Comfort Zones

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  1. Life has been pretty transient for me since the end of March: I've quit my job, gotten rid of 90% of my possessions, said goodbye to my life and friends in Houston, moved to the United Kingdom to be with my husband, had a pagan wedding in front of 30+ complete strangers (of which my new in-laws were included), now I'm helping Asmo pack up his life so that we can go to London for a medical exam, then on to his parent's house where we will stay until June and he will stay until the visa clears. After that, we're off to live in my hometown, where I have not lived in over six years and Asmo has only visited for one day.

    We've both been way out of our comfort zones for a while; adjusting to married life and the uncertainty of what's going to happen next as far as our living situation goes. I've been adjusting to life as an American in Cornwall, being unemployed for the first time in six years and living out of the suitcase that I packed for the trip. I've learned a lot about what I can leave behind and what is essential for me to keep and most of it has surprised me just how much my life and routine can bend and I stay sane.

    Leaving your comfort zone can be as drastic as moving to a new place or as seemingly inconsequential as taking up a new hobby. It's anything outside of your norm that makes you uncomfortable.

    So, Iwaku, what's your comfort zone? What do you think you need to keep your sense of identity and happiness? Has your life ever been changed drastically? Was it sudden? Voluntarily? Did you grow stronger from it? Or was it a source of regret for you?
  2. When shit happens.... I become like the character "Roomie" from "Get a Roomie". I will scadaddle as fast as I can, and I will leave any place that feels unsafe and jump to the next one.

    Hell, the first time I really got to know my current boyfriend, I spent the night at my friend's boyfriend's house, and he ended up coming over and staying over due to drunk shenanigans.

    Three days, away from home, at that boyfriend's house, with friends, havin a damned good time, and not thinkin bout a damned thing.

    Aside from that, I usually don't mind being out of my physical area of comfort... it's strangers that I usually have a bit of trouble with- believe it or not, when I'm shy, I usually make a fool of myself.

    As long as I have a friend with me, I'm good.
  3. In every trip I've done I've realized I could leave it all behind if I only carry my guitar, clothes and a pack of cigarettes.

    Take my cigarettes away and I sure as hell am out of my comfort zone.
  4. My comfort zone is when I'm alone, believe it or not. I mean, I like people, sure, but damn, I just need to be alone. Usually, it's somewhere in nature, you know? Outside, wind, water, natural stuff like that. Most people know that I will get cranky and very sarcastic if I am not left alone at times. I am a people's person, but when I want solitude, I want solitude. The worse thing someone can do to take me out of that zone is to throw me in a crowd of people or take me to a really big party.

    I just...don't click. I start getting sweaty palms, feel nauseous, and can hear EVERY LITTLE THING THAT IS BEING SAID BY EVERYONE. It's maddening. To avoid it, I lock myself in a room.
  5. My comfort zone would have be my bedroom. When I'm there I feel safe and happy because I'm surrounded by my favorite things such as my books, video games, and computer. When ever I feel sad, or any negative emotion really, I just go up to my room and find some way to forget about the outside world for awhile.
  6. Health first and mental well being second, everything else is gravy! I guess full time employment would be a close third.

    For a long time I thought I needed relationships and material positions to be in my comfort zone, but I realized that a happy me is all I need. I've been ripped from deep rooted routine a couple times in my life, once by a break up and once by the law. Both were sudden, and both changed my outlook on life for the better. I discovered things about myself that I would have never realized if these changes hadn't happened.
  7. Hard for me to say as my comfort zone is constantly changing at this point. once I get comfortable in a situation I always seem (as of late) to get ripped form it and placed in another new, unfamiliar environment. Not that this is a bad thing as it's helped me grow as a person and shape who I am. As a result I get into routines, yes, but they can be easily broken and or modified! Guess I've always been about being flexible. I like to think of these moments when i'm ripped away from comfort and shoved into a new situation as my "growing up" life transitions. I'm currently getting close to another one as I near the end of my academic career. Some regret is lingering as I fear that time when I have to step up and really grow up, but at the same time anxious anticipation to finally get it over and done with.

    Now if we're talking "spiritual" comfort zone or "mental" comfort zone (however you'd like to think of it) then I suppose a nice quiet area where I can be by myself or with a few close friends would be my comfort zone. When I was younger and had more free time it was certainly at my piano, but I haven't gotten a chance to sit down and really play for a while :( These types of comfort zones I go to when I need to reflect/relax.

    i think soemtimes leaving your comfort zone is a good thing, as it opens new opportunities and can be a good learning experience to help shape the person you are. Hence my philosophy of...gotta be flexible and find a way to deal XD dunno if it's the healthiest thought but it's my thought.
  8. I'm like Videlin. I seem to just be much more comfortable alone. That being said, it's okay if I'm dealing with people I know, but strangers, or a lot of people being happy over something I'm not excited about (a pep rally) just tires me out real quick and gets me all down.
  9. Tegan, I humbly observe that you've always pushed out of your comfort zone for my overall brief period of knowing you. That characteristic is what makes you who you are.

    In contrast, I've lived a pretty routine life. I don't even go out for evening walks. I should. I've changed schools every 4 years or so, but to me that's considered routine. In fact, I 'routinely' reset my social circle on the same 4 year cycle ish. Is this normal?
  10. I've moved a lot as a kid, so I haven't really had one place to call home. And I've changed schools a lot, too. The biggest challenge was last year, moving away to college, into a dorm, with new people and a completely new atmosphere. I think I'm a pioneer of change; at first I'm very nervous, but before I realize that my anxiety has disappeared, I attach myself to my new circumstances.

    The one thing that hasn't changed, though, and I suppose that it is my version of a 'comfort zone' is my childhood comfort of closets. When I was very small, I would hide in my closet when I was upset. Even at college, when I would be really upset and didn't want anyone to see me, I would open my tiny closet's door and bury my face in my clothes. When I returned home last week and was blasted by my mom, I opened my closet door, moved some of the stuff inside and crawled into the corner to cry.

    Something about closets. Maybe it's the familiarity of the clothes that remains unchanged, whether I'm at one parent's home or at my college dorm, it always makes me calm down and slowly, come to a rational state of mind.
  11. Normally when I am out of my comfort zone I try to either be by myself or find my friends.

    However I'm not around my friends anymore, so that's a bit difficult to do and being by myself is almost impossible to do. So lately I've been absorbing myself in the arts or a book. I will draw, write, read, listen to music, sing, or roleplay. These things have always been known to comfort me whenever I felt unsure or scared for whatever reason. The more insecure I feel, the quicker it is for me to sink into these things.
  12. My HOME is my comfort zone now! It's 100% mine (and Gibs and Pan XD).. but MINE. Anyway. My space, my personal, I can throw you out of my house space.

    When I moved out of Georgia with Gibs in to Arkansas I took a HUGE leap out of my comfort zone. O__O I was in my early twenties and never lived anywhere else before. Nor stayed at someone else's place longer than a month. So it was really scary. Ever since then I have been getting thrust from zone to zone pretty regularly... >>; I've now grown more used to changes and have been able to adapt better when something major happens. x_x
  13. My home would be my comfort zone. My home being with my parents and my younger brother. I've tried leaving twice now, and circumstances have always forced me back. Tried to move out with a friend. We couldn't stand each other after 6 months. Tried to move out of province, and couldn't find a job in time to actually stay for very long. *shakes fist at Canadian economy*