Complete list of ideas.

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  1. I'm made plenty of posts with more than one idea, or with one idea, in differernt forums, but this is going to be a long list of ideas. All the ideas I have at the moment, so I can just get them all out there instead of spamming the forums.
    I'll probably continue to add ideas to this as time goes on, so keep checking. I'll post new comments with my ideas.

    Now, on to the requirements for my partner(s):

    1- Please use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
    (To the best of your ability. As long as you can use capital letters, and actually spell out words, I think we'll be okay.)

    2- If you feel that the role play is boring, or not going the way you'd like it, please PM me, so we can try to work it out,
    or we can quit if you like.

    3- If you decide to quit, please LET ME KNOW. It's incredibly rude when you quit and don't tell the person you're roleplaying with. Plus, it'll leave me hanging, not knowing what's going on.

    4- If you're uncomfortable with a certain sex scene, or something I say, please let me know. I want my partner(s) to be as comfortable as possible.


    - I only play female roles, unless we double up.

    - All these are going to be romantic/sexual.

    And, here's the CS for every role play.

    Appearance: (Please try to use a real life image. If you can't, Anime or Doll makers are acceptable.)
    What roleplay did you pick?:
    Background story:

    Now, onto the list~

    Fan based role plays:

    Harry Potter:

    Draco Malfoy x OC
    Ron Weasley x OC
    Severus Snape x OC
    Sirius Black x OC
    Fred & George Weasley x OC
    Bill Weasley x OC
    Tom Riddle x OC

    Heroes Of Olympus:

    Percy Jackson x OC
    Nico di Angelo x OC
    Luke x OC
    Leo x OC

    Rot & Ruin:

    Benny x OC
    Tom x OC
    OC X OC

    The Hunger Games:

    Peeta x OC
    Gale x OC
    Haymich x OC
    Cinna x OC

    Hot Gimmick:

    Ryoki x OC
    Azuza x OC
    Subaru x OC
    umm, her brother x oc


    Nana O x OC
    Takumi x OC
    Nobu x OC
    Shin x OC
    Yasu x OC
    Ren x OC

    Original Ideas:

    Angel x Demon
    Vampire x Human
    Vampire x Vampire
    Ghost x Human
    Witch x Human
    Jerk x Nice person
    Bad boy/girl x Good boy/girl
    Best friend x best friend
    Cheating boyfriend
    Fan x celebrity

    Annnd.. That's all I've got for the moment.
    I'll most likely add more later.

  2. I don't much like anything fan-based, but angel x demon sounds like fun.
  3. Alright :D I don't exactly have a plot, yet though.
  4. How about the angel tries to save the demon while the demon tries to corrupt the angel? It's a battle of wills with tons of intimacy and tension!
  5. Okay, I was thinking of something like that.
    But maybe they end up falling in love? :>
  6. That could be cool. How would that work? Would they have to hide it from other demons and angels? Wouldn't the demon get distracted by any hot young thing that gets his/her attention? This could be a very shaky romance.
  7. Maybe they could decide to give up their angel/demon lives, and become humans?
  8. If they can do that, that sounds like the best answer. Until then they're...what? Just disguised as humans? Tuck in the wings and the pointy tail?
  9. To other humans, they look like humans, but to each other/other demons/angels, they look like themselves.
  10. I'm liking how this is shaping up, but how do they meet? And who plays which?
  11. I was thinking that they were sent down to kill each other, like, they're royalty, the daughter and son of each parent,
    and so they're supposed to prove themselves.

    I don't mind being either, so it's up to you which you'd like to be. :>
  12. I'm not really sure I'm pure enough to play an angel. It's more fun to be bad. By the way, I'll try to find a picture, but I usually just write descriptions of my characters. Would that be okay?
  13. Sure, that's fine.
    And you can play the demon, that's fine too. :>
  14. Name: Damien Blackheart (going with a classic)
    Age: What do I put here?
    Appearance: A handsome young man with tar black hair, Damien can easily tempt any mortal. He likes to give his human form intense blue eyes; he thinks it makes him look more innocent. Like most things evil, he likes dark colors, especially black.
    Then there's his demon form. Any onlooking non-mortal can recognize him as a fallen angel at a single glance. On his back appear large broken raven's wings. They're twisted out of shape and are missing many of their feathers. His eyes are naturally blood red. With the exception of his wings, eyes, and two tiny horns on his head, Damien looks much the same as in his human form.
    Likes: the dark, seedy bars, smoking, fire, innocent girls to corrupt, naughty girls to be corrupt with, soft things
    Dislikes: religious people, bright cheery days, the Pope, virginity (the very concept of it)
    Personality: Damien gets bored very easily and being a demon he's of course a little sadistic. For fun he likes to get people into fights then stand back to watch. He doesn't get active until he starts performing his mission on earth: corrupting innocent people. He knows that the best way to do his job is to go after the one desire that the adolescent's body is already screaming for.
    Background story: Damien was born one of the many children of the Demon of Lust (each sin has its own demon, afterall). He caught on fast, as all demons do, and got caught up in how much he enjoyed it. However, some higher demons noticed that he tended to hang around his conquests longer than neccesary. He grew attached to the innocent, they said. Damien, of course, would not stand for anyone accusing him of having a soft spot for the innocent, so he was given a task: find an angel, the ultimate in pure and innocent, and corrupt them.
  15. I'd rather have it be a man x woman, if you don't mind.
  16. Will change later today, but I don't think I'll be able to find a picture. Hope description's okay.

    There. Better?
  17. That's fine~ :>
    Thank you~

    Would you like to start, or shall I?
    do you want me to post my CS?
  18. This was originally your idea, so I think you should start first. Also, yes, I'd like to know who my demon is romancing.
  19. Okay! I'll start it soon, and link you. Here's my CS.

    Name: Siren Engel.
    Age: Human years- 18, angel years- 200
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Likes: Baby blue, flowers, perfume, candy, flying, charming men, justice, love, equality.
    Dislikes: Evil, bullies, pain, fighting, dirt, unfairness, hate.
    Personality: Sweet and silly, dreamy and flirty. Very kind and loving.
    Background story: Siren is the daughter of the main angel, making her royalty.
    She is next in line to be queen, since she has no brothers or sisters.
    She's been sent down to earth to destroy any evil thing, human or not,
    and clear the earth of it's nasty ways.
  20. With that backstory, it sounds to me like we'd be meeting fighting, then sort of go from there. Not sure though. Just a thought.