Coming Out of the Closet

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  1. Ryuki shook his head at Akira, "No, Reita isn't clingy. He's just shy and he tried to overcome that for Maiko, but because of his life style, he couldn't keep in touch with her. I don't know if he still likes her. It takes time for wounds of the heart to heal properly. And yes, we're still getting dinner. I will be right back. I have to make a phone call to see when our ride will be ready."

    Reita and Maiko parted ways. Maiko looked as though she might cry and Reita looked mildly concerned about it, but not enough to prod. He was already upset about her returning and as he had stated earlier, he wasn't sure if he was ready for a serious relationship with her. He noticed Akira standing there by himself seeing as Ryuki had wandered off to do something. Seeing himself in need of anyone, he strolled over to Akira, shyness and all.

    "I hope you enjoyed the concert. Ryuki was really happy you came. He said it made him really happy and it made me happy too," Reita admitted, "I'm hoping our late night dinner will be ready for us soon."

    The more Reita thought about, the more his stomach growled. The last few things he had eaten were sugary treats. They didn't provide the best nutrition and substance for a late night concert. His phone vibrated in his pocket. He did his utmost best to ignore it. Until he realized that the calls might be from Ryuki. They were. He answered the phone and Ryuki was scolding him for not answering the phone sooner.

    "Well," Reita said holding the phone far away from his ear, "Our ride is here. Let's go out back."
  2. Akira blinked hearing ryuki through reita's cellphone and smiled shaking his head slightly."I guess it's finally dinner time. I was happy too." He admitted,keeping the conversation with ryuki private from reita. Akira was often following,'Don't ask don't tell' however even if he were to be asked, he simply wouldn't tell the truth anyways.

    Akira looked at reita."Reita, who was that girl?" He asked acting curious. Just to see from his perspective."You guys seemed to know each other personally, I am only curious." He reassured grinning kindly. Akira tried to be a talkative person with reita, but seeing as he was shy -probably shyer then himself- it would be difficult.
  3. "That was actually my ex girlfriend. She wanted to see me about something I suppose, but right now it's not something I'm going to ponder about. Let's eat," Reita suggested lightly, "You know, I hear there is supposed to be all types of food at dinner. I am really looking forward to it."

    Reita wasn't feeling as excited as he was letting on. In fact, he was really down about Maiko showing up again. It had been so sudden. He really just wanted some time to think about it. Plus he had a really cute new friend that he was actually starting to like in a flirtatious kind of way. He didn't know him for that long yet, but Ryuki had brought him over enough times to know that he was definitely one of the cutest things he had ever seen. Reita was feeling quite a bit confused and his hurt a little. Something came over him and he just hugged Akira. He really needed one even if he was the one to start it himself.

    "Thank you," Reita whispered to him.

    However, Reita wasn't quite sure what he was thanking Akira for yet, but there was bound to be something that would come up sooner or later. Perhaps it was just a thank you for the hug.
  4. As they walked, reita suddenly turned around and hugged Akira to his surprise, thanking him for some unknown reason. The male blinked, rather flustered of the situation and awkwardly hugged reita momentarily before merely just patting his back sheepishly."Mhmm?" The male squeaked out before releasing reita and lightly making reita release him back."Let's go to the ride!" He quickly suggests walking to the ride.

    Once they went in the vehicle, Akira sat next to reita and looked at the other members. He stretched his arms up in the air and had end up falling asleep and not leaning on anyone. One of the members had reached and stretched his arm over to Akira in order to tilt and lean his head on reita's shoulder so that his neck won't feel sore once he woke up and he chuckled at the sleeping ulzzang.

    The ride wasn't that long and when it came to a stop, Akira slowly opens his eyes and blinked realizing his head was leaning over someone's shoulder. The male immediately perked his head up and looked up just about an inch away from Reita's face to his own surprise."Ah. Sorry reita!" He quickly said as he looked away and rolled his neck around slowly. It wasn't sore thankfully and the male crawled out the car sleepily. He looked at ryuki who was standing Infront of him and quickly walked over to him, resting a elbow over his shoulder as the group paused Infront of the restaurant momentarily."Is there alcohol?" He asks. But upon asking Akira suddenly felt in his pockets for his wallet and put his arm down feeling around his pockets before taking out his wallet and checking to see if he had his ID, or license.

    "I swear, I took it with me.." Muttered Akira disappointingly and he looked at ryuki with a sort of pout face. His lip puckered in a pouty way."Ryuki, can you get extra drinks for me if you plan on having a drink?" He asks politely also saying it as a sneaky plan. Because Akira had a face that nearly looked younger then the drinking age, especially being labeled as a ulzzang model, it was quite hard for him to get alcoholic beverages without taking his id, and today was a first.

    Akira saw a bench and sat down Infront of the restaurant taking out his own e-cig. However he looked up at ryuki and blinked."Wait..I'm craving a real cigarette.." He muttered."Do you have one?" He asked shuffling in his own pockets. Akira remembered he had a cigarette box on him somewhere, and he soon took out a gold colored cigarette box that merely had one cancer stick. He took it and lit it up, placing the box beside him. The male rarely smoke as he had quit for a few years now and he looked around."I'll meet you inside. Unless you want a cigarette break too since I don't plan on smoking this whole thing." Commented the blonde male looking down and deeply inhaling from it.

    While taking it in, it seemed like it would take forever as Akira didn't even stop for a few seconds. He then looked off to the side slowly blowing the smoke out and sticked the cigarette in his mouth quietly.
  5. Reita smiled at Akira. It was funny to watch his reactions. Like now, Akira seemed to be flustered by Reita's sudden act of affection. It was very cute to say the least. He followed Akira to where he deemed to be the ride and hid his soft smile to be seen for another time. Once they were inside the car, Reita had to admit that he was feeling kind of sleepy, but there was no time to rest since his mind was set on food for the time being. He watched as everyone besides him had actually nodded off.

    Reita blushed as he felt Akira's head rest on his shoulder. He looked away for just a moment, trying not to stare at those soft lips of his. Reita dared return his gaze to Akira and very lightly he planted a kiss on the sleeping model. It was something the model would never recall, but something that Reita himself might cherish. Eventually the car did come to a stop and Akira woke up apologizing to him.

    "It's alright really," Reita said with a small smile.

    Ryuki smiled at Akira, "You know I kicked the cigarette habit. They don't let me smoke anymore because it messes with my vocals."

    Reita went inside the restaurant with one last glance at Akira. He couldn't stop thinking about his lips, but of course there was no way that he could say that sort of thing out loud. Besides, there was the possibility that Akira could be mad Reita had indeed stole a kiss from him. He chuckled and he sat down at a table, ordering himself a large bowl of shio ramen.
  6. Soon after finished, Akira flicked his cigarette away and walked inside the restaurant. He had managed to find the table his friends were seated around and walked towards them sitting next to Reita. He came on time to order and simply ordered a ramen bowl as well, with gyoza on the side when he saw it listed in the menu.

    Akira then looked up after the server took their order and once she walked away he looked at each of the band members--Ryuki in particular and immediately sulked."Are you going to have a drink?" He asks referring to an alcoholic one of course."Can you order me one, I'll pay for it." He nods politely before puffing his bottom lip out as a childish pout.

    Akira then clapped his hands together pleading like a little child."Pleaseee, pleaseee." He said.
  7. Ryuki smiled down at Akira, "Of course I'm going to have a drink! What kind of question is that?"

    Ryuki laughed and ordered himself cherry berry cocktail mixed drink. It was one of his all time favorites, "What will you be having then if you want one so badly?"

    Reita smiled. He was pretty sure that Akira was too young to be having an alcoholic beverage of any kind, but since they were out but, he wouldn't say anything. That was not his call to make. Nor was it his responsibility. Ryuki on the other hand was going to see if he couldn't get Akira hopelessly drunk. There was bound to be some interesting interaction between Reita and Akira then. At least, that was what he hoped. Ryuki checked his cell phone. He had also received messages from Maiko because Reita wasn't responding to her text messages. Which was typical. Reita was always bad at checking his phone.
  8. Akira grinned happily."Anything!" He barked out. He then looked at Reita."We should spend one day together." He chuckled."As friends." Added the blonde male as he looked around the restaurant before leaning back in his seat and stretching his arms back, up in the air. Akira groaned in the process before placing his things beside him on te table, facing his phone down.

    "We should schedule to hang out together before we get busier or something." Shrugged Akira smiling.
  9. "Spend a day together?" Reita repeated, "Well tomorrow is Saturaday isn't it? Couldn't we just hang out then if we don't have anything planned?"

    Reita thought that the suggestion had come from no where, but he supposed that it would make sense. He did want to get to know Akira. Besides, maybe it would help Reita get his mind off of Maiko. The drinks arrived quickly and Ryuki passed over a cocktail drink to Akira. A small smirk tugged at the corners of Ryuki's lips. He was going to get Akira drunk. At least, that was his goal. He was going to make sure Reita got his mind of Maiko somehow, even if it meant forcing him to spend an entire night with Akira.

    "Drink up!" Ryuki said as he lifted his glass to his friend.
  10. "Well tomorrow is Saturaday isn't it? Couldn't we just hang out then if we don't have anything planned?" Akira thought about what day it was for a moment as he looked away momentarily with furrowed eyebrows. He looked back at reita gasping and remembering."Oh yeah! Then tomorrow it is then! I'll give you my number--Er.." Soon drinks arrived and having an odd feeling come up while ryuki passed him a cocktail drink, he rethought what he was continuing to say and took the drink."Or maybe Ryuki can give you my number." Shrugged the male as he drink and nearly gulped it from the small cup that had a long neck and fruit sticking to the rim.

    Akira placed the now small empty cup down sticking out his tongue across his friend. He did it quick as well, and chuckled competitively."I've gotten better at drinking as well!" He snorted sliding the cup smoothly at ryuki so that they wouldn't get in trouble due to Akira's appearance of looking younger then his real age of early twenties. But a few seconds after the drink -which he underestimated- he slowly looked off to the side and buried his face in his hands attempting to hold in his coughs. He wasn't drunk, it's to early but rather felt a strong and weird kick to it after drinking it all in one gulp.

    Most cocktails to Akira was weak, or Atleast every one of it was. Yet this one was unusually strong or something. Or maybe it was because he had gotten to eager and gulped it down as one like nothing, therefore wasn't patient to take smaller gulps and he let out a deep sigh, shivering his back."That tasted disgusting then other cocktails I've tried ever since I started drinking.... " muttered the male disgusted. It was the taste that got to him more and he scratched the back of his ear, sitting straight up and playing with his earring.

    Soon the waitress came back with their food and Akira grinned happily. He picked up his chopsticks which were still laid on the table and wiped it with a napkin, a habit of his--Before mixing and stirring up his food in his bowl then finally eaten. But unbeknownst of Ryuki's plans of getting him drunk--This would only cause him to puke later on but Akira didn't know his intentions or plans, therefore wasn't worrying. Not to mention, Akira rarely got drunk, but from what he heard from others--Other friends and close friends of his would say the same thing. He'd be tired, giggly, and quite clueless all the while trying to act sober and keep his cool -which was a good thing and this would also be his natural limit to stop consciously-. He was mostly drunk yet 'still conscious and aware' and never really passed out or became an 'unconscious' drunk. Hopefully that wouldn't happen and he looked up at reita, mouth closed and cheeks puffed up as he chewed his food.

    Becoming impatient he swallowed, almost choking and looked to the side for water. But there seemed to be no other drink besides beer bottles and he shook his head at ryuki to his dismay. Grabbing one of the corona bottles and hiding it under the table, popping the cap open with the edge. The male slightly hunched his back over away from any workers, considering he left his ID home and drinker some of the gold colored alcoholic liquid before placing it on the table. He cleared his throat then laughed at himself."Almost choked!" He commented laughing then looked at reita."Reita, I have no plans. I hope you don't tomorrow--What should we do?" He asked cheerfully, sober of course.
  11. Ryuki smiled at Akira, "I don't think you've gotten better at drinking, rather you've simply gotten a better tolerance for it, but I don't think I see a change since one cocktail has gotten you so tipsy already." Ryuki had put a little something extra in Akira's drink this time. He smiled at himself for being so crafty. There was some kick to that drink Akira had and Ryuki was going to take advantage of that.

    At the follow up comment by Akira, Ryuki simply laughed, "I can't imagine you ever tasted as fast as you drank it. Are you sure you didn't like it? I can order you another if that's the case." Ryuki supposed he could order Akira a real cocktail this time. He couldn't imagine it would take much more to get Akira a little more tipsy.

    When the food arrived Reita was incredibly happy and hungry. His curry rice was looking delicious. He couldn't remember the last time he had ordered that. He was going to enjoy it thoroughly. He looked at Akira as he nearly choked on his food. He chuckled and offered his water to him. He didn't understand why Akira didn't just simply ask for water, but then again if he had been choking he couldn't necessarily be picky. Reita really wanted to pinch Akira's puffy cheeks as he chewed. He was just so cute. He laughed at himself before taking a bite of his food.

    "Well," Reita paused in between bites, "We could always go to Karaoke or we could go to the zoo. Shopping is always an option. Or we could go sight seeing in Kyoto?"
  12. As Akira ate while listening to his ideas, he paused from his ramen for a moment."I can't really go shopping considering that I always have a load of clothes from modeling.." Mumbled Akira."And karaoke, I'm not so sure.. Sight seeing is quite embarrassing to me, we can go to the zoo?!" He asks happily. The only reason why he considered sight seeing embarrassing was because he felt that it was more of a 'date thing' therefore he didn't like it. Then Akira chuckled."And maybe karaoke afterwards?No... Maybe sushi?" He said as he reached for a fried gyoza and popped it into his mouth.

    The male then scowled jokingly at ryuki before he sipped from his glass bottle of liquor and shrugged."Pfft. Do whatever, I can take anything!" He scoffed confidently."But no way in hell will you be able to get me drunk in a bad way! I've been told I'm a calm and quiet drunk...... Don't ruin my good streak!" He said. Admitting that ryuki would be capable some way some how to make Akira 'drunk in a bad way'. It wasn't long before he finished his noodles, that Akira drank some of the soup-But not all of it and licked his lips wiping it afterwards."I have a bad feeling about this.." He muttered.
  13. Reita

    Reita smiled at Akira's enthusiasm about going to the zoo, "Well of course we can go to the zoo!"

    Reita really liked animal, but animals liked him too and a little too much. He had a bad habit of animals following him outside of the zoo. It wasn't that he tried to, but it just happened. However, his friends seemed to get a good laugh every time it did happen. It would explain why Reita never bought a pet for himself. He took in all the neighborhood strays as Ryuki put it.

    He finished up the rest of his curry rice and was completely satisfied with how his meal had ended. That was until his phone started blowing up with text messages from Maiko again. Reita was wondering why she would be up at this hour in the first place. It was almost two in the morning and the concert had ended about an hour ago. Wasn't she supposed to be sleeping at this point in time. Reita sighed. There was no getting around it, but he ignored her text messages for now and decided that he would respond to them at a later time.


    Ryuki smirked at Akira, "You can take anything? Is that a challenge I hear?"

    He was smiling, but his eyes were practically challenged Akira. He dared his friend to say that phrase again so he could take full advantage of it relentlessly. If Akira accepted, there would be no turning back. He would be going home with Reita and there would be no doubts about it. Besides, there wasn't anything that said he couldn't get Akira to go home with Reita right now. It was late and there was no way he was taking Akira home when the fun had only just begun.
  14. Akira had nodded as he wrinkled his nose."Yeah, I can take anything!" He repeated challenging his friend and not thinking of the future consequences. If Akira lost, it was simple. He still wouldn't learn his lesson anyways and the male only grinned. He looked around as his bowl was taken away since he was finished eating and looked at Reita."Yes!" He said excitedly with a grin.
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