INTEREST CHECK Comedy: Meta-Roleplay

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  1. Seriously, I think this'd be a really funny roleplay. We roleplay people... who are roleplaying. In this site. The plots of their roleplays should be comic-fantasies or epic scifis or whatever, while the stuff happening in their real lives have to be absolutely fantastical but unrelated, or realistic but closely related, to the roleplays. What do you guys think?
  2. Okay, heck. What about a roleplay about the roleplays here in Iwaku... Like, say, a bunch of people travelling through the different roleplays of Iwaku, and either manipulating their stories or simply giving witty commentary on them? That'd be kinda fun too. And very somewhat-meta.
  3. TaiChi
    9:32 AM
    "For Narnia!" Gregory climbed atop Varrin, gripping the centaur tight with his knees. "CHARGE!"

    9:45 AM
    ((Alright, where did Fluffy go?))

    Mr. Fluffy
    10:01 AM
    Varrin took off, dust rising behind him as he charged at the Minotaurs. He readied his long spear as he ran, leveling it at the nearest foe.

    ((Sorry, my mom called. She can talk forever.))

    11:20 AM
    ((I can't get on during English. Mrs. Green is a Nazi XP. After we finish this, I want to do something steampunk. What do you think?))


    Something like that? Doing some pseudo-roleplaying while being people we really aren't? Then we wouldn't even really have to roleplay out everything, we could skip around to the really good parts. That actually has a certain appeal.
  4. Yeah, it really would. Though keeping in all of the mundane poop that make people's lives 95% dull would add to the surreal humor of the thing.

    And describing the stuff outside of their roleplaying lives with a more third-person approach makes the characters more layered, don't you think? What with all of the experiences and such being connected to their characters, to their plots, their settings, the lies and truths they and their characters tell, and all of that artsy, Stanislavski stuff.