Coming back home

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  1. All be greeted, all be seated.
    Hello to everyone again.

    It has been a long time since I visited this land. Yes, it has been a long time indeed. Many of you might know me as Carnival Monster yet this name is out of date and I have decided to rename myself. From now on, I shall be known as The Returner. It does describe me well. At least way better than my last name.

    Some of you might be wondering where was I all this time? Why did I left so suddenly saying goodbye to only few of you? The real life got the better of me and I had to face it. However, wrestling with the reality reached the end and once again I am free to fly...and come back home, to Iwaku.

    It feels pleasant to be back on the safe ground where I can be anyone, anywhere. Unleashing my imagination, I am eager to start living thousand lives again. Yet please, be patient with me as I don't want to get overwhelmed. At this moment, I have picked few people I would like to get in touch with again and with them I would like to start playing. Though, do not feel excluded, please. No, I wouldn't want to upset you so soon. I am sure that as the time will pass, I will get to talk to you as well and together we might create a world beyond belief.

    All in all, I hope that my presence on Iwaku will bring a new perspective and a fresh air to the land of fantasies, not just because I have grown older and wiser during my absence but also due to my undying desire to be part of the community once more.
  2. I see you managed to find your old account! 8D welcome back!
  3. OH! Welcome back 'The Returner'! I haven't had the chance to meet you. Let's start with an introduction shall we? Hello, my name is Doxa and yes I call myself a 'newbie' but that shall soon be forgotten. Again, welcome back to this never ending lovely community!
  4. Yes I did Diana. But it nearly cost me a new laptop as I had to try like million times before I finally signed in xD

    Hi Doxa. It is my pleasure to meet. You don't sound like a newbie to me so I believe that you already know your way around. Thanks for the warm welcome back :)
  5. Welcome back and good luck on your roleplaying adventures!
  6. Thanks Lacuna :)
  7. Haha, I see what you did there.

    Returner..Coming back home! Clever!

    Welcome back!
  8. Thanks Juku! :D