Common (and incorrect) Myths

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  1. By this I don't mean myths in the mythological sense.

    What I mean is stuff like

    a) Shaving makes your hair grow thicker.
    b) Margarine has plastic in it, or margarine is one molecule away from plastic.

    Anyone have anything to share? ^_^ It's nice to be enlightened about the smaller yet still important parts of life.
  2. This is the first I have ever heard about shaving making your hear grow thicker being a myth.
  3. Hmm, not sure if this one would be allowed since there's a lot of controversy surrounding it, but here goes nothing!

    Deodorant causes breast cancer.
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  4. I can't count the multiple times I've been told this about shaving.
  5. Told about it being a myth, or told that helps grow thicker?
  6. About shaving making your hair grow thicker.
  7. I’ve always heard that and through my experience have no reason to disagree. Due to my knowledge of the body, I could even see how it is possible.
  8. Myth:

    Calling me endlessly will make me pick up.


    Calling me endlessly expecting me to pick up is in fact wrong. I will not answer nor will I answer the door when you come to the house I am sitting.


    Your problems are mine.


    That's a you problem, not a me problem.
  9. Duct tape fixes everything.

    This is in fact incorrect.

    Duct fixes HALF of everything. WD-40 fixes the OTHER half.
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  10. Enlighten please! :D It would be interesting to know more.
  11. Cracking your knuckles causes arthritis.

    Humans have 5 senses.

    Goldfish have 3 second memory.

    And these are just ones I've heard people talk about lately. xD
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  12. That's one of the reasons I made this thread. ^_^ Just half an hour earlier my grandma was saying a margarine contains plastic.
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  13. Vaccines cause autism

    Global warming is fake

    Being an asshole is cool and attractive

    Emotions are invalid
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  14. Basically testosterone is involved in stimulating hair growth in males. So basically, when you shave, you cut the hair and tell your body to produce more testosterone to make your hair grow again. Doing this over time could cause the other hair follicles to gradually get thicker, darker, and stronger.

    That is the very very simple and short version. So effectively, if you want a beard, you need to workout a lot, have a lot of sex, and boost testosterone as much as possible. lol
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  15. Or be South Asian ;D
  16. To correct this, I heard that antiperspirant can contribute to acquiring breast cancer, because it prevents your body from sweating (whereas deodorant simply tries to mask odor). As a result, toxins over time build up in the breast instead of being released through the sweat glands. I can't say if it's a scientifically true saying, but it makes enough sense to me to avoid using antiperspirant.

    As for shaving causing hair to return thicker and darker... I can't say for legs, because I've long forgotten what the hair was like before shaving, but I had a mishap a few years ago that resulted in the loss of a small patch of arm hair. Now that it's back, it's visibly darker than the spot on my other arm. Same for under arm hair. If I let it grow out it's gotten annoyingly thick. So... Maybe it's true for some, not for all?
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  17. "We only use 10% of our brains."

    This is not only a common myth, it's a common stupid plot point in shitty movies about telepathy and such. I'm looking at you, Lucy, you shitshow of a movie.

    Anyway, yeah, this is total crap. We don't use the whole thing all the time because the mass of electrical impulses would fry all the neurons, but different parts do different stuff and we use basically all of it at different times during the course of a normal day. This is why seemingly minor brain injuries can cause massive problems for people no matter where they occur: it's all important, we aren't just using 10% of it.

    "Hair and nails continue to grow after a person dies."

    Nope. There are no nutrients being supplied to make those biological processes of growth occur. This myth stems from people seeing corpses that appear to have longer hair or nails, but that's just the skin drying out and retracting to expose more of what was already there.

    "Left-brained people are logical and right-brained people are creative."

    Big ole nope here. First of all, there's no such thing as left or right brain dominance. It's not like left or right-handedness. Studies have been done that find no compelling evidence for people having dominant brain hemispheres. Furthermore, while brain lateralization is real and some functions are done in parts of the brain the reside on one side or the other, it is by no means a perfect thing. There have been extensive studies of the activity in people's brains while they do different activities, and regardless of whether they're solving math problems or painting a picture there is plenty of activity on BOTH sides of the brain. There are little pockets where there's more activity when performing certain kinds of tasks, but overall about the same level of activity on both sides no matter what's going on.
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  18. I've read that it only looks thicker after shaving because you're not removing the actual hair from the root, you're just cutting the top. Therefore when it grows back, it grows with the thick base as the top, and therefore looks dark ygm? So I guess technically it does grow back darker, because it's not a new hair, it's the original hair just spouting from where it was. But the hairs actual colour doesn't change. idk?
  19. Like, it looks thicker because the part that hasn't been cut off is the thicker base of the hair? That would make sense. So when the hair grows back it looks thicker and darker at first but when you wait and let it grow all the way out, it looks like it did before you shaved it.
  20. lmao yeah, it was harder to explain than I thought it would be XD

    that's what i've heard, might not have busted the myth tho.
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