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  1. Soooo over these past few days I've been overflowing with ideas and so on, I've got the brief storyline set up or so, though it's still a brief plot so any changes are really possible if there are people who wants to change it and brainstorm with me~! (AND to make the RP happens I need at least 2 people interested on the RP before the sign up thread are posted)

    Law of Ueki RP: (The Law of New Age)
    This RP took place in a distance future approximately 10 years after Ueki won the competition, since then Ueki was promoted to God after regaining his talent back a hundred times. Now as the Hellions come to earth, Ueki decided to call a group of king's candidate to call their disciple to come here and help to protect earth from Hellions attack. Ultimately, each person will get a 1 blank talent.

    Dragon Ball RP: (Re:DRAGON BALL)
    As Goku Jr., the last saiyan to live in earth, couldn't withstand the power of the new evil force, he set out to find dragon balls just as his grand mother ever said to her that the dragon balls can grant any wishes even resurrect the loves one. Goku jr. finally gather all the 7 dragon ball and ultimately wishes that he wish Heroes are born but little did he know that, these heroes come from a multidimensional world who call their own planet as earth as well.

    (So you can choose to be Saiyan, Buu type thingy, Namekian, Androids, Frieza thingy, and cell~)

    Saint Seiya RP (Saint Seiya: Beyond Santuary)
    Won't bother with the plot it's clear that we have both side fighting each other but all of them start from bronze clothes.

    With the last heroes fall, Fury decided to take experiment to the next level, taking each sample gene from heroes he ask a group of specially chosen people to come and take the test. What they don't know is the outcome, Fury had never ever tried injecting gene from a heroes to a normal being and that's why he picked those people to come, a people who have high anti body to resist any worst possible outcome. What will happen next? find out more on G.E.N.E

    gosh if you hate me then *facepalm* pftt. as the title said, simply power ranger.

    PKM17 World

    A pseudo world originated from Earth (pokemon world) to create a new planet for them to live after the world ends but things doesn't work that way although they manage to create the whole of the world and as well as a new creature which later called as pokemon. The league of nation called this project as PKM17 also know as Pseudo Ktyptonite Manipulation 17, it's a project where a group of scientist were taken to outer space approximately 38 millions miles. With limited resources they finally able to create a simple genetic life force out of a chemical element called Krypton. By playing it's mass and combining with other simple subtance it was able to imitate it's
    element and molecule with the same amount of weight and shape. It took nearly 3 generation to sent this good new to Earth but things weren't as good as it seems as the Earth has no one left since the apocalypse had arrived first then them. Everyone loses hope except for a young boy name Cornelius Springer, using spaceship as it's core, he expand the spaceship by manipulating the metal and mold them into a sphere shape similar to the core of the earth. Years later, he began to cover the surface with soil little by little then added the water and later some grass. His achievement were being applaud by the elders but hated by the others, Cornelius were exiled outside by faking his murder and reported it to the Elder. Cornelius can't breathe as it's doesn't have any oxygen resulting him to use an oxygen tank left in his suits and using the krypton he carried, he make a pseudo krypton and later on pseudo ozone was created.

    His achievement were still unknown by the resident of the spaceship until a girl were exiled as well, her name is Creselia Miforte. Cornelius founded her lying on the ground, he took her to the forest to live with him. Cornelius felt that animal should be created just as the Earth, by cross hybrid 2 different animal he was able to create a creature name Pokemon but he use human as his first experiment, by using his blood and several animal he was able to create a speaking pokemon for the very first time, he named that species Arceus. Cornelius decided to make another pokemon but desperately ended up in a failure. Years after Years, after everything has improved and filled with Cornelius offspring with Creselia, Arceus began to feel bored and decided to left the world for good without saying goodbye to Cornelius. Cornelius at his old age can't do nothing and asked his great grandson, Cross to research and recreate Arceus. Cross tried his best to got his recognition of his great grandfather but he ended up failing. His failure soon disgrace the name of the family which make him hated by relatives but he never gave up as he regain his honour by successfully create an DNA which allow him to create Pokemon once more.... and once again things doesn't go smooth as it seems....

    SO basically, Pokemon can make shift into weapons or armor BUT! you can have only 3 pokemon to be equipped at once and 6 on your party. All the Pokemon could are Gijinka!! so yeah~


    The Beginning
    "Darkness and alone.." Those are the words that came out of the Creator long before anything was built in this universe. "What if.. there are light to light up the darkness" and so the Creator made light. "Well it's still plain, what about I make some crater that I can play with," and so various planets were formed. "I can't see fun from playing the planets... how about I watch my creation to live on this planet, Earth!" and so Animals were borned. For the last time, The Creator still felt lonely after he created all of those thing inside the earth. "I know what's missing... someone that looks like me," He created a Nomad/Human that mirrored his face.

    At first every creation that he made could heard him, the Creator always speaks to Nomad but soon he realized that the Nomad were lonely in that world. "Very well, then I shall create partners for you" the Creator then create another Nomad that's feminime when the first Nomad slept. As the First Nomad woke up, he was surprised that he found another person that's similar to him. "Take care of her and make this world full of your race" the Creator smiled at him.

    From generation to generation, Nomads was different from other kind, there were given intelligence to evolve themselves as well as the Creator's divine protection. Until, Nomads were ahead of themselves and started to have thoughts of conquering the earth by themselves. They would destroy their own race to fulfill their own purpose. The Creator was mad that he decided to plant the tree of living, Viterde and cut communication with humans.The purpose of the tree was to decide whether Nomads are to be annihilate or to give them second chance to live. The tree will be bloom after approximately 1000 year depending on what the tree absorb.

    The Present Time (20XX)
    Only with 2 years left before Viterde Bloom, activities of esper start to rise up ten times as normally. Now the life of human races are in the hands of mediums. Will they successfully make Viterde bloom with belovedness or will they failed? Join us in Viterde Chronicles!

    The 3 Worlds:
    Human World
    Where normal human lives.
    Esper World
    Afterlife world for human, they can freely go in and out from here to the earth
    Creator's home
    Home of Creator his divineself. It has a clear view of both worlds

    There are 3 type of nomads:
    -Normal human
    A normal human without any supernatural abilities
    Medium is a named for nomads that can saw esper directly through naked eyes.
    -Esper/ demons
    dead nomads that freely wandering around the earth and esper world.

    There's also 2 types of esper
    Beloved Demon and Behated Demon
    Beloved demons are demons who seek for medium that willingly to collect Belovedness. While Behated demons are demons that collect Behatedness from people's greed (<--any form of sin).

    How they work?
    Behated Demons
    First they need host to collect the behatedness but Behated demons can't find any regular nomads rather find mediums that have huge amount of despair in their lives. There are for demons not to interact with normal nomads but they can with mediums.
    EX/ Name a medium called A who's in verge of suicide after being rejected by his girlfriend, the behated demons would came near him and offer him power to gain what he needs (any form), if he agree then contact were made. A would have power to gain his love back but in exchange of his soul after 1 month(of course the behated won't tell the price, they aren't that stupid), after A's body were taken, A's soul were taken to Endless Nirvana, a place where he will stay forever and tree will absorbed A's behatedness.
    Beloved demons
    Pacticular same as behated but the difference is that payment can be anything both of them agreed on.

    Behated Stages:
    1: Host still has control of his body with limited power.
    2: Demons control half of the host body with huge amount of power
    3: Demon took form of monster depending their element and shards.
    Beloved Stages:
    1:Power that gain through contract
    2:Gain new abilities depending on the demons element
    3:Complete Synchronize with demons, granted Avatar according to the elements. their will be cooldown time which is 2 hours (depend on their chemistry as a contractor and host).

    Is an item dropped from the behated demons, used to enforced things such as broom and materialized them as weapon based on their affinity.

    Undo the Contract?! HOW?!
    Simply offer another medium soul to demons and they will extend your life for another 1 month otherwise it's impossible to undo them apart from being 'atone' by beloved demons.
    The contract can be undo when the host died or when they have 0 chemistry, a chemistry which neither both of them have wish to fufill the contract.

    Skills and Stages:
    Are abilities that's unique for each and every espers some of them have the same skills.

    Stage 1: User obtain basic power according to esper's element
    Stage 2: User obtain armor/weapons according to esper's element
    Stage 3: User completely synchronized with esper and create an avatar (full body armor+weapons)

    How to obtain power or go to the next stage:
    Stage 1: Form a basic contract
    Stage 2: Obtain Esper's acceptance
    Stage 3: Understand why their history

    Stage 1: Form a basic contract
    Stage 2: Offer 5 behatedness
    Stage 3: Offer your most prized possesion and another 5 behatedness

    AS for now this is all i have, I'll update if I have changes or any more ideas.
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