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    Hey! Hi! So, I'm Riley in case you hadn't heard. Or Ri-Ri or Rilette or whatever you wanna call me.

    Anyway, I just wanted to list a bunch of things I like so that nice people like you who are even bothering to read this can see if we have any common tastes. Up ahead are a list of things I'm into that you can approach me about. Note, I will always prefer original characters to canon characters and I don't do Liberteen-esque shtuff.

    FANDOMS (mostly anime so far)
    Ouran High School Host Club
    Tokyo Mew Mew
    Vampire Knight
    Fruits Basket
    Shugo Chara
    and a few others TBA when I remember 'em.

    GENRES (don't feel limited! This is not all)
    Slice of Life
    Modern, w/o tech
    Science Fiction (aka Sci-Fi)
    Comedy (not good at it tho)
    and a few others TBA when I remember 'em.

    PAIRINGS (all straight for now)
    Good girl + Bad guy
    Energetic girl + Shy guy
    Tsundere girl + Nice guy
    Tsundere girl + Persistent guy
    Tsundere girl + Flirty guy
    (Okay, basically Tsundere girl + any male living creature. Tsun guy + energetic girl is fun too)
    Yandere girl + Intimidated guy
    Quiet girl + Yandere guy
    Reciprocating girl + Yandere guy
    Arrogant girl + Admirer
    Arrogant girl + Previous hater
    Nice girl + Arrogant guy
    Blunt girl + Arrogant guy
    Super-powered either + normal
    Hero either + Villain either
    Super-powered + Super-powered
    Hero + Neutral
    Villain + Neutral
    ehh, try me. If it's hetero, I'll probably like it.

    *A note on pairings. I am capable of playing both male and female roles. However, personally being female, I am a bit more skilled at roleplaying as a girl, so if you don't care either way who you are, I can take the female role.

    Random comment: I like nekos and inus and elves and vampires and basically any random species that isn't disgusting (e.g. warty trolls, grumpy old sasquatch grandmothers, etc.)

    Saw something interesting? "Let me know in the comments section below!"
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  2. I like the Yandere girl + Intimidated guy pairing
  3. Wanna set up a plot to go with that one?
  4. Sure that sounds good
  5. I love the superhero x neutral idea, and have come up with a couple plots. If you'd like, PM me and we can chat about it.
  6. Do you do canon/oc at all? Like, if I double as a canon for your oc, as well?
  7. Please explain what you mean. Are you saying you'd want a canon character paired with an original character? 'Cause the only reason I prefer ocs is because I can never stay true to canon characters' personalities.
  8. Yes, I only do canon/oc. I don't personally mind how canon their personality is, since it's role playing, we've got to have some leeway. But if you only do oc's, that's totally okay, too.
  9. It's fine if my rp partner wants to be a canon character. It's just that I'm no good at being them. If you have some ideas in particular, we can take this to pm!
  10. Temporarily closed to further answers! I've gotten at least five different rps because of this, so thank you all for taking an interest!
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