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It's not a complicated story, so let's just get the important stuff out of the way.

A few years into the future, a portal opens up in the middle of America and releases Darkness, a bloodthirsty race made of pitch-black creatures. Normal weapons didn't work on these things, and because we were unprepared, more than most of humanity was wiped out. Another few years have passed when out of nowhere, a bunch of comets fell from the sky and landed not too far from the source of the Darkness. Humans took refuge there because one, the comets' presence (known as Light) expelled the bad guys in their radius, and two, the setting was like something out of a book. Rather than having a wasteland like what the Darkness had, these comets turned the grass into a bright shade of teal. The trees' bark turned to a beige color while the leaves came in everything else. Rainbows were common in the sky even though it rarely rained, while unicorns and small, winged balls of light called pixies would randomly appear out of thin air.

Humanity stayed here and thrived, their numbers increasing. Generations came and went until finally, one generation was made of people born with magical abilities.

  • Mirror- User can create magical mirrors to defend from magical attacks. If broken by a physical attack, the user can control the leftover shards of "glass" to form new things.
    [*]Lava- User can generate and control lava. It cools very quickly, but the leftover Obsidian can be controlled and formed into something new.
    [*]Water- Works like lava but minus the Obsidian. You can, however, turn the water into ice or mist.
    [*]Void- This one, though powerful, is difficult to use. It can warp space to get a desired effect, but if you aren't focusing on that and only that, you'll do something completely different.
    [*]Light- User can solidify light to create an object or use the light in it's purest form to light up dark places.

For years humanity would train in academies to learn to use these gifts to fight back the Darkness and little by little, take Earth back. They'd fight with their lives in hopes of reclaiming what they lost so many years ago.
And over time, humanity would slowly begin to evolve as the original Magics would split into more.
  • Flora- User has control over plant growth. Stems from Water.

  • Earth- User controls rocks and earth. Stems from Lava.
    [*]Fire- User can generate and control fire. Stems from Lava.

  • Lightning- User can generate and control electricity. Stems from Light.
    [*]Wind- User has control over the air. Can be combined with Light to create a powerful Aurora attack. Stems from Light.

With these new powers came new traits. Flora users would be born with leaves on their backs, Fire users' hair would emit flame when using their abilities, ect.

You were born with what you have. You were born with who you are. But it's your choice to decide whether you use what you are to conquer your home, to reclaim your freedom, and to be honored as a legend.

  1. You are allowed to choose your character's magical ability even though the description said you didn't choose things like that.
  2. You don't have to have extra body parts like leaves or tails or such if you choose one of the first five mentioned.
  3. If you decide to pick either Lava, Mirror, or Void, your character must be at least 30 years old. They're pretty powerful, and you can't have both power and youth at once (at least, not in this world).
  4. If you choose any of the last five magic abilities mentioned, you can be any age you'd like, but you need to have extra body parts. I don't expect mutants, but I would like to see some wings on a Wind user.
  5. Don't be a godmod. You can go ahead and ward off a swarm of Darkness if you're over 30, have attended a training academy, and have one of the first five abilities, but I don't wanna see a 16-year-old kill off an army.
  6. You can choose whether you go to an academy, have been at an academy, or are self-trained.
  7. If you have suggestions or want to tell me this plot was horribly done, don't hesitate to do so.
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