DISCUSSION ROLEPLAY Community Input: What is your advice on how to avoid sounding like a creepy perv when meeting new roleplay partners?


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- What are some things you see in interest checks or request threads that throw up the creep red flag for you?
When an interest check/request thread demands that you play as a celebrity. [EX. "I want you to be Jessica Alba."]
Self-inserts and/or first-person/present tense
DDlg/ageplay/"Daddy Doms"
"I'm in [insert non-US country here] and the age of consent is [insert age under 18] so it's legal here."

- When you're chatting with a potential new partner, what are some comments or questions that start to make you uncomfortable?
When they start asking sexual questions outside of RP bounds [EX. "Are you a sub or a Dom?" "What are your kinks IRL?"]
Meta BDSM [When one partner tries to control the other in a D/s or M/s way OOC]

- What is your advice for the perfect way to approach a new partner without sounding creepy?
This is hard honestly because usually the ones who are creepy are generally not looking for actual story/RP and are actually looking for cybersex just to get off under the guise of RP.

- What are some things that bother you, but you don't think bothers other people?
"I have no limits." Everyone has limits. Even if the limits are like 3 things. They are still limits. There is no such thing as "no limits"
Replying with one-liners or a half-assed paragraph for a story then writing out super detailed smut/sex replies that are like 200+ words long. I have no issue with detailed smut/sex, but I like 50/50 story/sex. Put in the effort for BOTH parts of the RP.

- Do you think flirting out of character with your partner is appropriate?
Hell no

- Say you have had a partner for a long time, but suddenly their behavior started to creep you out. What started it and how do you think it could've been avoided?
There's nothing you can do to avoid it honestly because a lot of times when a person gets creepy on you, it's nothing you did. As for what started it, probably they started getting comfortable enough to show their true colors.
So I happen to be the very sweet girl next door kind of person, I tend to come off as sweet, polite and honest. In real life this has brought me the omg she is flirting with my man kind of response, online gets a little weird. I've had guys drop rps if I wouldn't reciprocate flirting, someone told me that since I don't like ratios I must be kinky in the sheets, the kinks I like to write with must be wet dreams I experience. The list goes on, and this is just because I'm nice and sweet, personality doesn't equal consent to flirt
If I may ask, what do you mean by, "If I don't like ratios I must be kinky in the sheets". I imagine you're talking the ratio of plot to sexual stuff? And how do they jump to that conclusion, exactly? I apologize if these are kinda stupid questions