Community updates for your pleasure/annoyance! :D

  • So many newbies lately! Here is a very important PSA about one of our most vital content policies! Read it even if you are an ancient member!
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FIRST: Our newest Administrator!
We'd like to welcome [MENTION=69]Vay[/MENTION]; as an Administrator. With our growing community he will be able to add the extra support we need on many fronts. He's our current representative of the DnD roleplayers, is a code monkey, and shameless breeder of plot bunnys.

SECOND: Our new Global Mod!
with Vay vay-cating (hurrdurr) his Global Mod role, we are now promoting [MENTION=162]October Knight[/MENTION]; to that position! He's a solid member, reliable roleplayer and always there to help members and get involved. :D Whoo!

Thanks to everyone's participation and votes in the community poll! We are currently TEST DRIVING the current forum organization for roleplays. We really hope this helps everyone find exactly what sort of roleplay they are looking for in a minimum about of time.

At the end of October, we will be posting a NEW poll asking for your opinions on how it's been working out for you. Please don't bombard us with hate mail UNTIL then. XD Give it a month's try first.

As a small update, we fixed the Thread Prefixes so when you click them, it will only display those threads for you. (So if you click "FANTASY" it will only display threads marked as FANTASY). We hope that is handy.

Don't forget that there is a little "thread sorting" box at the bottom of all forums to also help you find things. Use it!
*takes down notes for the Mythos*

Congratulations Vay. You have entered the hallowed halls of Adminium. My best advice to you is this: Be the Cockblock. Become the Cockblock. Live the Cockblock. Iwaku always spirals out of control if there's only one Admin at the helm.

Homac went nuts, Gabe went nuts, and I went nuts. Don't let the same fate befall the precious Diana.

Be a mean motherfucker, and do your best for the community.

*counts the number of Admins*

Wait, whut?!
There is no fourth admin. Since no one knows who Jack Shade is. How sad Asmo-chan. :(
*Immediately goes psycho and throws members in to the pyres!*

Congratulations Vay! & October Knight, too!
^__^ Do your best everyone! :]
Happy Congratulations, Vay and Senji.

Hmn... I think those prefixes will help a lot, Dia. I thought I wouldn't like this new layout, but if you can easily find what kind of Rps and the genre, I think this'll be a great help for Iwaku. XD Can't wait to see the end of October and the end results. :3
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