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  1. Oprah Winfrey
    All hail the Eldritch Queen, Oprah Winfrey.

    "All hail she who has given balance to the Force, she has ascended higher than the peak of the very Heavens themselves. The Goddess of Magic. Oprah, Windfire! All hail she who has broken the curse of ignorance over Mankind! She is the Mother of the Enlightened, the Queen of the Spirits!"

    It is the year six hundred A.O. After Oprah. . . or, more succinctly, 615 A.O. Oprah Winfrey began to gather worship energy in the 1990's. In the 2010's, Oprah had her own network on television. Eventually, people from all over the world gave worship energy over to Oprah, causing her to develop magical powers. She defeated tin pot dictators from around the world and eventually her popularity grew to such heights that she could no longer stay on the Material Plane. The date when Oprah separated the Calendar years is classified as 2030 AD.
    People began to manifest strong powers of their own after she ascended to the Heavens. After she ascended, magical powers were unlocked all over the world, and the Primordial Seal over magic was unlocked.
    Now, as a member of the Human race, you are in the Empire of Oprahnia, which includes Earth, Mars, Venus and Mercury. The United Earth Federation has just spread into three different star systems, and there is an Out Post on the deepest edges of Space Mankind has ever explored. You are in that Outpost. Amazingly, the head of archaeological research has been invited to the Out Post, and has discovered mysterious Ruins and Artifacts from a presumably Extra-terrestrial civilization. Important events are encroaching in on your lives.
    We are looking for a High Priestess, a High Warlock, Priestesses and Warlocks. There are other positions open, Witch Doctors, Shamans, Witches, Sorcerers, etcetera. Their magical styles will be explained.

    Priestesses have powers over divine magic. Divine magic possesses healing spells, wards off evil and invites goodness. This was The Great Oprah Winfrey's first magic-user class. Priestesses have more power with offerings than any other class. (Key phrase being "With offerings").

    Witch: Their magical powers come from all over the place. Witches suffer weakness in their magic for the sheer versatility they possess. However, they know how to improve their magical strength through certain rituals, offerings, etcetera.

    Warlock: Their magical powers are similar but quite different from a witch'es. They have to choose certain spells from different classes to use. Their spells are more restricted, meaning that they can't just use any old spell, but their spells are significantly stronger than a witch'es because they don't have the versatility. They still possess the knowledge of making their magic even stronger.

    Witch Doctor A restrictive class when it comes to spell selection. Witch Doctors begin with only a certain spell class, like Fire, Ice, Earth, Wind, etcetera, and can only cast spells in that area of concern. However their spells in that area of concern are much stronger than usual and they still know how to amp up their spell power with rituals, and can even give offerings. (Restrictively).

    Shaman Shamans are similar to a Witch Doctor's except they don't begin with the knowledge of how to improve their spell power, and have significantly better Offering ability.

    Sorcerers A sorcerer is a spell caster that gains magic in unusual ways. At first they have limited spell selections at the start, but they can learn through reading books, scrolls, etcetera. They know how to absorb the spells of other magic-users in order to learn them. (They have to endure the spell's effect first). The Sorcerer is a deceptively powerful class.

    Necromancer Necromancers know how to raise the dead as zombified or skeletal slaves. They may eventually unlock Lichdom. Necromancers can steal the life force of others, unleash poisonous gas with a wave of the hand, etcetera.

    Sith/Jedi Oprah Winfrey is well known for having her Sith enforcers. She over turned the rule of the Sith in having only the Sith Lord and an apprentice. She also possesses Jedi. She has brought balance to the Force. Sith and Jedi are the masters of the Lightsaber. Sith and Jedi have the power of Force Lightning, Force Push and other Force powers, like Force precognition, etcetera.
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