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  1. I'm looking for role play partner who want to write slice of life role plays. I love to write stories about real life experiences and struggles. I would like the roleplays to be a cast of characters, and I would prefer to stay away from highschool aged characters. I expect a few replies a week, and a partner that can help me direct a plot. I take the saying quality over quantity, it doesn't matter how much you write I just want it to be something I can reply to.I prefer playing male characters, but will play female characters. I always like to add LBGTQ elements to my roleplays in some shape or form, but they are not required. I do not have any plots in mind, but would love to build some with some of the jumping off points. Feel free to send me ideas as well.

    Jumping off points:
    • College roommates
    • Twenty-somethings roommates
    • City life
    • Country life
    • Theme park workers
    • Travelling abroad
    • Support group
    • Homelessness
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  2. HI just a question which gender would you take? M? if so i would be interested because i play F :)
  3. Message me!
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  4. I'd be interested to play in either the College life, or the Country life!
  5. I'm interested :)
    Pm me :)
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