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  1. So as I said I am trying to come back from roleplaying.. I will admit I have been roleplaying but mostly only on my phone on an app. I feel like I can be in the mood to come back into the world of all out serious roleplaying! YAY for me!

    So here is where I admit I have absolutely no idea's of what I want to roleplay.. I do basically any kind but SciFi, I would really prefer romance to be involved because on the apps I have been acting like a male..(Just easier that way so there are no.. creeps) So I really want to feel like a girl again. If you think you can do that then please do! I will admit I love shifters and magic! Or slice of life so long as I can maybe have a pet! I can be a bad girl or a nice sweet heart. Really just please people Pm me!!

    Super sorry this really isnt that pretty or amazingly detailed.
  2. Heyo! I would love to get something started with you!
  3. Hey! I would love to do a slice of life rp with you :3
  4. I'm fond of romance, and any of your other preferred genres are fine by me.

    I have a 1V1 ad myself, linked to in my signature as well as my blog, but you might take the most interest in the second character I have listed on there. If not, fly me a PM and I'll happily discuss other characters or ideas on my plate.

    If you don't like my writing style, post-length, or anything else for that matter, I'm cool with that. Just let me know.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.