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  1. Just a random community update brought to you by the Staffinators! :D

    It's Iwaku tradition that all through October, members "dress up" for the month by changing their usernames and avvies! If you're going to participate, please make sure to list your real username in your Signature or User Title so no one gets confused! If you masquerade as another member, make sure the name is a little different so there's no issues with people switching their names back at the end of the month! (To change your username go to UserCp -> Email, Password & Name)

    For this month, you can use our Halloween forum style colors! Go to the bottom of the forum and you'll see a dropdown menu. Pick the "Halloween" style. Or, you can go to your UserCP under Edit Options.

    Staffies and members are planning fun Halloween theme roleplays that will last for a limited time. Stay tuned to the roleplay areas for these plots to appear!

    Help spread the holiday fun by posting your own spookytime or Halloween related topics! <3
  2. That sounds like a great experience. How was it?
  3. For Halloween, I'm Diana's Evil Mirror World Self. >:D
  4. Time to Dance

    *Disco era moves*
  5. I think I shall go as the Hamburgler.

    Or Jesus. I haven't decided.
  6. Layla pouted hearing she was just Yura's little sister. But she do her best to change that....hehehe. As they would get their beach spot setup, and then Layla would say "First? How about we just relax, and soak in the sun for a bit. Maybe chat some. Then we can go play some volleyball together. Or team up against two others. Then when we need to relax again I can bury you in sand...then we can go swimming to get the sand off of us, and then come back to relax more and eat something..." She really did not care what they did so long as she had Yura by her side. "After lunch we can swim more, and get that peral. And maybe play tag in the water...although your going to be cheating since water is your playground....hmm...but I could zap you, and paralyze you...and then" her face would go a bit red. "I will win the game"
  7. Yeah. I know how that feels.
  8. Ok shanks
  9. Just bought The Fever Code.

    *prepares for Thomas to be insanely disappointing compared to Mark*
  10. What makes you say that?
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