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I love humor and I love writing. I'm not as good at the latter as the former, but that's something I'm hoping to work on, and I'm hoping to find some people on here interested in doing it too. Not sure what exactly I want to do for this rp, just know that I want humorous characters and crazy adventures. Would love to have this as something episodic. None of the episodes would need an end, really. I mean, if we get into something they can keep going, but generally I'd like for us to do a different story every week that could range anywhere from fixing an upstairs toilet to battling Cthulhu, or whatever comes to mind. I don't know with any certainty if this should be a 1x1 thing or a group, but I'll put it on here and see if there are any bites.

Here's a small list of some humorous media , in descending order of fondness, that could serve as inspiration. Hopefully this'll help catch interest or jog that special part of the brain that goes "Hey maybe there's something to this. I love that too!"

Adventure Time
the Hitchiker's Guide to the galaxy
Venture Bros
Invader Zim
Anything from A. Lee Martinez
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