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Please call me Raven

After being on a break from society for mental health reasons I'd like to get back into the swing of roleplaying

What to expect from me

I work a nine to five shift but I can still Ooc when at work, and trust me, I love ooc chatting ❤
On average I can post daily unless I've got obligations outside of the norm
You'll never get one liners from me, I've been writing for longer than I can remember, and roleplaying for close to ten years.
I'm an absolute nerd, bisexual, so I'm LGBTQ+ friendly and often play all pairings

What I'm hoping from you

Some occ chatter, I don't want to be the only one plotting
More than a paragraph of text
A post at least once every three days
I am NOT ghosting friendly, if you lost interest simply tell me, it's not that hard
With that out of the way, now, we be onto the good stuff;

The cravings


Criminal Minds ************
Reid x Morgan (I'd prefer to be Reid) and I've got a plot in mind with this one
Dean x Sam
OC x Dean
OC x Sam
Love is Blind
Yes the reality show on netflix, I love the concept of the show as ridiculous as it is, but it presents the unique opportunity to rp many different characters and see their chemistry. The only requirements that come with this is that you play at least three people and they're pansexual. Just so then we're not limiting ourselves to one gender

Harry Potter, Strictly Oc x Oc
Divergent movie specifically
Chaos walking, haven't seen the movie or read the book yet but I love the concept
New Mutants
Original plot

Mc knew better than to fall in love with your character, they were toxic, controlling, but they loved mc with a passion. What happens when yc goes to far? Could be played with mob bosses sun, could be brother sister situation, and or could go a lot of different directions.
Comes with a prompt, sticking it into a spoiler for possible triggers
I'm a first responder right out of med school, and its only my first month here but I've seen some messed up shit already that's making me question if I have what it takes to work this job. After having a lady who had been in a car accident - the bones in her legs shattered, ribs grinded to almost dust cause she was pinned by her seatbelt, with a metal rod stuck in her throat - die on the scene despite trying my damnest to save her. I'm scared to let anything else happen on my watch, so I'm on desk duty for a while to get a hold of my horrid anxiety. I get a call during the graveyard shift from you. You sound terrified, and as you explain the situation to me, I understand why. You tell me that you thought you wanted to die and you took all the pills you could find before painting your wrist with a razor blade. There's no EMT's at the station besides me and I'm terrified as I race over to a stranger's house because I need you to be okay - and I really can't take losing anyone else.
[*]When I get there I see you're not much older than me and fading fast on the bathroom floor.
[*]I know you think I saved you, but I really want you to know that you saved me.
[*]I visit you everyday in the hospital while you're recovering, and even take you home when you're discharged. I'm checking on you everytime I get the chance and there's a lot of late nights in your apartment talking and falling asleep on your couch cause I'm so exhausted from work everyday and -
[*]shit I think I'm falling for you. (I would like to play the “you” role)

There will be more posted as the cravings come but for now, pm if interested!!