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  1. Hi. I am an a student self-taught artist looking to improve myself. But inspiration has been limited and I don't know what to draw!! So, I was thinking why not draw people's roleplay characters?

    It'll be digital art, btw. Send in this information on your character and I'll get on the drawing ASAP:
    Basic personality (ex: girly, spunky, goth, heroic)
    Eye color
    Hair color, length, and style
    Basic outfit
    Three favorite colors
    Accessories, weapons, etc.
    Any wounds or extra features
    Anything else I should know
  2. Do you have any examples of your work?
  3. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
    I haven't been taking pictures of my work and I usually end up losing or deleting it but I might have some... They're kinda old and I've been improving since tho. Also I do draw more than just wolves I can also draw humans but I don't have any saved DX
  4. @Angel_hearted__demon
    Wanna try this one? I wanna see how you draw humans!

    Antoine Calixte Eustius (Goes by Ace Ansel) -- 16 -- Male

    Basic personality: A little cold, indifferent, lazy.
    Pale gray, a little narrow
    A 'creamy'/'sandy' brown, a little fluffy and a little scruffy
    A solid-color button-up shirt, dark jeans, usually shoeless but socks are ok.
    Three colors
    Navy, white, green
    White-framed rectangular glasses, sometimes.
    Faded freckles, smaller-than-normal mouth and nose. Very pale (his skin is a little lighter than his eyes)
  5. Name: Dinah Deloren
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Basic personality: Rather calm, lazy, and spoilt. Doesn't do very much, interested in beauty, usually just lies down and eats while flicking through magazines.
    Eye color: Bright blue.
    Hair color, length, and style: Her hair is elbow length and usually wory in a half up, half down sort of style, and it's slightly wavy. It's caramel coloured.
    Basic outfit: You could either draw her in a white bath-robe and slippers or a long red evening gown with a ruby necklace.
    Three favorite colors: Red, silver, burgundy.
    Accessories, weapons, etc.: She wears a silver charm bracelet.
    Any wounds or extra features: She's a neko, so it'd be great if you could draw some ears, but if not, that's fine.
    Anything else I should know: She's a little on the chubby/curvy side.

    I hope this is okay. ^-^
  6. @Rilette Sorry it took so long! I owe a LOT of people art lately... Maybe I should take down requests ^.^ Anyways, thanks for the practice! Hope it works for you <3
  7. @Nightfall sorry it took so long to get started I have so much to do and so much to draw for other people at the moment CX I'll get on it as soon as I can
  8. Looks interesting. ^w^ Thanks for drawing
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  9. I'll have to request again :D
  10. Let me know when you're ready! I'll have to get started on Nightfall's soon, though.
  11. Name: Kevin Thulu
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Basic personality: Kevin is nihilistic, joyous with death and destruction, but a big fan of Evanescence. There really is something wrong with Kevin.
    Eye color: Red
    Hair color, length, and style: Long, right swept raven black fringe.
    Basic outfit: An Evanescence t-shirt, black jeans with a chain belt and converse sneakers.
    Three favorite colors: Black, Red, and Black.
    Accessories, weapons, etc.: Kevin has small, facial tentacles, much like his father, Cthulu.
    Any wounds or extra features: An X-Cross nasal bridge scar.
    Anything else I should know: Kevin is the emo son of Cthulu. He has green, web-like wings, similar to his father. Also, his skin is green like his father.