growl and turned back toward the window, going quiet again and completely ignoring the boy he was just threatening.
  16. Linda kept on with her walking but she was startled on her way. She hurried by the road that would take her to the woods. She saw a car suddenly stop in the road and although she felt that she should just keep on walking she paused. She couldn't get a good look of the driver before they snapped out of it by another car and tore off down the road. Still she felt a sinking feeling. She looked up the road and for a moment almost threw herself that way. She muffled a scream of fear and ran to school.

    Once there she noticed the same car that she had seen earlier and it clicked who it was. Finn. He was a cute guy but more than that he had been there. Or at least Linda thought he had been. She frowned entering school so distracted she almost crashed into someone.

    "Oh sorry!"
  17. Bailey kept her focus on anywhere but her boyfriend. Her earlier nerves were starting to fade and she was feeling relatively better but she wasn't sure how long that might last. Bailey could only imagine something setting her off or setting Sam off. Even if he wasn't good at showing affection, Bailey knew he cared for her. She cared back and was worried for him. For everyone who was there.

    Including the kid in the seat ahead of her. She watched Sam almost explode out of the corner of her eye as the boy shrunk down in his seat. Neither seemed to pay attention to the eyes that they drew or the whispering comments. The boy seemed to be trying to make himself apart of the seat he was sitting in. Bailey didn't blame him. He seemed on edge and having Sam yell at him probably didn't help. Still something about him made Bailey feel uncomfortable. She was glad when Sam stopped.

    She turned to him to ask if something was wrong but then the bus stopped. The students aboard filtered in and Bailey stood. She looked at Sam and kissed him lightly.

    "I'll see you later. I need to talk to a teacher about an assignment." Then she hurried off.


    Natalie had gotten her stuff from her locker and was now lounging outside. She was smoking, getting side-eyed and a teacher told her to put it out. She muttered she'd put it out in his eye.

    She saw several of her friends past by. They all looked shaken and Natalie wanted to strangle them. Telling them to stop being such babies. Jacob was gone and... Natalie flicked the ashes off the end of her cigarette. She had to stop thinking about it. Jacob was gone. She shouldn't be so worked up over it. But he was a good friend and she wasn't entirely heartless. Still she'd never let anyone know how his death or disappearance or whatever affected her.

    She watched Bailey race by and looked to see where her boyfriend might be.
  18. His head still ringing from that awful headache, Sam hadn't noticed the bus stopped moving. He was only really pulled back into awareness when Bailey kissed him, his eyes turning back to her as she got up. He followed her off the bus, right behind her until they were out in the open. The young man watched as she went off, hands stuffed into his pockets. He didn't like being apart from her, if it needed to be said, in fact he downright hated the idea that he wouldn't see her for even a few hours. So much could happen in the time that they were separated, he wouldn't be able to protect her if he needed to. It was frustrating, upsetting even.

    He waved to Bailey as she walked further away, sighing quietly to himself as she faded from his view. No use just standing around, he thought, not like it'd make the day go by any faster. Sam started to walk away from where the bus let them off, but stopped when someone almost ran into him. "Watch where you're going", he growled, pushing the girl away from him. "Oh, it's you. Seriously pay more attention, I thought you had a little more sense than that", when he realized who it was there was an almost apologetic look in his eyes despite the cold tone in which he spoke, "Not a lot more, but enough. Guess I was wrong." Sam brushed off his shoulder, looking away from the girl as he continued, "You headed to class?"
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