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  1. Hello there! Happy you stumbled upon this thread!

    Because I'm about to have a lot of free time, I want to open up free and paid commissions. Free commissions will not be as high quality as paid commissions for obvious reasons, but all I ask is that you mention me if someone asks about the art~

    ~I will draw portraits
    ~I will draw original characters
    ~I will draw fanart
    ~I will draw NSFW stuff (Yaoi, Yuri, Straight, and kinks (within reason))
    ~I will draw furries
    ~Characters for the NSFW stuff MUST be over 18!
    ~I am not an expert at animals! If you request an animal, you have been warned


    -Per Character: $5
    -First Character: Free

    -Sketchy lineart: Free
    -Clean pencil lineart: $5
    -Inked Lineart: $6
    -Lazy graphite shading: $6
    -Colored pencil only: $6
    -Inked and colored pencil (Example will be provided when finished): $8
    -Digital lineart: $8
    -Inked shaded (Example at the bottom): $10
    -Graphite shaded (Example at the bottom): $10
    -Digital color: $12
    -Digital color with background: $15

    ~I will draw fanart

    -I work better with the following: Naruto, SnK (Attack on Titan), Vocaloid, Death Parade, Madoka Magica, human Five Nights at Freddy's, Ace Attorney and Dramatical Murder. If your fandom isn't on there, doesn't mean I won't draw it ^^
    -I can draw canon or fan characters
    -I can draw your ships/pairings (even if I don't ship it)

    ~Questions? Comments? Just post below

    ~How does this work?
    ~I will have my paypal set up so that I can accept Commissions. I will draw the free version of your request first for further changes and questions. Once the free sketch is how you like it, I will ask for half of the price that you will owe me when it is done. Once finished, I will provide the picture and the rest of what is owed will be provided to me. Yaaayy~

    Original Character Sheet (open)

    Preferred Art Style (Realism, Anime, etc.):

    Skin tone:
    Scars? Tattoos?:
    Bird nose or normal?:
    Eye color:
    Large eyes? Narrow eyes? Almond shaped eyes?:
    Sharp eyebrows or happier:
    Hair color:
    Hair length:
    Hair style:
    Curly or straight hair:
    Clothing description:
    Shoe description:

    Art examples (open)


    Ink shading:


    Ink and Colored pencil:


    Graphite Shading:


    Naruto: Canon Character with Lazy Graphite Shading:




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  2. I have always been curious what one of my characters would look like if drawn to life by a professional, but unfortunately I have no money to throw at a project. So I'll request your free service to at least pique my curiosity. Though if you like I could pay you for your free services with a 1x1 rp XD.

    Preferred Art Style: Anime, or Semi-realistic which ever tickles your muse at the time.

    Name: Taces A. Bleause aka Castex

    Middle Name: Artemis

    Age: 19

    Height: 5.10 FT

    Weight: 165

    Skin tone: Pale

    Scars? Tattoos?: None Visible.

    Bird nose or normal?: Normal

    Eye color: Emerald Green

    Large eyes? Narrow eyes? Almond shaped eyes?: Almond Shaped

    Sharp eyebrows or happier: Sharp Eyebrows

    Hair color: Dark Blue

    Hair length: About half way down his face.

    Hair style: Straighten, and covering most of his right eye. With the left side partly moved so he has full view from it.

    Curly or straight hair: Straight

    Clothing description: Castex wears a dark silver poncho that reaches down to his kneecaps from the front, and back with the sides reaching down half his arms length. Underneath is a black long armed under armor shirt that hugs tightly to his lean form. His hands are covered with black, and silver gloves. To end it all off he wears a pair of tinted dark purple pants with a simple military like belt holding them up.(Minus the log on the shirt, and gloves of course.)

    Shoe description: I cannot describe shoes to save my life XD so here is a image showing them.
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  3. Preferred Art Style (Realism, Anime, etc.): Anime

    Name: Maxaline
    Age: 17
    Height: Five feet seven inches
    Weight: One hundred thirty pounds
    Skin tone: RCE-1 Fairest
    Scars? Tattoos?: One tattoo on her left arm, just above her elbow. The vines of it wrap around her arm.
    Bird nose or normal?: Normal
    Eye color: Dark grey
    Large eyes? Narrow eyes? Almond shaped eyes?:
    Sharp eyebrows or happier: Relaxed
    Hair color: Dark brown
    Hair length: Long, to the middle of her back
    Hair style: Number 2
    Curly or straight hair: Straight
    Clothing description: Corset #9068, same colors, with a black skirt that fans out, half way down her thighs. She has a special necklace. She keeps her sword with her at all times.
    Shoe description: Heeled Boots

    I'd line the free one please and thank you :3
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  4. Thank you guys~ I'll get started today!


    I'd like to if you wanna~
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  5. @Jessica2477 If you have any idea's send me a PM, and we will get to work on it x3.
  6. @kingdomkeylight

    As a Free option selector, you will receive;

    -Sketchy lineart
    -Basic pose
    -Scribble shading
    -No color
    -Visible base sketch
    -Minimal erasing

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  7. May I reserve a slot in advance to ask you for a paid commission? I haven't decided what character I want yet, plus I need to figure out the details to fill out the form, so I just wanted to let you know of my intentions ahead of time.
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  8. Of course~
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  9. *Laugh to death at the announcer like words*

    None the less its awesome x3 to see him actually drawn. As a writer to a painter you have made a miracle for me which I thank you highly for x3.
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  10. Could you draw a character in clone trooper armor?
  11. Mhm
  12. Now Jessica do you have any examples of you work with digital color involved?
  13. I have examples of not really trying if you'd like to see those.
  14. Yes that would be great. ^.^
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  15. Those are pretty good, but I'm looking for something more realistic for my character, not so anime/chibi like.
  16. I mainly do Anime/Semi realism in Painttool Sai, and those are just a few of the not lost examples I have. I can do realism or Semi realistic in the program as well, but it'll take a bit longer.
  17. Do you by chance know a All the Pasta? I'm currently arguing with him and he highly recommends you! ^.^

  18. Teehee, yes~

    I'm in his Naruto RP and drew some pictures for him. Tell him I say thank you~
  19. Name: General Tylan
    Height: 2.08 meters
    Weight: 156 Lbs.
    Skin tone: tan Caucasian
    Scars? Tattoos?: Ouroboros that circles up his left arm, around his neck, and back down to consume its own tail.
    Bird nose or normal?: normal
    Eye color: grey
    Large eyes? Narrow eyes? Almond shaped eyes?: Realistic? (or just go with almond)
    Sharp eyebrows or happier: sharp
    Hair color: Golden
    Hair length: semi-long (neck length)
    Hair style: low ponytail
    Curly or straight hair: Straight
    Clothing description: Armor (for the sketch you dont have to draw that in)
    Shoe description: N/A?

    for free sketch ATM. This is the working pic for him for the moment but i am highly dissatisfied with it.