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  1. Alright I want to start a group, but my problem is I have two ideas and no idea which I would rather play out. I do know this though…

    • THESE GROUPS WILL RUN LONG TIME! I’m in it for a good dedicated group whom post regularly.
    • NO CHARACTER COUNT YOU CAN HAVE ALL THE CHARACTERS YOU WANT (which is why I’m keeping the member count LOW)
    • BOTH GROUPS WILL BE HIGH FANTASY / SCI – FI SETTINGS meaning some medieval fantasy themes could show up in either of these rps. This is because I like to rp in a genre I call Fantasia! (think final fantasy / naruto / fairy tail themese that have no real time sense to them lol)


    •• This idea I thought could be pretty cool specially if other’s jump in later on (IF WE DO expand I would hope other people would make more ships but it is whatever happens in the rp. ) This group of Pirates are actually going to get into all sorts of shinanigans but to kick things off I figured the plot would go AWESOME TREASURE / SECRET MISSION High Powered government thinks they can keep some new tech hidden. Well not so much LOL. This crew would end up stealing said information/tech and then going on a spree of all sorts of shit.

    •• Takes place in a semi futuristic / modern City called Lecxity, where just recently the ‘Gates’ have been broken and all manner of mystical phantasmal shit is coming through the wood works. Thus CrossRoad was established, (think hunter group works behind the scenes to keep reality as close to reality as possible. ) But one of the different things about this idea is it will incorporate my idea of the Mirror Plane ( a dark realm exact to this one in which Normal people cannot hear or see or touch really but things from that reality can fuck us up. It’s a separate dimension that is sorta like a plane between Planes. The members of this idea will be in a team probably having just been brought to gether (members of said group either have abilities / or are UBA bad ass military peeps )

    SOOOOO I know these are extremely ROUGH drafts but before I spend a shit ton of time working on either of these ideas I wanted to see who all was interested in either idea, (course the one with the most votes will be made) and whom all would be interested in playing with me?
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  2. And hmmm people were interested o.o
  3. Weee two peeps interested! Just need 3 to 8 more and we'll get started! Those who are interested please tell me below which of the two plots you would rather rp out that way I can start building once we get a few more peeps and their votes. Highest vote wins the group!
  4. Bump ^.^ starting on the refined idea for the first one now ^.^ May just go ahead and build the OOC tonight ^.^ I am sorry this has taken me all day to get around to, I had a commission I had to put together -took WAY longer than expected it too sadly- But now I'm free for the rest of the weekend so I will probably go nuts and start work on this ....... now ^.^
  5. Let us know when the OOC is up!
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  6. K!! It will probably be in the morning I got side tracked with this doodle that turned into this thing ... O.O; lol I am working on it but I want to wait til morning so I can re read everything and be sure I'm not making a complete an total ass of myself lol.

    Also want to finish the banner for it too ^.^
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