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A random idea with concepts I threw together while making this thread. Enjoy. :D

So, in the year 2020, a portal opens out of nowhere and releases these pitch-black creatures called Darkness. Normal weapons don't work on them, so in a matter of thirty years, more than 90% of humanity is killed off. On this 30th year, however, five comets conveniently fall down and clear a spot in North America and rather than harming the ecosystem, it heals it of the Darkness and changes it. The grass turns a greenish blue, the tree's wood turns white and the leaves glow and change color. On top of that, glowing orbs of golden light with wings begin flying around, unicorns are seen running around prairies, and giant Oriental dragons that leave trails of rainbow behind them soar through ths sky. This presence is called Light. Each of the comets provide massive amounts of the Light, while one appears to be made of pink ice. Inside this comet is a crystalline blade. Even weirder (although no one knows it yet), this blade contains a super-powerful being who is most definitely human-like.

On to the important stuff. Taking refuge in this safe haven provided by the comets, humanity is able to have a next generation. Everyone born within the Light's radius gains one of the five special abilities that they discover sooner or later.

  • Mirror- User can create one or more magical mirrors to reflect magical attacks. Though they can be broken by physical attacks such as punches, the user can control the leftover shards of "glass" to create something new or cut up the enemy.​
  • Lava- User can generate and control lava to attack enemies as well as using the obsidian produced by lava to form objects.
  • Void- User can manipulate space to get a desired effect. Telekinesis falls under this category. Don't get too cocky with this power, though; if you're careless with it, you may end up hurting yourself rather than the enemy.
  • Water- User can control water. Works like Lava but with water. No obsidian is involved, but the user can form ice or clouds.
  • Light- The magical stuff that keeps humanity alive. User can solidify light or use it in its pure form to illuminate dark areas.

Your imagination limits what you can do with these abilities.

Now because I am better at participating in roleplays, I'll let someone who could host better than me take this plot and create an RP! :D

If there's anyone who doesn't think this plot is unworthy...
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