Community review for 1 May2014

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  1. With the power of your donations.... THINGS!
    Thanks to our donating members, Iwaku has a couple added new features. One of which is our new donation manager and tally bar that shows you how much we've received in our donations and if our bill is covered that month. Sadly this does not include the donations we get through the Account Upgrade Subscriptions, so if you are donating with the intent to get extra forum features, make sure you go to the Account Upgrades. If you donate through the manager but also want to have the Account Upgrade, make sure you send a Conversation to DIANA and she'll set that up for you.

    We have also gotten a new BOOKMARKS feature that lets you bookmark threads and posts, leave a personal note of what they are, have a handy menu link, and even organize them by tags. This is REALLY useful if you need to keep track of a million roleplay threads, or random posts across the forum!

    You been seeing those mysterious polling topics in the hub, and now the purpose has been revealed. Iwaku's new Character Portrait Studio will hopefully be a great asset to our roleplayers in helping you get original character art for all of your awesome characters. We hope this also becomes a great way for Iwaku's artists to practice their craft with free commissions or even get paid for their work!

    Testing the new Donator Roleplay Adzone!
    As a special treat for the members who have donation upgrades, we are testing a Donators-Only adzone on the forum index! This 234x60 has a limit of slots at the moment and we're still tweaking how it works. So help us give it a test. <3

    Chat Roleplay forum is now a main forum!
    We want to encourage members to schedule and host their own chat roleplays in out many roleplay chatrooms. They are GREAT for quickfire roleplaying sessions. Make sure you use the "POST NEW EVENT" button so your Charp will show up in the events calendar!
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