Coming of Rain

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  1. It poured, rain splattered against the sidewalk of an old run down town. The sidewalk itself covered in dirt, no inhabitants seem to have taken no refugee here. Except, for maybe one. The year, 2021 yet the appearance of the place didn't look as such. What happened to cause such a once beautiful place to become so barren? Who knows, who cares. All that's important now is survival, living a normal life.



    Here's the plan, if you find yourself wanting to join simply let me know. There's more to probably come but I need to continue working on this. It's kind of a small project I found myself wanting to do. The genre will be steampunk but that could also change if need be. It's a working progress.​
  2. This seems pretty neat. Is it a large-scale post-apocalyptic dealio, or is it just this one town that's run-down and barren?
  3. Kind of a massive scale post-apocalyptic setting with some steam punk thrown in. It's like a cross over of two genres, or maybe more if I think on it some. I intend to brainstorm tonight before I go to sleep.
  4. I'm interested hun, once you get everything put together let me know <3
  5. I'm completely interested! Feel free to PM me if you need any help plotting to conquer the world.
  6. I'm interested as well!
  7. Very well, I'll start working on it; or we all brainstorm. I'm so very ecstatic :).
  8. @Inquisitor Dust @Vio @OverCast @Cheesecake
    I may pm you guys. Been on vacation and so the only internet I'm on is that which my smartphone provides. I am however still working on this. The notebooks and word processor app come in handy ;)
  9. Don't worry. We can wait :D Have fun on vacation!
  10. Take all the time you need, and enjoy your vacation!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.