Community News 2.24.14 - Crazysauce!

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  1. Hi everybody! :D Time for some news and site updates from the past week.

    User Self Delete and has been returned.
    We HOPE you don't wanna delete your account and leave us forever, but now the option is there. You can find the option in the menu and your settings. You get a 5 day wait period just in case you change your mind.

    Whether or not someone is open for ROLEPLAY INVITES is now under their avatar!
    Now you can see at a glance which of your follow members are happy to receive invitations to roleplays. Remember to update your roleplay resume on a regular basis to keep this info up to date.

    Prefixes for General Chat topics have been added!
    Now it will be easier for members to browse through topics of interest, or to let members know when a topic is meant to be silly and when it is meant to be a discussion.

    Jared now has the SIGNUP PAGE for website hosting all done!
    Do you wanna start your own website, for a roleplay blog, personal page, forum, or anything else? You can sign up for hosting on Iwaku's server and in turn will be helping us pay our bills! <3 Check out the SIGN UP PAGE now!

    Remember your SOCIAL MANNERS when interacting with members in public spaces.
    This week we had a 24 hour period where we had to close 4 topics, ban a member, and yell at a few more. We're not sure who dumped crazysauce in the Iwaku water supply, but that was a bad day for staff. D: We want to remind everyone that the forums and chat room are PUBLIC SPACES with interacting members of different personalities, opinions, cultures, and countries. Some people will be sensitive, some will be abrasive. Some will take a topic seriously, while others will be very silly. In ALL circumstances you must use social manners and common sense to engage in conversations to help keep Iwaku a friendly and fun place!

    • Understand that the diversity of members we have means that you can't just be "as blunt as I want when I want, cause that's just who I am". Many people cannot understand sarcasm, be able to read when it's a joke, or just don't KNOW you yet to tell the difference between "your personality" and "this asshole". Adjust your behavior to suit the situation.
    • Share your opinions with respect for other people's opinions. Do not get update or personally insulted if someone doesn't agree with yours. Do not try to bulldoze someone else in to changing theirs.
    • Don't respond to "bait" topics/posts if you know you're going to get wound up. We all have topics that set us off, and if you know you can't discuss it with people without flipping your shit at someone, it's better to avoid it.
    • Never ever ever take to insulting or threatening other members for ANY reason. There is never a situation when that is acceptable.
    • If a topic feels like it is getting out of hand, or you think someone is being a jerk - REPORT IT. Don't be afraid to! Staff Members are trained to know the difference between heated topics, serious fights, and people that need to be kicked in the ass.
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