Coming Home Broken

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  1. Dylan left the airport, his Army duffel hanging over one shoulder, and looked for his parent's SUV. He'd been overseas for the last two years and was more than ready to be away from it for a while, even if it was only because he'd been injured. He walked with a very prominent limp in his left leg, the limb stiff from a brace. A crutch helped him walk on it. His black hair was shaved down and his previously vibrant green eyes looked rather dull. The smile that usually graced his lips couldn't be seen as they searched for the SUV.

    It pulled in just as he was about to take a seat, and Dylan's dad got out with a gentle smile so he could help him get into the car.

    "It's good to see you again, Dylan."

    "It's good to be back home," Dylan responded with a slight ghost of a smile. They left quick enough and the ride to the house was silent up until they got close to the neighborhood.

    "I managed to talk your mom out of having a coming home party tonight, but you know she'll want one in a few days so your friends and some of the family have an excuse to come visit you. I'll hold her off if you're not ready for it, but keep it in mind, all right?"

    Dylan nodded, and they pulled up to a two-story home. He looked at it and sighed inwardly. He really wasn't ready to deal with anyone right now. In fact, if he'd been smart he might have taken his lieutenant's advice and gone to base to recover a little before coming home. But it was done now, so he got out of the SUV and tried to take his duffle from his dad.

    "You're home, now, son. I think after what you've probably been through, I can at least carry your bag into the house for you."

    Dylan took a deep breath, calming the anger that bubbled at what he perceived as pity, before settling on his crutch and making his way inside.

    "I'm home," he called out.
  2. Rebecca was not able to be at the airport with her dad since she had to work. A few minute before they came home she just arrived home herself and made a sandwich. His plane had been a bit early so hearing the familiar voice throughout the house was a surprise and she smiled. Putting down her sandwich on the plate she got up and ran to her brother she missed him a lot. "Dylan!" She cried out as she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck not noticing the crutch at first but then pulled away. "What happened?" She asked nodding towards his limp and a crutch which he was leaning on.
  3. He couldn't stop the hug that his sister gave him, nearly knocking him over. Stepping hard on his leg, he squeezed his eyes shut as the sharp pain ran it's course. Luckily, Rebecca seemed to realize something wasn't quite right and released him. Dylan steadied himself on the crutch again and cleared his throat, keeping as calm as he could.

    "Building collapsed and some of the debris landed on my leg. The muscles were practically ripped apart, but they've done surgery and I should heal all right."

    He'd never really get to go back into action though. It wasn't a totally bad thing, but it also meant he couldn't really do anything too physically demanding as a career either. Chances were, Dylan would be riding a desk on base for a while until he went through college for something a lot less taxing.

    "So, uh... How are you?" he asked lamely.