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  1. Saga had been kidnapped. Of all people, he had been kidnapped. And he had been kidnapped by pirates! How on earth had this happened? If his blasted father hadn't angered him, he wouldn't have swam away and he wouldn't be in this situation! It wasn't his fault. No, Saga refused to admit that it was his own fault. To him, nothing was ever his fault, no matter how much it may have been. He had grown up in the lap of luxury, his parents had provided everything and anything he ever needed or wanted. He had also always had someone to back him up, he was the top of the food chain in his school in Atlantis and someone was always protecting him. Now, however, without all his cronies to back him up and without his reputation, he was just a scared boy.

    He was kept in the captain's cabin - or well, the room right next to it, but the only way to enter it was by walking through the captain's room. His room had the bare necessities, a big tub full of water, a wardrobe and a bed. Saga was perched on the bed, his long, purple hair in a pile next to him. He was in his human form - something that could only happen when he was out of water and would only be triggered if he was in trouble. It was a power he got from the bracelet he had around his wrist, it consisted of 3 pearls, ones that changed color and told him how long he had before he reverted back to his mermaid form. It was a bracelet all of the mer-people of Atlantis had and it only allowed the mermaids and mermen to stay in that mode for a few days at most before they went back to being a mermaid.

    The 20 year old sat there, his golden eyes glaring at the wall across from him. He was starting to get restless.

    "Come on! Let me out of here!"
  2. "You-Ren. You're in charge of the mermaid. Go in the captain's quarters and see what it wants."

    Ren couldn't believe what he has just heard. He was the one to look after the mermaid? Why couldn't some ship boy do it instead of himself? He was meant for fighting and plundering, not ro babysit some fish person! What he had seen of the mermaid(weren't males called mermen?) was that he seemed obnoxious and a mess of serious pain to anyone stuck dealing with him. Ren himself had snickered to another crewmate as the merman was being taken up, "Good luck to the sucker stuck with him." And of course, that sucker was himself.

    Well, there was absolutely no possible way out of this predicament but to go tend to that...thing. "Aye," he growled, marching to the captain's room and going in. It was a beautiful room, actually-much nicer than just a hammock to lie down in each night. There was a fancy bed right in the center, some chairs and a table, a mirror, a dresser-it was a hitel room on the bloody sea! Ren rolled his eyes at the display of wealtb when he heard some yelling frim the nearby room. Oh yeah, the merman. Taking a deep breath, Ren strode over to the door and opened it up. What had he gotten into?

    The pirate walked into a room that was definitely less fancy than the captain's. It had simple things like a wardrobe, a tub...and a bed, where some strange looking guy sat. Ren would of thought him a regular person like himself, but no-this man's face was too otherworldly to be considered human. And his hair! It was long and purple, anx Ren certainly hadn't ever seen such long hair, even on a woman, and with that same color.

    "Let me guess-the merman?" Ren asked, not even bothering to hide how strange he thought the merman. "What, do you become human when out of water or something?"
  3. Dark hair. Pale. Young. The merman's eyes narrowed at the male who stepped inside the room just moments after his yelling and questioned him, his hand immediately went to the bracelet, as if to conceal it from the human's view. A thin brow shot up at his rude tone and Saga had to bite his tongue to stop himself from lashing out and yelling at him for being disrespectful. He wasn't the one with the upper-hand at the moment, after all. This was the pirate's territory, not his - granted, his was ride out the window, but the windows were barred; the pirates were smarter than Saga had given them credit for. Saga had just expected them to be a bunch of stupid, dirty old men.

    "You could say that..." He trailed off, not eager to tell some human the secrets of the merfolk - he had no business knowing any of them, after all. Saga sat there with his back up straight, his skinny legs stretched out in front of him as his brown eyes watched the pirate with caution. He wasn't to be trusted. "Where are you taking me? What are your intentions?" Despite his strong, cold and somewhat uncaring tone, the questions let just a bit of his insecurity and uneasiness seep through. He was scared, even though he'd never admit it aloud.

    "Just know, that whatever you do, my family will come after you and your... people." It was an empty thread, since his parents had no power unless they were actually in the water. However, the threat made him feel just a little bit more powerful - despite how false it actually was.