Community Volunteers Program!

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    EVERY member helps Iwaku. All you have to do is post and play. But some members love volunteering their time to go that extra mile. They often ask "What can I do to make Iwaku a better place?"

    Our Community Volunteers group is a collection of small guides, our Official goals for Iwaku, and notations about where we need extra help and content on the site.

    All members who want to do a little extra for Iwaku are encouraged to join or simply help by giving brainstormed ideas, etc. 8D

    THIS TOPIC will be our public Hub for updates!

    Recent AWESOME NEWS?
    - We've surpassed 350k posts on the forums!
    - We now have over 650 active member accounts!
    - We get more than 1500 posts a day on the forum!
    - We have 250 daily logins!
  2. We've broken 450 active member accounts! 8D AND Well past 200 daily logins!

    Do you part to keep helping Iwaku be awesome by POSTING LOTS AND PLAYING LOTS! <3
  3. Hey everybody! 8D We've now achieved 250,000 posts!

    Our next goal is 300,000! <3 Help by PLAYING AND HAVING FUN! 8D Best way to achieve a goal, ever!
  4. 8D 8D 8D

    We are currently hovering at just a few members shy of breaking:

    250 Daily Logins!
    500 Active Members!

    And for the past two weeks we've been breaking 1000 posts a day on the forum, minus or or two days at 900+. 8D

    We also coming really close to break -20- active roleplays in each of our main Genre sections!

  5. We've broken 300,000 posts across the forums! 8D That is AMAZING!

    We're now getting over 1000 posts a day on the forums!

    Daily, we get 250 members signing on to Iwaku!

    And we have 500 active members of the community!


    Our New Community Goals!

    - 350k Posts on the Forum
    - 1500+ posts a Day on the Forums
    - 300 Daily Logins
    - 550 Active Members!
  6. We've got 360,000 posts! 8D

    And broken 650 active accounts!

    We're averaging about 1500 posts across the forums a day!

    And we're inching closer and closer to having 300 members sign on to the forum every day!