Complicated Romance.

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  1. I've got a few ideas for some romance role plays, but I'm looking for a more complicated/dramatic type of romance/love in my role plays.
    I also like some fluffy/lots of feelings scenes in them, if possible!

    I have a few requirements before anyone PMs me or replies, though!

    -As stated in the title, be active. As in, be able to post a few times a day. OR AT THE VERY LEAST, once a day, every day!
    (I understand people get busy, so I'm not asking for a book. A simple paragraph will do.)

    -Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
    (Know the difference between your and you're)

    -Let me know if you decide to quit, if you get bored, if you're going to be busy/gone a few days.
    I don't care if we're still planning or not. If you stop replying without any word, I will continue to message you until you answer me. So please, don't be rude. Just tell me.

    I ask that you show me a sample of your writing before we begin to plan. I use third person only, and I expect you to do the same.

    I am willing to double for any/all of these!

    Alright, so, here are the ideas!

    1- Affair role play~

    My oc and her husband have been married for five years. Now at the age of twenty five, she begins to feel as if he doesn't care for her anymore. He's constantly working, and when he's home, he's distant and cold.
    She begins to work at a new place, a place where she can show off her designs and be actually happy for once, when she runs into her high school sweetheart (your character), and they start talking again.
    Eventually this evolves into a romance between them, but each of them is already married.

    2- Junkie/Junkie~

    Two addicts addicted to two different things meet when your character comes into my character's work place, to have a coffee or something.
    (It's a diner, she's a waitress.)
    And they begin a friendship based on their need for drugs, which evolves into a romance, and eventually they both go to rehab with each other to try and get clean for each other.
    It can work or not, we'll see!

    Other than that, I have no real ideas, but I am open to hearing yours, and of course, I'm always up for brainstorming together.
    [​IMG] Please PM me or comment if interested!
  2. I will do affair rp with you! ^-^