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  1. They told you it was only your imagination.

    But it wasn't.

    In the small town of Applubree, Maine things have gone on as they always have. Kids go to school and cause trouble. Adults go to work and try and keep the kids out of trouble. They are mostly a self-contained town as well and small enough that most people know one another. It's hard to find a person who doesn't know your family and probably tons of embarrassing stories.

    Things have always been fine in Applubree. Or as fine as things can be for a town that is supposedly cursed. Way back in the days before the town was created it was a place where a tribe of Native Americans lived. When the colonists came to claim the place as their own, the leader of the tribe told them that it was a bad idea. But they were free to take the place. Rumor had it that the place was once the home to a dark, malevolent spirit that use to feed on the negative emotions and would lure off children to their doom of the tribes until it was sealed under the ground never to return. In order to ensure that it did not get set free a tribe was set over the place it was sealed.

    But the tribe was tired of watching and keeping it at bay as they lost people to the spirit as it worked to break free. The colonists thought this was stupid and took over the spot.

    And so it was peaceful.

    Yet there are reports of children disappearing each decade. Strange happenings as well. Things that cannot be explained and some that is better off left with no one knowing. It has always been this way. Those who believe in the old tale think it's the spirit effecting the town as it slowly moves back to the surface world to do as it wanted once again. Though these are few and far between.

    Until that night.

    The night of the Halloween Festival.

    You weren't suppose to have gone off, but you did. Deep into the woods with a few others as well. Some of you may have been drinking. Regardless you all witness the same event. One of the drunks stumbled a little away from the group. It was dark and no one was really paying much attention. There was a blood curdling scream and you come upon the person, bloody and cut up, crying for help. Before being devoured by the very earth.

    All agree not to speak of it, but it is impossible to run from something that wants you. That calls to you and invades your dreams.

    You all saw the spirit at work and now it wants you. Maybe just to feed, maybe to get free, or maybe just to have some fun. Very few will believe you and information on the spirit is rare to find and mostly nonsense or so it seems. But you have a feeling it won't quit until it has you all.

    Of course you really aren't the types people put much stock in in the first place. Misfits, outcasts. The weirdos mostly. Or those who are shy and awkward. Though this may be why the spirit is after you in the first place.

    No matter what happens, you're going to have to stick together and fight against this thing. Unless you want to get eaten? I thought not. It has been a week since the event and the pull is weak, but present. Have fun my dear children.


    1. Follow the normal rules of the site please.
    2. The compulsion is weak right now, but it will not progress the same for everyone. Some may be more weak willed or strong minded than others.
    3. You can have as many characters are you can handle.
    4. You can have characters that weren't there to witness the Event. They must either be outsiders who get dragged into it or those who know about the legend of the spirit.
    5. Also note this is a close knit town. You will most likely know all the other characters, even if it's just barely and most certainly all the witnesses will know each other. You may create pre-existing relationships in conversations/pms or do it once you see a character you wish to establish one with. Of course you must discuss it with the other person(s).
    6. PLEASE be literate. No one-liners or short little paragraphs. But some thought into what you write.
    Age: (All witnesses must be between 13-17. All others can vary as much as you like)
    Witness?: (If not how will they be related to the story?)

    Name: Bailey Pond
    Age: 14
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    History: Bailey was born as the only child to a semi-rich family. Her parents were rarely home when she was a child and so she was raised mostly by a nanny. Bailey had always been intrigued by dark things and was seen as creepy as a child. She was not really all that creepy or dark herself, but her interest in the occult and other strange things caused people to believe she was. She spent the entire sixth grade being called a witch and listening as people would insult her and call her names. It wasn't until the middle of seventh grade, where she scared off a bunch of students who was picking on a kid, that she embraced her status as a weirdo and the "dark, creepy chick". And despite not being a bad person and rather friendly, Bailey never stopped or lost interest in the darker things. In fact one of her favorite tales was of the spirit, although she rarely believed anything she would read or watch.

    The worst thing was last year when her locker was vandalized and all her books and items were thrown all over the hallways. She lost a few things and many of her stuff got ruined and people didn't care and many of them trampled over her things or took them or threw them away. Bailey actually stayed out of school for a week and joked to a few friends she attempted voodoo to get revenge. This is what eventually lead to her ending some of her friendships as she was "too bitter" about the event, along with a few other things.

    Despite this treatment, Bailey had a close group of friends. She also had a few boyfriends, which tended to be a few years older than her mostly. Bailey is currently dating Samuel. She is not happy to finally be in high school either and has already endured some bullying from her upperclassmen and even her teachers have said that she needs to brighten up. She was with her boyfriend when she was a witness to the Event, completely sober as well and had only gone off because of him.
    Witness?: Yes

    Name: Finnley "Finn" Kingsly
    Age: 17
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    History: Finnley was born second to his twin sister Becca. As children he and his sister got along well enough. Even if they weren't as close as some twins were, they still cared about each other and were usually seen together. Finn was a shy kid and had a rather wild imagination, always dragging a friend or his sister off on some wild adventure. As he got older, he mellowed down and turned into something of a bookworm and a nerd. Finn also did his best to help out with school activities and ended up on the school's student council.

    In high school though he changed. He became less involved in school activities and although he was still a nerd, he tried to get involved more with other people. Still he had some trouble as he looked creepy to some people and he didn't always present himself well either, not always comfortable in social situations. He is also a known sort of teacher's pet and this drove him to be at the bottom of the social ladder in school. He still has a rather large imagination and works in the school's library as well. Finn was talking to a few of the people who went into the woods and decided to go as a way of trying to make friends.
    Witness?: Yes

    Name: Natalie Becquerels
    Age: 16
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    History: Natalie was born into a family of two brothers. She was somewhat bullied by them as a child, but because of this, Natalie started to defend herself and become more aggressive as a result. She would fight with her brothers and sometimes win them as well, wanting to prove she was just as good as the boys. Even in school, she would have an attitude and would pick fights and try and show that she was better. She got into a lot of trouble and also had a hard time making friends, especially with girls.

    As she got older, she only got worse. She became a troublemaker and would cause all sorts of problems. She cared little for school and little for authority. She did have a few friends, mostly those who could either tolerance her aggressive behavior or were just as bad as her. She became sort of a rival to the popular girls and would always go out of her way to make their life hell. Still Natalie was not unaffected by their comments and this only made her hate them even more. In ninth grade, one of them, a girl that Natalie was brutal to in middle school, ended her relationship through lies and gossips. In tenth she spread a rumor, trying to paint Natalie as a You are highly educated and I appreciate that., but it only kind of worked. Natalie retaliated in the best way she knew and beat her up.

    Natalie was suspended and as a result was forced to take summer school so she would not have to repeat. Her father is gone, having left while Natalie was still in elementary school and her mother has no energy to try and tame her wild daughter, although Natalie is better at home and cares for her mother. She went along with the trip as she was drinking and was thinking it'd be fun to try and scare some of the others.
    Witness?: Yes
    Other: Natalie constantly dyes her hair pink and has since the start of High School. No one knows why she does this.

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  2. Name: Levi Croft
    Age: 15
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    History: Levi is the only child of a single mother. He spent most of his life shut in the house and home schooled by his overly protective, religious fanatic mother, as such he never really learned how to socialize or interact with other people. Just this year his mother randomly decided to throw him into a public high school. Though he tries his best, his awkward personality and somewhat dark appearance instantly made him an outcast.

    He and his mother are a target of many rumors, especially since they had been almost completely shut off from the rest of the town until just recently. Levi's mother is often considered crazy by the rest of the town, and being her son, Levi has to bear the social stigma as well. Though she's not the creepy, sacrifice-making, murderous cultist that some local high schoolers like to think she is, she most certainly isn't the most stable woman around. Levi will hardly ever talk about his family.

    Witness?: Yes
    Other: Levi is not overly religious like his mom, though he has picked up a few habits from living with her.

    Name: Teagan Archer
    Age: 30
    History: Teagan works as a councilor at the local high school. She Lives a private life- knowing practically everyone in town, but not seeming to have any close friends or family. She'd quite good with kids, and students often come to talk to her when something is bothering them. She is by far one of the most trusted adults in the school.

    Teagan is actually a decedent of the Native Americans who lived on the cursed land many years before, and the legends have been passed down to her by her father. She takes the occult very seriously it seems.
    Witness?: No, but she may just be one of the few people who actually believes what the witnesses saw.
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  3. Name: Bree Tanner
    Age: 16
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    History: Bree has always been the quiet kid in the class, the sort of nerdy one who hides behind her book during breaks. She was bullied in kindergarten because her moved to town already pregnant with her, no father in sight. She has no idea who her father is, her mother refuses to tell her, as well as about her other family. Her mother often cried alone and worked long hours when Bree was small, not spending time with her. This led to being her depressed even without the bullies to make her life worse.

    The bullying stopped when she started school, she was no fun tease, as she was basically reactionless. This left her unsociable, she did make a few friends through the years, but not good ones. Her typical nerdy looks tend to shoo everyone away. She's not that smart though, and spends time with books only because she's bored without friends to play with. Her mother sometimes tells her to at least try to get a good friend, mostly after receiving a worried call from one of the teachers. She went to the forest to spend time, maybe to read somewhere lonely. She had told her mother she was with a friend, trying to not make her worry, and had to find a remote place to stay, otherwise her mother would had heard she was reading in the street corner from the neighbours.

    Witness?: Yes
  4. Both are accepted.
  5. Name: Matthew Vitkosky
    Age: 17
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    History: He was born into a normal family and was happy for up until grade 7 where his father gotten into a car accident on the way home from a business meeting out of town. Matthew's mom instantly fell into a depression which she never seemed to be able to cope with leaving Matthew with all the work leaving him to fend for himself at a young age. He cared for his mother deeply and often tried to push her into getting a job to pay the rent. The two ultimately were forced out of the house for not keeping up with the bills and left to stay with his only aunt, his father's sister. His mother basically became catatonic at that point, leaving Matthew spiraling into his own depression and desperate for an escape. The few friends he had before the accident left him when he drew away to take care of his mother.

    He does relatively well in high school for rarely showing up (usually only for test dates), and his aunt has given up on trying to make him attend since he tries to keep up with the school work anyways. He has quite the short temper when it comes to talking about sensitive subjects. His aunt forced him out of the house on the night of the Halloween Festival claiming "it was the best time for him to make friends". He eventually just stuck around with a group of people just to get his aunt to stop following him around and commenting on every single teenager she saw.

    Witness?: Yes
  6. Accepted. If we can get one or two more people we can begin.
  7. Name: Cecily Kendrick
    Age: 13
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    History: Cecily is the only daughter of a local farmer. Despite her father being well-known around town and her bubbly personality, she is often left out from the popular girls due to her social stature. Her mother left days after she was able to walk on her own and barely remembers who she was. She has come to school before with bruises on her arms. Those who asked were given fake excuses and didn't press farther. Nobody cares to get to know her and she tends to prefer it that way.
    In middle school she would skip school and hide in the forest high in the treetops believing that only nature was to judge her and no one else. Now, in high school she only goes after classes until night trying to avoid her father.
    Recently she could sense something odd in the forest ground. The night it happened she was hiding in the trees as usual after lying to her father that she would be at the festival.
    Witness: Yes
    Other: Cecily hates being called a country girl.
  8. Accepted. I'll make the starting post soon. This RP is still open for a few more characters.
  9. Definitely interested here, and already looking at potential relationships. Save me a spot, please? I'll try to have a character up in a day or two, and send some PMs to discuss the buddy dealie.
  10. Name: Linda Winter
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Linda
    History: Linda was born into a large family as the youngest child. Because of this she got spoiled rotten by her older siblings and had a lot of help as she aged in various things. They helped her with school and want not to do from personal experience. But the age gaps varied from 10 to 6 years and so a part of Linda felt a little separated from her closer in age siblings. Soon many of the left and now Linda is the only one at home.

    Due to her hectic home life, Linda normally did a lot of extracurricular activities in what ever caught her interest. She would always bounce from one thing to another, annoying her parents with this as she wanted things and then no longer wanted them. Linda was an odd one too and had trouble socializing with her peers, coming off as the annoying hyper girl. She was diagnosed with ADD in middle school and since then has taken medication.

    Linda is a bit more pulled back now. She was in the woods looking for nighttime wildlife, her newest hobby and happened to oversee what occurred.
    Witness?: Yes

    Name: Marcus Winsted
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Marcus
    History: Marcus was the older brother to Jacob. Unlike his younger sibling Marcus had a natural talent in sports. He focused on mostly soccer and football. Marcus tried to get along with his younger brother, but they grew apart early when Marcus was treated like the star of the family. It was only when Marcus had to stay back in seventh grade that things changed.

    Marcus was always worried about Jacob as he got more and more into the bad things like underage drinking and stuff. Marcus had gone with his brother to the festival but then went off with his friends. He is in a state of shock and mourning currently and isn't sure if he'll ever go back to school. Marcus isn't sure if he believes the kidnapping report and wants to find out the truth.
    Witness?: No; Brother to Jacob
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  11. Okay so once Rae and LVL get their characters up I will stop accepting witnesses for now but I am still accepting non-witnesses.
  12. I finished them
  13. Name: Samuel Wallace

    Age: 17

    Appearance: Just ignore the adorable puppy and imagine the coat is black.

    History: Before he and his father moved into town, Sam had a pretty rough childhood. Lots of bullies, just as many of whom were adults as were his peers; Teachers, extended family members, his own mother. Constant teasing and physical abuse shaped a very dark and untrusting view of people as a whole, and by the time he'd made it here he'd scarcely even look at any person other than his father. It didn't take him long to remodel himself into something a little more intimidating and take on the role of the bully in his new town, using it as a defense with the the thought that everyone else would turn on him the way they did in his old home if he didn't beat them to the punch. Over a couple of years he'd started to open up a little however, yet still remained a rather rude and mean-spirited boy thanks to deep scars left over from his childhood. Even so, he somehow managed to make a few friends, with whom he's grown very close to in a short time. His demeaning nicknames and physical abuse might make it seem otherwise, but that's just his.. Admittedly terrible way of showing affection.

    Ever since the night they watched that dying guy get pulled down into the ground, Sam has been more on edge than usual. He's been watching out for his friends more closely, keeping tabs on them whenever possible and spending as much time with them as they'll allow. He'd never say it out loud, but he cares for them deeply and worries for them constantly.

    Witness: Yes

    Other: Sees Levi as the younger brother he never had, usually keeps his hair dyed an annoyingly bright color (Most recently electric blue.)
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  14. Accepted but I don't see an attached picture
  15. Urg. My phone isn't cooperating.
  16. It's alright. You can get the photo up when you can.
  17. Okay, photobucket and attachments wouldn't work, so I found it on my DA. Good enough, right?
  18. Yeah that is perfectly fine.
  19. Name: Kevin Monahan
    Age: 42
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    History: Don't let his smiling face deceive you! He is often referred to as Mr. Monahan since he is the history teacher for all of the students at the high school. Witts and sarcasm get out of hand with him to the point of insults and "no offense" jokes. Rumors have spread about Mr. Monahan being even more harsh on the students this year because of a new textbook, but in his eyes it's the students' lack of test taking skills. Day after day many are sent to detention for not paying attention during his hour long lectures and self-pitying rants. Who will be his next victim?
    Witness: No. Many of the students whisper about what happened the night of the festival. Fed up with not being the center of attention, he takes action.
    Other: He likes to intimidate and complain.