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about me
→ my name is liliana. feel free to call me that, or lana, or lili, or any variation of the name.
→ i am currently nineteen years old. that is pretty much all i can give away about myself that is not related to writing, mainly because i'm a bit particular about givine things out online.
→ on average, i write around 3-4 paragraphs, or 500 - 1000 words. i can do more, and very rarely go below.
→ i like to write both male and female characters of all sexualities. at the moment i am leaning more toward mxf pairings, simply because i'm getting back in the game and haven't written mxf in a long while (especially considering the fact that during my old roleplaying days, i mainly did mxm and fxf). this does not mean i will reject a mxm or fxf pairing.
→ i thoroughly enjoy playing multiple characters and pairings. even if we choose to do just one pairing as our main, i will likely involve many other characters along the way. when i can, i usually prefer to play at least two mains though. i remember the term is also called doubling. i can do tripling and whatever the word is for four characters, but probably not more than that. i'm willing to try, of course, but i'm not so sure i'll be able to keep up.
→ i'm all for doing multiple roleplays. i used to do that with partners i really connected with and wrote well with so if you ever want to start up multiple things along with what we have going, i'll be more than ready for that.
→ i love to communicate. i love talking ooc and i love getting to know my partners. it helps me open up too and i feel like a great roleplay is made through communication. and i tend to sometimes go overboard if i really like our roleplay -- meaning i'll make moodboards, playlists, and a bunch of other stuff.
→ i am fresh out of high school and taking a year break, so i have a lot of time on my hands.
→ i am a-okay with mature themes. i tend to include a lot of violence, gore and cussing in my roleplays, along with mentions/usage of drugs, alcohol and other mature themes. i will do smut, as long as it's written tastefully, and as long as it doesn't become the focus of the roleplay. i hate crass sex scenes and i will immediately ignore a person if things turn to that. if it happens, it happens, and that's great, but i usually don't do smut heavy plots. and i will never do smut with a non-redstar member.
some expectations
→ i would love it if i had flexible partners, at least in terms of characters. it puts me off to meet people that play only females or only males, because i often like to shake things up and include different genders and sexualities. i do not require you to make more than one main character but it's always welcome.
→ i require a response at least once every five days. this is a minimum because i have found that any later usually makes me lose interest. it's a problem, i know, but i can't help it. more responses are greatly appreciated too since i can usually send out a couple of replies in a day if my partner is the same.
→ i know everyone has their lives outside iwaku, and i will never ask them to put our roleplay above that. i just ask that you tell me if you're going to be away for a while. usually, lack of a response for about a week or two will leave me to think that you are no longer interested. i will usually check, but i'm also ditch friendly so if you don't respond after that, i'll just assume we're done.
→ i require my partners be able to write at least 2 good sized posts for each character. i hate one/two liners, or anything less than a good chunky paragraph.
→ i'm not a stickler for grammar or anything, i mean, i make mistakes too and english isn't my first language so there are things i'm also still learning. but when i roleplay with someone, i expect them to have a proper grasp over the language and be able to form sentences properly with proper punctuation usage, meaning right use of the comma or the apostrophe, and capitalisation where necessary. we all make typos. i try my best not to, and to re-read everything i write, but frequent errors often put me off to roleplaying. i won't ask you for a writing sample, but i usually can tell right off the bat if i'm going to be compatible with someone or not.
please pm me, and do not comment on this thread. i will be using it to update plots as and when i come up with them, so there will be more for people to choose from.
→ when you contact me, please tell me a bit about yourself! don't just tell me you 'wanna rp'. that usually turns me off. tell me about you, your writing styles, your interests and ideas. i love it when people pitch in to the whole plotting aspect that takes place before a roleplay begins.
→ i use only real people/celebrities for my faceclaims. i would prefer that my partners did the same. side note: i also tend to use a lot of visuals, like gifs etc. so know that going in lol.

a few pairings (disclaimer: underlined is a preferred role and more often than not, i like to combine pairings or use two pairings together to make a bigger plot)
→ cop x mob boss's kid
→ gangster's kid x rival gangster's kid
→ supernatural creature (werewolv, vampire, fae, elemental, the list goes on) x human
→ supernatural creature x other supernatural creature
→ superhero x supervillain
→ drug addict x former drug addict
→ college professor x student
→ criminal x innocent/accomplice
→ high school stereotype (jock/popular/cheerleader) x high school stereotype (nerd/geek/loner/closet case)
→ someone rough and your typical bad girl/boy x an innocent little cinammon roll who hates violence
→ psychic x skeptic
→ artist x muse
→ rich snob x poor but hard worker
→ royalty x commoner (modern)
→ celebrity x celebrity/fan/normal person who doesn't think much of said celebrity
→ some character x best friend/sibling's significant other
the word bank (a couple of words/themes that should further let you know what i'm into/looking for)
→ stereotypes × angst × drama × fluff × superpowers × supernatural entities × smoking × high school × taboo relationships × secrecy × romance × action × bloody knuckles × horror × dystopian worlds × post apocalyptic worlds × multiple characters × flirting × vampires × werewolves × grunge × drunken mistakes × love triangles × emotionally tortured characters × sci fi × futuristic (within reason) × unexpected hook ups
a couple fandoms (disclaimer: i am fine doing canon x canon, oc x oc and canon x oc.. also okay with using just the worlds and making up our own kind of roleplay using the themes!)
→ harry potter/fantastic beasts
→ star wars (not the best but if you don't need a hardcore fan, i can manage)
→ the hunger games (mainly the universe)
→ stranger things (or something along those lines?)
→ bird box (maybe something to do with the same universe?)
→ teen wolf (could use the characters or the concept)
→ push (the movie; interesting concept, not necessarily using the same characters)
→ the purge (something along those lines maybe?)
→ shadowhunters (the books only. could do something original with the same universe)
→ x-men/marvel (or something to do with superheroes)
→ the maze runner (or similar concept)
→ divergent (maybe not the same characters, but could use the faction system to make our own world)
→ disney
→ game of thrones
→ chronicles of narnia (or something along those lines)
→ percy jackson (or maybe just something to do with various mythologies and demigods)
→ supernatural (or something about hunters and supernatural species)
→ vampire academy (don't actually know the fandom but the name sounds cool lol, we could do stuff with a school for vampires. or a school for supernaturals)
→ glee (or just something like high school drama with stereotypes and everyone forced to bond)

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currently looking for one or two more partners. looking for something angsty or dystopian (either fandoms or using one of the worlds to base our own roleplay off of). could also do something with superpowers or gangs/mafias. please PM me if interested. do not post here.