Completely Terrified and Unsure of What to do Next

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  1. My name's Chloe, and I'm 16. You can call me Cwolf, Chloe, Smelly Shoe, or just about anything else. I couldn't care less.
    I haven't done any group roleplays in a few years, though I have roleplayed one on one with a close friend almost every day. Friends get busy though, so I decided to sign up for this website to try and help curb my recent RP withdrawal.
    I'm not exactly sure how to go about this whole... roleplaying with new people thing yet though, and am honestly quite terrified by the idea.
    Oh well, figured I might as well give it a shot anyways.
    But uh, yeh, i'm just going to make this greeting even more awkward by abruptly ending it.
  2. Welcome to the forums o.o hope you enjoy your stay :3 *waves awkwardly and hides behind a tree*
  3. *smiles* Greetings, I'm Hollow or Lady Eastword. Welcome to the site, enjoy.
  4. Don't worry, everyone on this site is awesome. (including you, smelly shoe <3)

    Welcome! :)
  5. Hello and welcome...!!!! Feels a bit weird to say so myself since I'm hella new as well, but the "terrified" part got my attention and I understand you...!! T_T)/ I wish you all the luck with roleplaying with new people!! Cheers you on from the distance!!!!
  6. Sometimes I am terrified of playing with new people too. O__O The best thing to do is just jump in head first!

    Welcome to the site, Chloe! :D