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  1. What are some gaming communities/fanbases that you dislike or have had bad experiences with? It doesn't matter whether you like the product or not.

    Here are some that I really can't stand sometimes:

    Super Smash Bros: While I definitely love the game, the community I'm starting to hate more and more. It's pretty much full of scrubs who would rather whine about characters and demand nerfs instead of actually working to overcome them. It doesn't help that their logic is also trash. The Melee elitists/fanboys (aka the competitive community) don't make things any better. Hell they're the cause of most (if not all) of the issues.

    Sonic The Hedgehog: I love the blue blur but the fanbase is infamous for a reason -_- The only thing the fanbase can seem to agree on is how amazing the music is but even THAT can lead to arguments! SEGA has their work cut out for them!
  2. Any MoBA ever.

    This is the closest they get to kindness.
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  3. General rule of thumb is that the shittier the player, the more toxic they are, but I've encountered more shitwits in Counter-Strike than any other game, and I gave up before I played enough games to get placed.

    I've been votekicked from competitive Counter-Strike matches for saving. Votekicked. For doing something any non-dick for brains would do when you're the last player left alive on a team against half the enemy team.

    Also I've had people complain that I'm a shitty medic in TF2 and Overwatch, mostly because they have the awareness of an inbred amoeba and won't kill the people that are shooting at me.
  4. Wow O_O Talk about STUUUUUUPID!
  5. THIS. Thank gawd that I am not the only fucking one that finds this fanbase obnoxious as hell.
  6. I had liked Homestuck when it first came out (before all the crazy fanservice) and I still think it's a good webcomic. However, the fandom is a bit obnoxious, especially at conventions. At my local con the Homestuck cosplayers are the most heavily reprimanded for inappropriate conduct (glomping, flirting, being overly loud) and I feel like it really reflects poorly on the series as well as everyone who enjoys it. The Homestuck photo shoots always happen in the same section of the convention center and almost everyone else tries their best to avoid that area because it's known for being a trouble spot.

    The LoL community is a bit on the rude side in my opinion, too. I love league and love playing ranked but when people are "too" serious about the game and flip out at every fumble it really diminishes the fun. As much as I enjoy playing ranked I usually find myself playing casually with my close friends because of that.
  7. All of them, basically.

    If I recall correctly Kaga made a post explaining it months ago. So I'll do my best to paraphrase.

    Most communities dedicated to a single thing (sonic, moba, game, fandom) turn toxic because the elite few in charge don't like competition for the attention.

    Or something like that. It was in regards to fandom though, not sure if we consider that the same as communities. Sorry, Kaga I probably screwed that up..
  8. The particular kind of communities that have to shit on a game for occupying a similar genre/demographic to another game that is slightly more hyped and popular.(Looking at the whole "Overwatch and Battleborn" thing that I see as the most common thing of this.), it's like people just can't move on and play what they like and ignore what they don't.

    Rabid, Rabid fantard communities in which one slight critique about what they love is shat upon, regardless whether it's truth or just a subjective opinion.
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  9. Surprisingly, I have had little, if any, bad experiences with communities or fanbases, the only thing I can think of being gratuitous exposure to games I find dumb.

    I'm able to overlook most shitty fandoms, as I stay out of gaming communities, but my main problem is the existence of those fandoms that make you avoid deviantArt, Wattpad, Youtube, and other such places. Unluckily for me, I often use those sites to try to find stuff I actually like, but luckily, sifting through the crap is (usually) manageable to me.

    But yeah, I have a list.

    1. FNAF. It's kind of like the Sonic fandom, but with no redeeming qualities. (If you look in my post history, you can see the fact I was in a roleplay involving this fandom, but it was because I was a walking doormat who wanted to rp with my friend who wanted to rp something that involved that game). I also have a list of what I hate most about it.
    List (open)
    • It ruined the number 5 like 50 Shades of Gray ruined the number 50. Except worse, because 50 isn't one of the most commonly used numbers.
    • Furries. 'Nuff said.
    • It gives Creepypasta a run for its money in terms of edgy preteens in the fanbase.
    • All the MikuMikuDance models people have made. Also, fanart.
    • I cannot enjoy Rob Zombie's song "Foxy Foxy" anymore. Let alone the adjective "foxy".
    • It has also ruined the phrases "survive the night", "die in fire", and a slew of others.
    • My list of things I don't hate about it would consist solely of "nothing".

    2. Undertale. It's bearable, but it's one of the first things people associate with the words "determination", "dunk", "skeleton", "Papyrus" (font and paper), "sans", "spaghetti", and various other words. Also, it gives Homestuck a run for its money in certain aspects of fandom.

    3. Yandere Simulator. The "yandere" character isn't really a good example of a yandere, and I doubt 99% of the fandom knows what an actual yandere is. If anime fanspeak wasn't already so prevalent, it probably would have ruined "yandere", "senpai", and various other words, too. Too bad it exploded on everything involving the word "yandere".

    Also, here's a list of other fandoms I dislike, for smaller slights.

    1. League of Legends. Some of my friends play it, but the playerbase is terrible, and I'm not a fan of MOBAs, so I can't play it with them.

    2. World of Warcraft. Every MMO will get compared to it at some point or another.

    Now, I need to go replenish my salt levels.
  10. *unsure if this counts as necro >.>*
    1. Even though I'm a pretty passionate League of Legends player (I play every day, throw money at the game regularly, etc.) the community is downright awful. If you're a girl this multiplies. The amount of times I've been harassed in game after I admitted to being female is ridiculous, I've taken to pretending to be a guy or just not talking altogether.

    2. SuperWhoLock
    This is the combined horror of the most passionate fans of the shows Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock. Cringe to the max.

    3. Minecraft Roleplay Communities
    This one probably comes as a surprise, but yup. I've spent over two years involved in the Minecraft roleplay scene, and honestly it's one of the most toxic and downright dangerous places I've ever been. I may go a bit tmi but I really want to warn you guys away from it, and I hope you don't have the same type of experiences I have had.

    Details (open)

    -Clique cyberbullying. These communities automatically encourage cliques, and it usually turns out that if you're close to the staff team you could get away with murder. I've seen cases against these people with solid evidence get turned out simply because the owner didn't want to do anything about it, even though the victim was being bullied regularly in a server related group chat on skype, and was told multiple times to kill herself. And yes, staff are often involved in bullying from what I've seen.

    -Biased owners. When you own a roleplay server you hold a lot of control. Not just over keeping the hardware up and running, but over the players themselves. People get very attached very quickly to servers, and I've seen it happen multiple times: you join, find a group, roleplay constantly, then something happens and you wake up to the corruptness of the staff. But all your friends are on the server, so your choice is to either stay with them or go up against the owner and (probably) get banned.

    -Illegal Actions. You may think this is a bit extreme but trust me, it's not. I know because I was involved in some when I was 15/16 and on a server. The first thing that I noticed was the fact that the owner of the server always seemed to be buying himself nice things, even though he didn't have a job. Later investigations found out he was stealing from the server donations. The second I was more involved in. I could name a half dozen men (over 18) who played on the server I was on at the time who were involved in sexual relationships with minors, whether in real life or online. I was 16 at the time that an admin on the server approached me and we became friends. Our characters got into a relationship and before I knew it I was doing things I shouldn't have. This continued off and on for almost 6 months. He then became extremely abusive, threatened to kill me after I broke up with him, and I left. He's now 22 and dating a 15 year old, in case you were curious. He's also been given a bump up to management on the server.

    ...that was longer than I thought it would be >.>
    Anyways, I don't want to name names here but if any of you want to know more you can PM me. I only say all this because I don't want anyone else ending up in the situation I was in.
    Well, there's my salt, I hope it was at least a little entertaining!~~
  11. This.

    Don't get me wrong, I play Dota 2 and I enjoy the game quite a bit. But the community suuucks.
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  12. League of Legends :/
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  13. Every fandom, gaming or otherwise , has "that side" of the fandom that fans sigh and role their eyes at, some worst than others. Now with that being said~

    Not too sure if these two things count as games, one was certainly a game while the other was mostly just a place to create a 3D character that you can ran around with on maps and just role play or just with others.

    WoofQuest (open)
    When I was a wee bear cub I was what some would call a "wolfaboo" (now excuse me while I cringe into the stratosphere at my painful and embarrassing middle school memories). So "back in the day" I was super into this game called WolfQuest, it started in 2007 and is still up to this day. The game was that you played as a wolf trying to survive in Yellowstone National Park, it would give little facts on wolves, and was an educational game if anything on single player. And it was pretty neato, glitchy and laggy as hell, but I have fond memories of it. Now multiplayer on the other hand :D Well lemme tell you~ On multiplayer you can have 5 players per server, you'd have your usuals like those who just wanted to chat, but multiplayer was were peeps would mostly rp. You'd have normal wolf pack rps, some fantasy wolf rps (wolves flying around breathing fire like dragons, the normal stuff) Then later on things got weird, but not bad like. There were "Warrior Cat", "human", "werewolf" and "horse" rps just to name a few, mind you the models ingame were all still very much wolves xD. Again, weird, a little funny but not bad. Sadly, mixed with all this, were the BAD rpers. Godmodders, powerplayers gary and mary stus as far as the eye can see. Heck I'm guilty for being the occasional gary-mary stu, but I was young and so were most if not all of the role players that did this, I'd say that's the norm when it comes to younger, inexperienced roleplayers yea? Annoying, sometimes really annoying, but not god aweful.... Then there were the horndogs that joined an rp and have what a kid's idea of what "sex" was, typing out in all out in glorious detail. Not gonna get too into it because some the things I've seen on those servers are just down right nasty and I don't want to be the reason this thread gets locked. The WolfQuest team members was quick to put an end to it, censoring certain words that would be seen as profanity or described as genitalia. The word "prick" being one of the lul

    Feral Fart (open)
    Then there was Feral Heart and oh boy I could just go on about how that was just a, pardon my french, clusterfuck of madness. But I'll spare anyone reading this that. Feral Heart was like Wolfquest, minus the education and the automatic word censors. It was a game(?) designed for roleplayers. Make canine or feline-like characters and send them off to rp or just chat with other rpers on different maps of the Feral Heart world. Pretty cool and it too is still up. It seemed like the good and badside of the WolfQuest community migrated on down to FH, kind of like the Sonic fandom moving onto the MLP in my opinion, something new, something fresh and entertaining. So once again you had over powered characters, "ppl rping liek dis", mary and garystus, but then Feral Heart a bit of a twist. Now there were also people who would randomly walk up to you and ask you to be their mate or straight up constantly beg for people to be their mate, a horse load of orphaned/hurt/unborn pups and cubs and of course your wonderful horn dogs showing up again who would type out sex scenes *facedesk repeatedly* did I mention a vast portion of these peeps were between 10 and 15 ? ;w; Then there were the trolls, now trolls don't bother me at least I try and don't let them, I usually roll my eyes and not respond (as you should), but these trolls would all gather on a particular map used by rpers to advertise their rp group and would just spam the ever living heaven and hell out of the chat box making it nearly impossible to find a rp, unless it was done in whisper. What I can only describe as drama happening in the Feral Heart community, people being offended, people complaining, people being disrespectful ect... Just a mess and in the end some changes were made by the Feral Heart Team, personally some for the better some for the worst. But man Feral heart was probably the wildest ride I've ever witnessed when it came to gaming and the rp community combined... To be honest, and maybe I'm just terrible person, but the all the drama, the bits that I told you and the details I decided to leave out, are just hilarious to me now. Though the community did become better, I personally think.

    Looking back on it I realize that a common theme in fandoms is that the younger the fans and or the bigger the fandom, the worst it seems to be not just with feral Heart and WolfQuest, but also FNAF, Undertale, and apparently the Minecraft community. Still... I don't think there as toxic as the Steven Universe community on tumblr, if you go on tumblr and are a fan of know what I mean :c (p.s I don't hate steven universe, never got a chance to watch it ;w; )

    Dis was long and I'm sorry ;w; [​IMG]
  14. Heroes of Newerth. The only game I've played where you're yelled at for being good by your own teammates...? This is coming from a League player. Lol That's how much worse Heroes of Newerth is.

    Gaia community. Liked it okay during high school. Run far away from him now.
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