Complex medieval/norse action roleplay

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  1. " Cattle die, kinsmen die,
    you yourself soon must die;
    but there is one thing that never dies,
    the fair fame that one has earned. "
    I want to do something special . Something big ! I'm thinking of some sort of action/political drama set in the medieval era . With kings and queens , mighty warriors ( be they males or females ) . So far , this is just a dream , an idea . I'm hoping i can make it come true with the help of others. I don't care if you're male or female , young or old , new or experienced , as long as you're able to write a few paragraphs of text that make sense . Depending of the amount of people that find this idea appealing , this could end up either a one on one or a group roleplay . So if this kind of stuff is your cup of tea , if you've always dreamed of being a powerful warrior , a merciless tyrant , that woman that that's tougher than a man , but even a shy princess in a world that's going to hell ... then take this idea into consideration . Anyone interested , message me and we'll discuss about it .. Maybe you have an idea for the plot , or maybe you just want to show me your awesome character sheet . I'll read and consider anything you send me so don't be shy .

    * Wishes upon a star this will work out *​
  2. Well I don't know much about wishing on stars, but something calling me to this. Just got done reading all about Norse gods,Vikings, and everything that goes with it. This should be intresting.
  3. Interested very much so.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.