Comic Book Adventure :3 (Omgosh, so lame.)

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"In the town of Casper, Wyoming every teenager dreads the summer. With nothing to do and not much money to spend, most teens end up as troublemakers . But for the do-gooders, on the other hand, it's a different story. Six friends, who tend to be called nerds hangout at a café that sells comic books. Their life is normally uneventful and boring, but one day the group of friends find a miraculous comic, one of epic proportion, and this comic is called… The Most EPIC Adventure to Thrill the Land Yet! … very creative, I know. "

So, this idea has been drifting in and out of my head for a while. I know it's a little lame, but it can be fun, it leave a heck of a lot of creativity to be explored. Any suggestions?
It is vague enough that it thrills me. I think it has extreme potential and would love a piece of it, yesplease.
Well, I have an idea where when they start reading the comic, it transports them into it.
I'm into lighthearted fun time, so I'm not sure how anyone else would take it, but I think it sounds lovely to the max.
Would you have certain archetypes you'd want filled, plus villains? Or maybe some of the kids' subconscious desires could come through the story that ensues via comic? Or maybe I could let you figure it all out because it's yours XD
Yes, of course we'll need players as villains and beasts.
All depending on who wants to join that is.
You can be one of the main people as well as a villain, etc.
And I like the idea of the comic books taking ideas from their subconscious mind.