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  1. Pardon if this isn't the right place or if I sound a bit derpy posting this. Pardon some of my grammar flubs.

    I don't mind RPing with people OCs, as long as they are good, but I have trouble RPing as OCs, due to some sort of problem I encountered in 2009 where I was pretty much pestered and harassed for doing so. In honest, I am not great at making my own characters. I RP as canons, where I feel more comfortable in. OC wise?If I was good at making them, I'd make them a sidekick or a side character, rather than the centre of attention.

    I will admit, I love to write and I love to Roleplay, Making new friends and working on awesome stories.

    Oneday, I was helping someone improve their writing and being the nicest I could be. They told me I was a terrible person, because I didn't RP OCs. Followed by them telling me I am not creative, because I don't have an OC. Yet, their character was just a cliché storm.Then called me childish for RPing a canon character, saying I'd get sued.

    Sorry for the small vent, I guess I will get to the point I am on.

    I dunno. I have my own comfort zones in RPing. What are yours?

    What do you prefer? Canons? OCs?

    A mix of both?
  2. This ought to go in the Class Discussions subforum of the Institute, but that's no big problem. Just ask in the Help Desk area for it to be moved, or maybe report your own post to ask for the move. I'm not sure which method the staff prefers.

    Anyway, I prefer original characters, both for my own characters and other people's characters. I don't often roleplay in fandom type things in the first place, but when I do it's never with a canon character. Playing a canon character feels like writing straight up fanfiction to me, and if I wanted to write fanfiction I'd just do it on my own. The vast majority of times I've seen people playing canon characters have been pretty awful, with the person playing what is really a two-dimensional caricature rather than the actual character or changing the character a lot right from the start to the point that they might as well have made an OC. I prefer original characters because I don't have any specific boundaries to work within, aside from whatever boundaries I choose to create for myself, so there's no chance of screwing up anything from the canon. For others, if they're doing really dumb crap I can just write it off as their character being dumb if it's an OC, instead of being annoyed that they're ruining a canon character.

    So yeah, original characters all the way for me.
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  3. I'll ask 'em.

    I just can't do an OC. Due to past experiences. I just don't wanna go back to it. I respect you, though.
  4. I can't do canons, to me it's a challenge of correctly interpreting someone else's creation, and even if I get it right there's no guarantee my partner interprets the character the same way. I especially refuse to play canon in any pairing that looks like a self-insert ship on the part of the OC writer; this adds the near impossible task of not only writing another person's interpretation of a character, but also playing up what another person would find attractive or appealing about them, which may be exaggerated or even fabricated from the source material.

    I take my hat off to you for being canon exclusive, I can't do it.

    My non-fandom-related comfort zone is adult characters. I don't like to play kids or teens; it's been awhile since I experienced the life of either, and I definitely don't miss it. Plus there's the challenge of adapting character behaviour to be era appropriate. My teen character can't greet their friends with 'wazzup?!" The way teen me would have. On the whole I find writing adults to be easier, and opens more doors for character and plot opportunities

  5. The person that harassed you for playing Canons is an asshole. It actually takes a great deal of skill to play a character someone else created and to do it well. >> There only reason someone perceives it as "newbie" is because this is how most roleplayers start their roleplay career. Sticking with canons doesn't make you any less of a badass roleplayer than someone who only makes OCs. (As you pointed out, many people with OCs end up creating shitty ones!0

    As for ME, I don't feel comfortable playing Canons cause I want to play my own version of the story. O_O I'll make a world inspired or based on that canon universe. This way, I don't have to stick with the canon universe rules and I can do whatever fits my story. That way I can avoid dealing with people who are rule-nazi's about canon stuff.

    For OTHER comfort zone things.... I never play villains. >>; I'm such a dang hero type, playing a villain is super hard!
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  6. I am comfortable RPing canons. I dunno why. I told the person a thousand times that I prefer RPing canons. They just bitched about it until I gave up. It was pretty much me talking to a brick wall.

    I seen loads of bad OCs that are just generic, copy and pasted things of existing characters. Or just expies. Which is common with Sonic OCs.

    I been dedicated to RPing Dante fora long time now. Most people who RP Dante either make him really sexual or just really stupid. Iseen some OC Rpers get all pissy towards Canon Rpers to the point they treat them like trash. Why I left some RP group on Skype. The one person was so full of themselves and extremely rude as well.
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  7. So, your an actor with words instead of action? I can go either way, with OC or Canon. I put the same research into each type. I learn all about either how the character was, and try my best to emulate, or find a way to portray a character in a believable way. I'm okay with cliché as long as its not dull and grey.

    My comfort zone changes based on what idea I have in my head at the moment, Right now, I want to be a jerk who pisses off everyone else, so woe be to the guy who allows me into his Role-play :)
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  8. Wow, this thread seems pretty popular. Thanks for the feedback, people!

    I have ran across loads of OC Rpers that tend to discriminate Canon Rpers. Canons do take dedication. I also like to challenge myself with lesser known characters from lesser known games. It's kind of fun in my opinon.
  9. o-o
    That made me giggle.

    I've always done my own OC's, though I'm known for nabbing pictures and whatnot due to my own lack of artistry.
    I don't have an issues with Canons, not in the least! Sometimes I prefer to partner up with a Canon, depending on the Roleplay taking place, while using my own OC.

    Bleh, who cares for the haters, they just can't admit to the fact they can't do the same.
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  10. There's nothing wrong with preferring canons or preferring original characters. ^^ It depends upon a person's tastes, and even that is bound to have some changes in time.

    I like original characters. It's easier to play a character that I built up by myself instead of trying to fit in the shoes of a character that someone else made, even if it is a canon character. It's because I feel uncomfortable with it - am I making this canon OOC, or is this a good interpretation of their character? Those sorts of questions always pop up to me and I don't really have that problem with characters that I know throughout because I wrote them myself. I also enjoy adding and adding up things for my originals as the roleplay goes, something I can't really do with a canon since it might change - well, canon and I might not notice it.
  11. Hmmm... started mine with OCs, and haven't looked back. Cannons? Not my creations, therefore, I don't do them, period. Don't mind if anyone else does so, so long as they're well done. Don't care if they change bits, either. Like I said... "well done." But this is true about OCs, too. Bad characters are bad characters. And bad characters are badly played, more often than not. Perhaps "well played" is a better descriptor of what I look for. And what I try to give back in RP. Though I'm flexible with newbies who have "issues"... so long as I'm having fun with what they give.

    So, Dante, long as you don't mind me playing OCs, I have no problem with you playing Cannons. Heh... every time I hear that term, I keep thinking of a different "cannon."



    *... sweeps up mess...*
  12. I honestly don't feel I could do a canon char justice and feel awkward about using a canon universe to RP in so I prefer original chars and if an universe is inspired by, and not a replica of, a created universe then it's playable for me.

    I've screwed up my fair share of original chars along the road, but it's a lot more preferable to my pride to trash my own creations instead of failing at a set character.

    Right now my favorite chars is a Cheshire Cat-inspired genderqueer char with a love for leveling up skills, a cheerful shameless pervert of a magical girl and the tsundere archetype currently.
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  13. This is basically me. Generally my characters gravitate around concepts that I understand well enough to emulate.

    I typically play good girl characters, but mostly because the role never seems to be taken in RPs I'm interested in.
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  14. Me, I just can't do Ocs. I just feel uneasy. However, I have a new muse and well. He isn't from a known game.
  15. If this was true then all of the Fandom section would be in danger. :P
    Generally I prefer OCs.
    It just gives me more creativity to make my own creation.
    And I feel less constrained/owed to stay true to a pre-existing creation.

    But I'm in one Canon(ish) RP that a friend invited me to.
    But we're not really playing characters from a show, but a Fandom reincarnation.
    So in a sense it's roleplaying a Canon imposter rather than roleplaying an actual Canon.
    Which gives me enough leeway because I'm more being a sort of insane fan than trying to fully immitate a premade character.
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