Community News - 11/07/10

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We're welcoming in the change of season, and with the change of season comes new changes and evolutions to our favorite roleplay forum! Iwaku has become a steady community and growing at a fabulous pace thanks to YOU, the supportive and super fly members. :D Let's check out what's been going on lately. Oooo.

Your opinions and enjoyment with the roleplays on Iwaku are important. Without you guys, we don't have roleplays! To help us give you the BEST experience on Iwaku, please take 15 minutes to fill out our Roleplay Survey. We really appreciate your comments, and we're already getting tons of useful information. :D

Holiday Card Exchange
Winter holidays are coming up and we've organized a CARD EXCHANGE! If you love mailing out and receiving holiday cards, you can submit your address to the mailing list. On December 1st we'll be sending out the list to everyone that's participating.

Donating for Iwaku's "Christmas Present"
This Christmas, Isabella and Diana are giving Iwaku a fun super secret present that members can play with while they're waiting on roleplay posts. If you want to help cover the costs, anyone that donates before Christmas will be listed as a sponsor. :D Even little contributions add up over time. BIG thanks to the people that have helped already!

System Updates!
We have new Thread Icons to help mark your roleplays as taking apps, needing characters and more! Custom Profile Colors is now back and working, so you can make your Iwaku Profile reflect the inner you with colors. If you experience any problems across the site, please give us a report in Feedback.​

Thanks to your feedback through the roleplay resume, we've been able to pinpoint a lot of the major issues people have with Iwaku World. In the upcoming week, we're going to be making a few -small- changes to help solve those problems. This will NOT restart the story, nor require you to make any character changes. All roleplay can continue as is! So don't worry. :D However, it WILL make it easy to join the roleplay and hopefully make Iwaku World more enjoyable for everyone! Stay tuned to the OOCs for the coming updates.

JUMP IN style roleplays have become a big hit and highly requested by players! Most of these roleplays don't require bios or big setup, so all you have to do is, well, jump right on in. :D In other news, our Sci-Fi section is being seriously neglected, so roleplays featuring a sci-fi or space setting are in really high demand!

If you're dying for some Sci-Fi right now, try these neat roleplays:
Tapestries, where people called "Artists" have the ability to bend the reality around them.

12 Hours, featuring a group of criminals that just pulled off a huge heist and are trying to make their escape.

Soldiers of Misfortune brings you an epic of war and survival!

Toko Aida, gives you the largest space station in the galaxy to explore.​

Of course, if Sci-fI isn't your thing, we have fantasy, modern and more in the OOC Forum. Browse through the plots and see what's right for you!

This month we're having a THREAD CHALLENGE! Members that are trying to post a new topic once a day every day this month can earn an award. We're loving all the conversations people are creating in General and really looking forward to seeing what else pops up before the end of November.

Get out there and get involved in Iwaku! :D With all the super fab roleplays, awesome topics, and fun stuff - we wanna see you having some fun with the other members. So get out of you lurking corner, put your pants back on and PLAY!
Not open for further replies.