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  1. [size=+2]"To have compassion for a character is no different from having compassion for another human being." [/size]
    - Hiddleston

    [size=+1]Have you ever been moved by the plight of a character that you have written? If so, what was going on and what made you feel so strongly? Was it the word choice, the tone, or just the situation?

    If not, do you think that there is any reason that you haven't been moved this way? What do you feel about your characters and their stories?[/size]​
  2. I have felt for my characters, once almost crying in school when I wrote down the death of a minor character close to the main one. That was the first time I ever felt anything for my characters, the most recent one being this one time I was writing, and I was listening to this one song, where it goes,

    We stormed the gates,
    And raised new flags,
    But it's just the same old story.
    We seized the throne,
    We should have burned it to the ground.

    At the time, I was writing about a city that had gone through a revolution, but after several years of good times, history began to repeat itself, and become what it had revolted against. Right then, I was just blown away, my chest constricting, and all sorts of feelings running about my mind. It nearly made me cry at the way the two related, but I didn't, I was more astounded at the coincidence.
  3. There was at one point where I had a character who had fallen in love with someone who she couldn't have. Though after one night of passion she became pregnant with his child only to loose the child in a very terrible way after catching him with another woman.
  4. Actually it was a character that I roleplayed as when I first joined Iwaku. It was Melody from one of the Iwaku rps. I think one of the things that really made me sympathize with her was making both her innocent and demonic personalities show up in the roleplay. She really was a character that was struggling with herself and what this demon was doing with her mind and soul. I found it challenging to write about the things she would be thinking, what she would do, why she would do them and what the repercussions of it would be. At times there would be compassion and other times I would feel down right disgusted.
  5. I actually don't get compassionate about my characters. They're fictional, so I don't have those kinds of feelings for them. In fact, some of the unfortunate things that happen to them make me giggle. I have the power to change anything and everything. Bwahahaha, my puppets. >:]

    ... Huh. Sometimes, I wonder if I even have a heart.

    Umm, but I do feel that way about other peoples' characters, for some reason. When I read books or RP posts and see characters struggling, it'll affect me in compassionate ways.