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  1. What's this? The new HORROR SECTION? Yay! We were going to call it the Scary Shit section, but alas. Horror is what it is.

    With our new section we also have Updated Genre Prefixes in ALL the forums! Some things have been moved around, and some have been added. In a few days, you can expect the highly requested GENRE PREFIX GUIDE to go with it! These prefixes now also display in our One[x]One and Mature sections!

    Speaking of the Mature section, we have brand new Contents Tags that will work a lot better than the old prefixes. When posting a new thread you'll see the check boxes. To update a thread, hit "Thread Toools -> Edit Thread".

    Like those content tags? >:3 They are a hint/preview of some really cool new thread tools we're going to be adding to the Roleplay areas in the next week. Soon you'll have fields to fill out with useful information that potential players need to know. Like posting expectations, a link to your IC/Signup, and more!

    YAAAAAAAAAAY! *muppet arms through Iwaku!*
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  2. Ignore her, she's just excited.
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  3. So Diana is doing this?

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  4. Yes. That is exactly what Diana is doing!
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  5. Ooh nice ^-^ *goes to figure stuffs out*
  6. I should adminhack that GIF for be diana's avatar... IF ANIMATED AVIS STILL WORKED. >=(
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  7. *joins Diana in her muppet arming* YYYAAAYYYYY!
  8. I'd just like to add that SOME roleplays have been moved to Horror, but we've almost certainly missed some that ought to be moved!

    If you have a roleplay that is about HORROR, DARK FANTASY, SURVIVAL, GRIMDARK, or OTHER SCARY SHIT, please contact a Staffer (such as myself!) and we will move your threads for you!
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  9. That would be awesome XD
  10. We should make a poll about renaming it to the "Scary Shit" section instead.
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  11. Agreed
  12. Ooh, a Horror section? AWESOME

    Wait! What's that? I hear a sounds rather strange, as if it were the eerie cries of a distantly dreamy sea longing for something to is like honey to my ears, but honey that I can feel should, once tasted, bring me to my doom, to a fate worse than death....Hmm....Oh, oh no! This most chilling feeling courses through my mind, my flesh, my bones, my heart, my soul! It compels me so, to lie down and stand up at the same time, to dream of things beyond the sleeping world, to sing of a coming, a gathering, an awakening. Oh, and this compulsion, this terrifying compulsion, I cannot resist it!

    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

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  13. @Vay

    This user profile leads me to believe that animated avatars do still work. I VAGUELY remember this user saying something about the size requirements being very very specific.
  14. That is so awesome! I LOVE THREAD TOOLS!

    *muppet arms with Diana*
  15. Having a choose a new prefix for Arkr's Cairn has certainly been the most difficult thing involved in running it so far. And I'm still not sure I've gotten it right. But the new section is greatly appreciated!
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  16. WOOOOO! *waves arms like noodles in the air*
  17. Uhm, about the "edit thread" option.

    It's gone. I seriously can't find it anywhere.
  18. Thread Tools in the top right! Make sure you are the topic starter. O_O If you don't see it, then I need to fix something.

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  19. This is also about the new things but not neccesarily about the thread post.
    I saw rating buttons for posts on my profile page in the ratings received corner. One of them said damnit diana, and another Oh rory. Am I right to assume those will also be added?
    Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.
  20. @RiverNotch Oh my~! That was so... so... poetic! So beautiful! :tearsofjoy:
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