Compared to TV Characters

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  1. :D

    We watch them.
    And we don't.
    On televisions, we sit and enjoy,
    or on computers,
    or iPads,
    or kittens.
    No, wait..
    don't strap tv's to your kitties.. >_> please.. ; w; please, don't.

    Do you ever feel like you're watching a show, and realize after seeing a character develop over time,
    DAYUM, I AM HER/HIM. o_o

    That happens to me. - w-

    I have discovered I am a lot like Cassie from the show SkinsUK, in more than one way.

    She makes me happy, and sad.. and happy! ._x and sad again.
    I can also say I see a lot of myself in Jess from New Girl from time to time..

    Also, yes. >_>

    And other people.

    AND WHY.
  2. I'm compared to Lily Aldrin from How I Met Your Mother. Which I don't mind, because I feel a kinship with her. She's really weird like I am and the way she interacts with her husband is exactly like how Peter and I are. xP


    I've also been compared to a character in No Ordinary Family named Katie. We're alike because aside from being weird, she's a comic book nerd. She's also a scientist, which is what I've always wanted to be.


    That aside, if you've seen iCarly, I have a lot in common with the brother named Spencer. He tries so hard to be happy and successful, but luck isn't always in his favour. I know exactly how that feels. xD;

    ... Hm. Lots of 'weird' characters are like me. Buh.
    Ohgawd.. I loved that show. T ^T secretly.. loved... it.

    How I Met Your Mother characters are always good people to be associated with. 8D ~ wheeee, weirdness.
  4. Cartoons count as a TV show I am sure. .__.


    But if not, then Teresa from Passions. She was such an utter crybaby. ALWAYS wanted to show Ethan she loved him with everything but hardly got any back.


    Other than that, A total sweetheart. A bold, defiant one, but a sweetheart.


    Oh, and at some point, a lawyer?

    Eh. Going with it.
  5. Ehhh... I don't watch enough TV to know if I'm like anyone :/

    Besides, if there was a character like me on any show I watch, I think I would hate them.
  6. this happens allot with me but not as much with show ((i dont watch tv a lot)) books do it for me all the mostly the bitchy girls with the heart of gold.

    i would have to say if i was anyone on tv i would be like almost every girl on the bad girls club -_-
  7. I've never found a character that is 100% me, but.. who does? 8D

    However, when New Girl came out and I saw the first few episodes, yeeeaaaah... in life I am a Jess. >>; that weird off kilter girl that sings everything she does, likes adorable things, meddles, is socially awkward, and people assume is a little bit crazy. 8D I had a moment of GRRFACE when I realized people were gonna start saying "you're totally copying Jess!" when I've been a weirdo forever. T_____T it's kinda lame when your weirdness gets popular...
  8. I think Jess, coming out into the world to bring the word "Adorkable", really gave all girls that are eccentric, cute, hyper, weird, funny like her an outlet, finally.


    I wonder if it's a good thing..
  9. I don't watch very much tv so it's really hard for me to answer this. But I can relate To Emma from once upon a time just on the whole way she protects herself. Because I do that even though I have 20 time *less* reason to do so. I'm not good with intimacy at all and this has been rearing ts head a *lot* in my life lately it seems. So that was the first thing that popped into my mind.

    Otherwise... Well I've frequently related to my friend's rp character Dom more than I have to a tv character.

    Idk. I'm that person that is extremely different from my family so has more or less pulled away from them. They say that's supposed to get better with age. That you get closer to your family again. Pull away and get closer and find more in common. However I continue to feel more and more different as time goes on

    So maybe I can relate to phobe in friends in that way.

    I seem to be in a contemplative mood today. Ugh. Sorry.
  10. I do not know which character I am, probably because I have yet to see someone who matches my personality type, or really, just the majority of my traits, but then again, I do not think that I pay enough attention to characters' personalities. Or, it might just be that my personality type rarely appears on television, which is also quite likely.

    As for who I identify with... For some reason, I really tend to like protagonists who do what needs to be done regardless of the consequences, so I think that Lelouch from Code Geass is one of the few protagonists whom I have really felt for and I wanted him to win. He is not a very likeable character for most people, but for me, he was almost perfect.
  11. When Bones first came on I was so like Dr. Brennan. >_< So socially awkward. But I seem to have grown out of it, while Bones didn't. That's kind of nice.
  12. I'm a cartoon weirdo and my mom always compares me to Mordecai from Regular Show... I'm not really sure why you'd have to ask her... except you can't... so ha! (:
  13. ‚Äč-inserts the OOOOOOOH! from Regular Show.- <3
  14. Er, not a whole lot for me. I got compared to Donna from That 70s Show when I was in high school, though.

    Which is AWESOME. o ^o
  16. I feel like Sheldon cooper. . _.
  17. This took me while to think of. I was comparing myself to every female character I could think of, when really, I'm much more like a certain male character. At least from what little I've seen of him, and I will see more, dammit. Though I admit I am only just getting around to watching Torchwood and am thus basing this purely on Doctor Who portrayals.

    I'm Captain Jack Harkness. And you are? *grin*