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  1. This is a 1x1 between myself and @GreenSea
  2. Name: Geo Jackson
    Age:: 17
    Gender: Female
    Position: The Best Friend of the Prettiest girl in school
    The one on the right
    Personality: Geo is cool, calm, collected, she is a strong and calm. She is always the balancer for her friends energetic mood and she always keeps the balance. Even though she isn't as pretty as Alex, she still get's some heads turning with her height and she is really open. But underneath that shell, there lives a girl who is broken, sad and lonely.

    Name: Alex Cross
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Position: Most sought after girl in school who rejects almost everyone
    The one on the left
    Personality: Alex is spunky, outspoken, so much that people think of her as cute and endearing. She is very much the regular high school girl, who is kind in caring, but daring enough to have her own spark
  3. <p>Name: Luke Wallside</p><p>Appearance:</p><p><img src="" class="bbCodeImage wysiwygImage" alt="" unselectable="on" /></p><p>Personality: Alex is just like your average teens, he&#039;s rather way too normal that it&#039;s too plain to hang out with. He&#039;s a bit whim but none has knew that he&#039;s a whim apart from his best friends.</p>

    Ian Yorkshrine
    Personality: A major douche bag who always hide under his pelt, he actually a nerd and boring (without Luke's help)
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  4. The sun rose softly over the horizon, casting it's bright rays though the window and strait into the eyes of our favorite protagonist, Geo. Geo groaned as she rolled over, squinting as she tried to keep it out of her eyes. Seconds later, a beeping sound entered her ears. She groaned, opening her eyes before she tried smacking the bedside table over and over again until finally it stopped.

    Heaving a sigh, Geo got out of bed, grabbing for her glasses which where placed next to her alarm clock. Once she had found the large blue frames, she slipped them onto her face as she blinked, looking around. The sun still streamed softly though the window, and she relaxed, placing her hands on the bed before she rubbed her eyes and got up. She walked over to her closet and searched for her uniform, finding it washed and dried, as always. She had remember this time, but she wasn't sure if she would remember tomorrow. With a soft sigh, she pulled it off it's hook and got dressed.

    After pulling up her stockings, the horrible ones that she was required to wear, she went into her bathroom. She took off her glasses and painfully put in her contacts, applying a soft pink lip gloss to her lips, before sweeping her hair over her shoulder. She had that sort of soft look to her, like she was a doll, and sometimes, it worked, but mostly it didn't. She sighed, and left her hair down, trying to make it seem cute by tying it in two small ponytails before she headed down for breakfast.

    Her feet clunked softly against the wood floor as she raced down, seeing as no one would be there to chastise her. She smiled and jumped the last steps, letting some excitement show on her face as she practiced for school, but as she saw the empty kitchen again, her heart sank. It was as still as a mouse in here, almost as if her father hadn't come home last night, again. She sighed and walked towards the toaster, grabbing some jam as she toasted her piece of bread. It came out with a little penguin imprinted on it and she smiled, spreading the jam in all the not toasted parts before taking a large bite, leaving it hanging from her mouth as she put everything away. Soon enough, she had finished her toast, grabbed her bento and was headed out the door to meet Alex at the end of the street.
  5. "It's a brand new day Luke, you can do it..." it's how Luke usually start the day with, saying a motivational words while he was brushing the teeth just like usual. Everyday Luke would wake up at 6 a.m sharp and tidied his bedroom before he prepared his things to school. Walking down from his room is a spacious living room where his mother would made his breakfast, pancakes and milk to satisfy his hunger. Luke had a final check on his appearance such as tidying his hair and suits before going to his school.

    Luke walked out his home without taking his bento since he felt to shy to open it ever since his bento were spotted by his classmate, it was a heart shaped rice with some cute stuff, just like a girl's bento. taking his nerd glasses to appear less attracting is what he does after a lot of girls had a crush on him in his last school. Glad that no one send love letter to me.... Luke was an average student who didn't want any nuisance in his life, he decline his offer to become a model, nor to get the chance to go to soccer nationals.

    Ian was the friends that Luke had, he also the only person who knew that Luke are an athletic and goof looking guy who purposely get his mark into 70 in all subject. Unlike Luke, Ian was the opposite, he always want the spotlight that Luke suppose to have and he got it, he's the all mister two goodies. Overshadowing Luke, Ian has became the dream boy of every girl but only limited to the school. Luke told everything what it need to be the dream boy of every girl to Ian.

    "soo.... Ian how much girl you decline yesterday?" Luke asked with a slight laugh, though he doesn't like it actually the fact that Ian purposely declined all of the girls just so he got to be loved by everyone again. It wasn't the first plan to make him like this at first, it was meant to make Ian to overshadow a little but it turned away. "uhm... 4? wait look that's my next target Luke... she's hot and smart, her name is Alex that blue haired chick," Ian while pointing towards Alex who is Luke secretly crush on, "wai... t her? Alex?" a slight shock from Luke.

    ((I'll edit my CS for Ian))
  6. Alex was already waiting for Geo on the street corner when she arrived. What Geo didn't see was that her friend was hiding in the bushes, so she stood there to wait. After a few seconds something jumped out, screaming "BOO!" And Geo let out a squeak, jumping forwards and crouching as she covered her head. She let out a soft groan of terror as she started to shake, and Alex sighed and shook her head.

    "Got you~" She said playfully before crouching down in front of her scared friend. Geo puffed out her cheeks and crossed her arms. "Come on! Don't scare me like that!" She said, lightly flicking her forehead before letting a smile wash onto her face, and she brushed her blue hair away. "Come on Geo~" She teased, her red hair bouncing as she swayed side to side. "If we don't get going we will be late~~" She said softly, dragging out the last syllable. "Oh fine!" Geo said, getting up off the ground with Alex before brushing off her skirt. "But if you get any more boyfriends, I swear I am leaving you!" She joked as they started to walk to school. "I know you love me too." Alex said sweetly, and the two girls were off.
  7. Luke was intimidated with Ian as Ian smirked at Alex, it was bad that Luke wanted to say to Ian to wipe his drools off from Alex. Sadly enough even if he easily wanted to crush Ian with reverting him back to his older self, he can't because he didn't want to change to someone he doesn't like to be. "Hey how about Geo? she can be good? I mean she's decent right?" Luke trying so hard to change Ian's target for time being. "Lookie Luke... I want to catch a big fish right now.. so no one is stopping this guy to catch what he wants" reclaimed the arrogant boy who have anything with him apart from money unlike Luke, Luke secretly pays his everyday life and school fee all by himself, though stock markets, he managed to invest a huge amount of money. "Sigh... let me guess, you do some research and found out that she's not only pretty but rich?" Luke was aware of Ian's usual behavior before approaching the girl. "you got me there Luke, if it's her than I could date her until I use her," Ian walked faster as he trying to purposely bumped Alex. Coming from the back was Luke, "Wait by mean use her means.... ta... king.. her... precious ones?" it was impossible to stop Ian the way it is now, he bumped Alex gently, "I'm sorry.. are you.. perhaps Alex? hi I'm Ian nice to meet you~"
  8. Alex smiled at Geo as they walked, chatting loudly as they got closer and closer to school. But something bumped into her and she turned to glare at him, when her gaze melted a little bit looking at him. She couldn't see though the obviously fake things about him, but Geo could, and she nearly barfed at the sight. She turned and started walking, seeing her friend totally loose attention from her, which made her feel awful. Alex had a large grin on her face as she extended her hand, her cheeks slightly flushed. "Hi, yeah, my name is Alex, and it's nice to meet you." She said sweetly.
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  9. Luke was completely pissed on Ian but he just can stare without doing anything it was really heart breaking. "what a wonderful name, since we're heading to the school why won't we walk together?" Ian smile more to Alex as he walks on her pace. Luke walked in a slower pace than them, it was a nightmare just to see them both together, Alex's voice said it all. "sorry guys but I forgot to do my homework, I should go to school earlier and do it fast," Luke ran as fast as he could so that he wouldn't need to see them both. Ian slightly smirked and went back to his gentleman mode, "sorry he always been like that, anyway since we've introduce ourself, can we hangout?"
  10. Alex smiled at Luke for only a moment before her attention snapped back to Ian. She giggled a bit when he mentioned her name. She smiled and started walking with him, holding her books close. "Well, I don't want to rush things, but I guess it would be ok.' She said softly before looking at him. "Do you want to eat lunch with me then?" Where as our little Geo was ready to barf. She had actually liked Ian a bit, but now that she saw how sleazy he was, she wanted to puke. She shivered slightly as she walked, she kept a large distance between her and them.
  11. Ian hummed for a bit before he nodded, "sure, I'll bring Luke as well if that's not a problem, since we don't want to rush things right?" it was easily just like stealing candy from a child. As they arrived at the front gate, people started to look at them , it was as if they were labelled as a perfect couple, the Mr. Charming, Ian and Ms. beautiful, Alex. Ian pretend to be innocence, "ah... why would everyone look at us?"
  12. Alex smiled softly and looked around, seeing a bunch of people looking at her and him. She looked around and shook her head. "I am used to them staring. Knowing hem they probably want to ship us together." She chuckled softly as she started to walk towards her locker, her backpack swinging as it was filled with so many books.
  13. Luke looked down horrified as he looked at the horror that's happening, "why... did Ian perhaps purposely go for her to annoy me?" in the meantime Ian helped Alex with the books, "here let me help you" taking all the books to her class where Luke are, Ian waved at Luke with a wink and smile," bye Luke!" Ian went back to his class.
  14. Alex smiled as she walked with him, gently tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. "Thanks for bringing my stuff." She said sweetly, waving at him as she turned around, twirling a lock of her orange hair. She hummed softly to herself as she thought about the sweet boy who walked to class with her as she sat down next to a very angry Geo, who ignored her.
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  15. Luke noticed how Geo was angered at Alex's behavior towards Luke, quickly went to Geo he grabbed her hand outside where no one would see them, "Sorry to drag you out here but... can you help me.. for at least until I proposed to Alex to be her boyfriend? I know I'm sound like a douche bag but I'm better than that boy Ian.. I'll do anything apart being popular..." Luke used his if not second, his last resort on how to make Alex fell in love with him before Ian does.
  16. Geo glared at Luke as he talked to her, her face more pissed than anything. She let out a sigh and messed with her ribbons, looking down at her feet. "Look, I know you want me to help, but there isn't much I can do. Granted, I really hate Ian, but boys in general like her, this happens all the time. If you can win her, its a miracle." She added.
  17. Luke took off his glasses and showed to him who he truly was, "if I use this face, it probably a different story and beside I've loved her since I'm grade 5 so she probably would noticed me sooner or later but at for it is now, I've purposely make me who I am so that I could find girl who love me from my bad side," Luke quickly wore the glasses back, "and beside to think pessimist is another way to give up, and as another info why I wanted to separate her so badly is so that she could be safe from a beast I've created."
  18. Geo sighed as she listened to his story, tapping her foot. "Yeah, I could tell you from a mille away. I have been friends with her since we where still in diapers, and I don't know if that is going to change anything." She said softly, pressing a hand to the bridge of her nose, letting out a deep sigh. "Fine, I will help. But if you really think she can see past some of those things, you might be wrong. She can be stubborn and superficial sometimes, she might not understand."
  19. Luke was always popular with girl however Geo seems different, he known that since long time so taking the glasses off wouldn't mean much for her, "well thanks I better create an alliance then more enemies surround me," Waling back as if nothing has happened he went back to his seats while looking away Alex to avoid any meaningless weird moves. Awhile back ago before he came back he said to Geo, " now.. I don't if you remember Luke hemmingway but that's my old name or rather my oldself, I was a popular tv drama actor which happens to enroll at our academy years ago but soon I figure out that all of the girl I've met only loved me just because of my looks and popuarity, so I faked my death to keep everything in a secret. So don't tell anyone about me or else... I'll take my last resort."
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