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Complete newbie here

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Evime, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. Hiii! You can call me Evime. I'm completely new to roleplaying. I was always fascinated by it and now I've finally decided to actually roleplay. I'm a bit worried I'll make some stupid mistake. If I actually do please tell me!

    Anyway, can't wait to get started and make new friends over here :D
  2. Hi! and welcome to Iwaku! I hope you have many a great adventure here ^^ and good luck exploring roleplay! :D
  3. Dun worry about mistakes, we're all here to have some fun! >:3

    Welcome to the community, Evime!
  4. Welcome to the community, Evime! :)
  5. Yeah! Welcome to Iwaku!

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  6. Welcome to Iwaku, Evime :D! Also, everyone here has a neat animal prof pic xD
  7. Haha, thanks to everyone for welcoming me and being so nice~
  8. welcome to the Insanity xDD..

    and who said we are NICE?- it is a trap! - fu fu- giggles evilish while floating on her Tiger.~