Community Poll: A subforum for "Closed Application" Roleplay OOCs?

Should we have a subforum for "Closed App" Roleplay OOCs?

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We currently have thread icons for roleplays that display when GMs are looking for players or if their RP is no longer accepting apps. Unfortunately, you can't -search- these icons and many GMs forget to keep their icon up to date. We're always looking for ways to help members find OPEN roleplays more easily.

Ocha has suggested we make a subforum in the Signups area to move Closed App OOCs in to. That way only Roleplay OOCs seeking new characters will be seen in the main Signup forum.

- Potential players can find open RPs easier.
- Players will not accidentally post up bios in a closed app RP.
- GMs can move their thread to the Closed Apps or BACK to the Signup forums any time they need to.

- It could be considered confusing with an extra section.
- Will this be good for the roleplay areas in the long-term?
- Many GMs don't realize they can move their own threads.

So please vote on the poll and reply to this topic to give your opinion about the subject!

DISCLAIMER: Votes on the poll one way or the other will not be the final deciding factor. D:< *Stare at Asmodeus.* However all thoughts and opinions on the matter will be greatly appreciated, and your thoughts will be in consideration when/if we do something.
Re: Community Poll: A subforum for "Closed App" Roleplay OOCs?

wait...we can move our threads? o.O....the things I learn D:"
It's worth a shot, it might make it easier to see just how many open games we have and will help those of us looking for plotting to a different area. If it doesn't work it can always be moved back!
I don't think its necessary, but it might de-clutter the OOC.
I know you Di, once you get an idea you'll follow through anyway and do things my trial and error. And besides Organization might be fun just to see how many RP's are actually recruiting people.
I'd rather a viewing filter that automatically didn't display threads with the "Apps closed" tag. If this is possible.
That was my original pondering, however there isn't a way to do that.
*stares back at Diana*

Awesome. Go for it. Declutterisation at the cost of an extra click.

The only downside I can see is that some GMs (like Asmodeus) prefer to keep their roleplays permanently open to new characters because they're soul-grabbing attention-whores who never tire of exploiting people. These douchebags may need to be persuaded to fuck off into the closed forum and be happy with their current cast of talentless reprobates.
Yeah, if there was a way to list the threads by the thread icons, we would do that instead. D: Unfortunately, there hasn't been a way to do that yet. (Though it's still on my modification wish list.)
Na, doesn't seem worthwhile to me. I'm anti-subforums, since it's too much like the old clusters on the original forum.
Okay, so, when I voted I didn't read carefully enough. I thought it meant for ICs, not OOCs. OOCs, I don't really mind or care about. So...minus one No vote.
Thanks for everyone's votes!

We're going to give this a 1 month trial and see how it works. The OBJECTIVE is to make it easier for players to find open roleplays. So keep that in mind.

On September 1st we'll post a new poll and see how this worked out for everybody!
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