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  1. A cold breeze pushed a light flurry of snow, twirling it into a frigid brush across any exposed skin, it was mid Winter, and a few inches of snow had just fallen the night before, making for a very cold morning. The sun had barely peeked over the horizon in the village of Konohagakure no Sato, probably about the time children had to get off to the Academy, and people was starting their day. Fresh guards at the gate yawned, their breathes seen as a cloud in the frigid air, as they stood watch for incoming travelers and teams returning from missions. One of the men standing watch huffed into his hands to keep them warm, as a figure nearing the entrance to the village caught his eye. He'd step out from the small hut next to the gate, standing as the figure approached. The approaching man stood rather tall, most of his form wrapped in warm clothing, and a scarf hiding most of his face--hood covering his hair. The guard was just about to ask for the man's Passport or ID, when his eyes met with the figure's...Instantly recognizing them. The man suddenly stood at attention, greeting him with a "Captain Kamoku-Sama." A hand appeared from the man's cloak, and tugged down the scarf, revealing that it was in fact Kamoku Hayate, former ANBU Captain of Konoha, who'd left now almost 3 years ago to go on a personal training journey...It'd been a long time, the man was starting to show some signs of age, a tinge of gray in his hair, and a bit of scruff now grown on his chin and jawline.

    "Calm down, I'm not the captain anymore. Its good to see you." Kamoku said to the guard, who responded with a "You still are in my eyes, sir. Lady Hinata-Sama will be happy you've returned...she'd come up here asking if there has been any news from you every once and a while." Kamoku responded with a nod, and pulled his scarf back over most of his face, successfully hiding his scruff. He continued on, without even checking in officially, like he even needed too. He looked around, a bit had changed since he was last in Konoha...some new places have gone up, other little changes...He sighed. "Good to be home." he said to himself, an air of mist escaping his scarf from his words. He continued on, heading down an alleyway that would eventually lead to his house. Turning another corner, his crimson gaze found its way to his home...He'd missed a lot in his time training, even his child's graduation to become a Genin...But he felt like he had to go do his training, it needed done. He approached the house, and stopped at the door, taking a breathe before reaching to open it, where he'd step inside...
  2. As the male would step inside the house, a wafting of scents would burn inside his thin nostrils. The familiar scent of jasmine, thyme, dango, sweets, and more familiar food that his wife had made so long ago, before he left for training. The severe painful memories haunted their minds, as if it was just yesterday for the forgotten family. It was hard , but the Hyuugan's and the Hayate's make sacrifices, and that was no mistake that anyone would dare commit. Either way;' Kamoku, was home. A laughter would burst through the silence, as it would burn the stubbled male's ears. Quite pleasently at that. Blueish, black strands of hair would fall gracefully across the shoulder of a slender female, her curvatious nature escalated as a deep mauve colour would cross the bridge of her nose, and pinken her cheeks. A sturdy head band lay atop the breast bone, essentuated with fishnetting trim.

    Familiar eyes would peer, non-pupil lavendar mist hues graced the familiar sight, the shadowed grace exiting, as Hinata would turn to face her husband... He was gone, for three years. Hardly a word. He would write within the chances he would get; which was often. Except within the last year. Tears..... of happiness, filled the female's eyes as she watched the man she had loved, for so many years walk through the entrance to their home. He had.... missed, so much... Their daughters academy. Their son's graduation.... and a few... too many things, birthdays... among other things. Which, was regretably hard; but in order for their life to be stable;' it had to be done. Sacrifices has to be made; for the love of his family.

    "K-....kamoku...." Was stuttered in a soft coo from his wife's mouth, her hand raising to her chin, feeling the tdrip of tears cross over the bridge of her nose, down her cheeks and below her lip. At a time, of being unhappy, she was over joyed at the same time. Feelings of anger, anticipation, excitement, love, filled her void. Simply because, she missed him, and... was glad he made it home. Alive.

    Within moments, she would leap, wrapping her arms around the taller male's neck, her random strands of hair gracing the male's cheek. A sweet scent and gentle caress met his rough exterior.

  3. The aging Hayate had barely gotten into the door before very familiar scents his his sharp nose, even through his scarf--he barely got the door shut, cutting off a cold breeze passing through from the outside, when he seemed to already be spotted...He actually froze a moment, about the time she was beginning to tear up. A smile formed under his scarf, as a hand reached up and tugged it down to reveal his face--and easily Hinata's first glimsp at the bit of scruff he had going on from his time away.

    He knew he'd missed a lot, and hoped his family would understand...He was about to speak when Hinata would speak his name. Kamoku stepped forward, "...I've missed you, Hina-chan." he said as he approached. He'd suddenly find himself grasped in her embrace, with the yelling of his return home. He blinked, a bit shocked by her sudden excitement--she must not have been to mad at him. The man would wrap his arms around her once he regained himself, and took a moment to enjoy the embrace he'd been away from for years. After a moment he'd let go, and look at the Hyuugan girl--a smile shown.

    "I hope you and the kids have been alright while I been away..." he said to her, and was about to continue on speaking....but something caught his ears, movement from within the house. Oh no...Hinata's yelling alerted a number of young ninja.
  4. The older ninja's children rushed to their mother's aid. The boy's excitement raging in them as hands of fury were thrown in withdraw!

    "Mom! You alright!?" Acting like actual ninja, "karate" moves and jutsu moves as well as a few small clones were formed. But then it hit them, looking up to the man who they knew as their father, his long hair and scruffy exterior shining through the woven scarf. And a little girl appeared, although, not so little anymore. Her long black locks and lavender and red hues peered through the cafuffle of her brother's movements.

    "Dad...." She mimicked, almost to a T with her mother. The boys soon calmed, looking up to the man who they remembered playing with in the yard as younger children. Even though they were around the ages of twelve; they weren't so little anymore. It had been three years after all. Their mother's eyes peered down with a cheerful smile and demeanour. She wasn't mad; just worried. She knew Kamoku would come back, especially not giving up without a fight.

    Leaning downward, Hinata kneeled a bit, wiping her face as tear stains coated her cheeks. "He's here...." And Kamoku would feel another embrace from his lower waist. It was Kaya, his daughter. Her resemblence to her mother. Then there was Haouru and Kimaru; twin brother's. AH... it was so different, seeing how the family had grown, and the struggles they faced. Kaya looking up, her lavendar and crimson eye(S) peering at her father.

    "I'm glad you're home."
  5. Well there had not been peace for long, one of the boys almost attacked the Special Jounin before realizing it was his father...But his ears burned with a younger voice. The Wolf Sage would pull an arm around both his favorite ladies before letting go, and beginning to take a step deeper into the house. Not much had changed, only a couple tiny things throughout their home. The two lived in a rather lush house, bigger then most people's--seeing as they had a decent sized family, and between Kamoku's rank, and Hinata's heritage, they had money. "...I missed all this." he muttered to himself as he got to a window he used to love to look out, a large open window. "...Heh. I finally can relax."

    Across rooftops and seen from this window was the Hokage tower--as someone called upon to protect the Hokage, Kamoku wanted a window facing that way. Kamoku was looking at it, with the mountain behind it baring 7 Faces, that of Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen, Minato, Tsunade, Kakashi, and Naruto. His crimson hues reflected the scene, the morning sun just peaking over the mountain. Something moved, and caught his eye...a number of figures bounced over the mountain, then disappeared. "...Hinata." Kamoku said with a stern and warning voice. It wasn't a moment later a large fireball erupted from an explosion, right at the Hokage Tower. It was seen before it was heard, the rush of air from the explosion spreading and breaking glass of nearby buildings, as it sped towards their house at the speed of sound. Turning and opening up his coat to block the window, it shattered, accompanied by the bang of the explosion, the flying glass blocked by his coat. His crimson hues glanced up at Hinata and the kids. "Kids, get to saftey....Hinata I think someone is after Naruto. Lets go." he said, turning back to the now blown out window. Their son Kuroichi instantly refused, "If the Hokage is under attack I need to help! I'm a Genin, I'm a real ninja now dad." he yelled. Kamoku glared back at him "If you are a real ninja then prove it--Take Ame to safety." said the wise shinobi, before he dropped out the window, and was covering ground quick. Who would attack in the time of peace?
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